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13 Things to Do in Jaipur

Rajasthan is a treasure of assorted destinations and Jaipur is its Kohinoor (diamond). Taking a trip to Jaipur resembles traveling through the sands of time and in no case, anyone can turn out badly in the field of exploration here. Why? There is no shortage of offbeat things to do in Jaipur. From, palace hunts, to glamping and even royal stays, Jaipur knows how to fascinate its travelers. Are you traveling to Jaipur soon? Then, you should know the best things to do there. No idea how you will proceed? Don’t worry, we have you covered


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Imagine yourself taking a sip of a perfectly brewed tea in a beautiful palace that too in the middle of a lake. Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? What if we tell you that it can turn into a reality anytime you visit Jaipur? Whoa! Isn’t that a treat already?

Jaipur tourism’s asset Jal Mahal greets its visitors with a tide of beauty. It is the first sight of Jaipur that you will catch for your memory lane and gosh! It will make you fall in love with it within seconds. It’s certainly one of the best Bespoke acitivities in Jaipur Rajasthan to go head over heels for.

Taj Mahal with its alluring 5 – story structure festoons wanderlust to Jaipur. Its splendor and bird watching experiences other additions to the travel saga of this estate. There is no chance we can put in words how lavish of a feast it is for the eyes.

Places around Jaipur are limitless and you can traverse them on a golden triangle trip too. Are you interested? Then, here is all that you need to know about Jaipur packages from Delhi.


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Visit Nahargarh Fort to pamper your inner history buff and adventure junkie in a single go. In order to do that, you will just have to wear your excursion helmet and get going on your bicycles to the edge of the Aravalli Hills.

Yes, Jaipur tourist attractions do cater to the travel-loving kid in you. The mountain biking fun here will come with the perks of panoramic views of the city, but that’s not all, it is capable of so much more.

While on the Jaipur tour, Nahargarh will be introduced to you as the ‘abode of tigers’ but it has a bunch of spooky elements attached to its name. Although there is nothing to worry about, the haunting has been pacified in the past.

Still, a horror story is such a cool travel assortment take-back, don’t you think? Chills of mountain biking mixed with goosebumps seem promising to us. What about you?

The best of Rajasthan tours await your attention! Look deeply into it treasure chest here and find some tailor-made Jaipur tour packages too. Horray!


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Doting Bengal tigers in the wild has been a dream of every travel enthusiast since the beginning of times and why not? Their roars and beauty deserve all the attention after all. Do you aspire the same? Then, it can be arranged for you on your trip to Jaipur at the Ranthambore National Park.

Places to visit in Jaipur will bring you closer to this majestic creature and many others in a wildlife excursion. The lush green forests, misty atmosphere and a wide variety of flora and fauna will make this wildlife journey probably one of the best things for you to do in Jaipur.

Got intrigued much? To your fortune, there is so much more to it that you can discover only on a trip here. Then, what are you waiting for? Take the Jaipur tourist map and let your inner wild soul bloom in the company of nature.

Learn about all that you need for your inch-perfect wildlife excursion. Read here for this wilding Jaipur tour guide to Ranthambore National Park ( Sawai Madhopur).


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If one travels to Rajasthan, then, in any case, he/she should feel like royalty, don’t you think? Then, in the same token, why not do the most cliché royal stuff on your Jaipur trip? Sounds music to your ears? Then, mark it must-do on the things to do in Jaipur this weekend list. Trust us, we are all in for it too on your Jaipur tours and travelers on an elephant back and lose yourself to the royal vibes that will lead you to its epicenter in Amer Fort – the empress of fortresses. Your heart and even your eyes will get overloaded with the snapshots of this opulent four-level palace. The beautiful windows that open up to overlook the Maota Lake and magnanimous corridors that bombard the head with pictures of the past are just beyond any further illustrations. There is so much more to this place that even a whole day spent within its boundaries seems less. Wish to be a part of this royal extravaganza? Then, plan your trip to Rajasthan here with detailed accounts on Rajasthan tour package prices.


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Limitless Ocean of gleaming golden sands and you sailing over it on a camelback, seems like a fairy tale, don’t you think? It feels like one for sure, all thanks to the Thar desert and the friendliest camels in Rajasthan. Well, add it to your Jaipur places to visit list already! Desert safari in Rajasthan is a timeless treasure that plasters excitement blended with happiness to heart and soul. If you are looking for things to do in Jaipur alone, then we suggest you go all in for this experience. For it makes you scream and laugh at the same time while giving you a memory of a lifetime.It is during this Safari you can explore the rustic and untouched areas of the city while making room for all the wilderness. Plus, you will get to camp at the desert site too, isn’t that exciting? We bet it is. Are you in for it and many more Rajasthan adventures? Tune in here to learn more about this Rajasthan Jaipur tour plan.


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Do you appreciate the beauty of seclusion and believe in the magic of spirituality? Then, trekking in Chulgiri Hill will give you the right amount of stardust you need to stupefy your Jaipur travel. This beautiful nature hub nestled among the Aravali hills is a spiritual paradise that takes you out of the technology bubble and makes you fall in love with nature all over again. It is one of those things to do in Jaipur for youngsters that will completely change your way of looking at life. Believe us, it’s not just us who believe this, anyone who once paid it a visit can cross their hearts on this one. This hill is home to a famous Jain temple that has great relevance in the theological archive of Jaipur and hence, the spirituality reaches the summit here. In addition, many amazing festivals are part of this temple too. Now that’s something you cannot overlook on your Jaipur city tour, isn’t it? Are you much of a spiritual person? Then, temple tour in India will offer you truckloads of spiritual ecstasies.


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Are you up for a royal shopping spree? We guessed so, that is why we have this next best thing to do in Jaipur at night on our list. Why night you ask? That’s because during this time the heat hits the low and the possibilities of getting great deals are pretty high. Jaipur is a star when it comes to precious jewelry and colorful textiles. If you are a complete shopaholic or even if you are not, losing your mind with the options available for textiles here is just so normal.If you want to shop somewhat ethnic then getting your hands on Ghagra (ethnic skirt) and Jhooti will be the perfect option. Are you more of a leather person? To your surprise, even camel leather is available here.This pedestrian-only market is just the right place for your shopping expeditions. Find something that compliments your spirit-animal. Moreover, if you don’t feel like buying anything, then, just come here to experience the regular life of people. For all this, take a trip to Jaipur now!


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Long drives in the absolute wilderness exploring the rustic villages nearby on jeeps, sounds like a plan. It definitely does when it is in World War time vehicles. These military-colored jeeps from the Second World War are the charm of this off-route lane journey.

This village Jeep safari in Jaipur will take you sightseeing the lives of the rural people in Rajasthan. Isn’t it the most unique aspect of the Jaipur tour package for family?

Through dusty boulevards to lush green woods and barren paths, this safari will give you the best of these grounds. Do you think you can handle that joy? We hope you do because it’s totally worth it.

Did that interest you? Learn about all the other things you can do in Rajasthan here.


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Gorge lip-smacking delicacies while listening to heartfelt Rajasthani music in an ambiance that portrays the true essence of this majestic land. It’s probably one of the best things to do in Jaipur in summer. Why? Well, whatever season it is, who doesn’t love a lusciously incredible blend of flavors?

Live in the royal heritage village that will give you the best of Rajasthan plated on a golden platter. Here, you will learn about all the traditions and enjoy your daily chores amidst the most placid Rajputana setting.

Meet with people from around the globe and embrace the culture of Royal Rajasthan. It will take over your heart and we are almost certain about that. Do you doubt that? We know you won’t doubt it once you get there.

Are you a culture vulture yourself? Then, we have a compilation of the unique cultures and traditions of India only for your cultural appetite. Also, learn about Rajasthan tour plan from Jaipur.


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What if you weren’t born in the royal era, feeling like a royal is what everyone deserves and that’s what makes our next mention on the list probably the best thing to do in Jaipur. In addition, it’s one of the best things of the Jaipur tour package for couples too.

Get ready to paint your hearts in the vibrant hues of history and royalty. Chill and experience the wave of absolute bliss in rooms and even in the corridors of these castle-turn hotels. The elite hospitality, humble staff, and many pre-planned activities make this stay a feast for your inner being. Here, you will live life king-size and enjoy the perks of puppet shows, cultural shows, horse safaris, and even camel rides.

Did that unleash your tamed travel animal? Then there is nothing holding you back. Get treated like the royalty that you already are. Are you up for more such experiences? Here is everything you should know about Rajasthan tour packages from Jaipur.


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Experience the magic of living in the woods without actually staying in one. Confused, er? Don’t be as if you are going to get a camping experience while living in a resort. How? Let us throw some light at this wonderful tree house resort in Jaipur. This very famous adventure concept hands over to you amazing amenities while making your stay in their ‘nests’.

This luxurious camping edition comes with the added benefits of ATV rides, Jungle Safari, Camel rides, bird watching, tennis, and outdoor movies. If you are someone who lives for such experiences, then this is your travel call. Make the most out of it and thank us later, maybe?

Do these unique experiences get you all excited? There is a lot more you can do. Learn here about many such travel themes in India.


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If you are up for a brief trip to Jaipur or want to view this beautiful city from the sky above, then, there is an option available for you that will make you jump with excitement. Yes, you guessed it right; it is certainly a hot air balloon ride. Swift smoothly and drifts across the city of Jaipur sighting its pearls from a height above. Get a different virtue of the forts and palaces while listening to your favorite songs in the air. These hour-long balloon rides give you the opportunity to spot the sunset and sunrise of this plush estate. Whether single or with a companion levitating your travel dreams and flying in the sky will certainly fill your heart with joy. Are you interested in such adventures amidst the most fabulous settings? Then, India has an enormous of them to offer you. Read about adventure trips to India here.


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Compiling a list about Jaipur and missing on the showstopper of this place is just not right. Hawa Mahal is the official landmark of Jaipur that is known for showering stardust to this estate since the beginning of time.

This alluring Palace of Wind with over 900 lattice-worked windows is an architectural marvel that is designed to keep the palace cool in the harshest of temperatures. This Rajputana marvel will catch you by surprise with its intricate workmanship and will also spell-bind you with unrivaled views of the city from its terrace.

It’s the end to our things to do in Jaipur list but there is so much more to catch up on Rajasthan

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