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Unexplored India: Handpicked Destinations

You’re a traveler, right? Well, you’re bound to love off-beat Indian traveling destinations then!

Imagine walking into the arms of some of the unexplored places in India only to be left speechless with so much that they have to serve on a platter for you.

Would you like waking up to the sun by a busy lake or a forest or would you rather wake up to the sun, the chirping of a hundred different kinds of birds, and the calm and tranquil aura of a secluded, remote, and just as the spectacular place?

We take it, that you are naturally fond of nature and the wonders of the same. It’s time to break the monotony and get out of your comfort zone for there is beauty beyond what your eyes see on a normal day.

There is beauty beyond that silver lining of your travel experience. India has never been shy of being home to some internationally competitive and exotic unexplored places.

Moreover, we can’t be happier about taking you on a traveling ride through some unforgettable destinations and memories. Here are some of the unexplored places in India that we dare you to have a taste of.

Majuli In Assam, Nerdy Birdy In An Island!

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Get ready to take a deep dive into the verdure of nature if you plan on visiting this offbeat destination. Searching for the best village in India? Then this is it!

Majuli is one of the most exotic unexplored places in India.

Guess what? It’s one of the largest river islands in the world and the topmost among the list of unknown famous places in India.

Caught your attention, didn’t it? If you’re a fan of little exotic islands topped with a variety of exotic birds then Majuli will be your calling.

Be that as it may, the tribal culture, traditions, and welcoming tribal people will take your travel experience up a notch. Certainly, peaceful holiday destinations in India that deserve all your attention. Care to give it any?

As a matter of fact, a long boat tour around the island is something that we recommend you shouldn’t miss out on. Go ahead, check this off your off-beat travel bucket list.

You’ll thank us later.

Patan In Gujarat, Bold Emergence From The Ruins!

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Brace yourself for a colossal time travel to the opulent history of India. Patan takes pride in being one of the most significant and interesting unexplored places in India. Calling it a stunner on the dream places to visit in India list won’t be wrong either. That’s because this very sanctuary elevates the travel games of India holiday destinations. Told you, its here for the win. From political decisions to battles for the Throne, everything took place in the realms of this protected and secure town in Gujarat. Furthermore, the happiness in the lives of the people of Patan is so contagious that you’ll want to find a home there for the rest of your life. It’s the past and the war history of Patan that makes it all the more spiritual for the people believe that God blessed them and the town with growth and prosperity. Don’t understand? Well, visit Rani ka Vav and you’ll get me through and through with Patan’s royal history. You’ll love the place, of that we are sure! But before you do go there, check out Gujarat itinerary. We might have something more for you.

Kanatal In Uttarakhand , Wilderness Is Summoning You! Be There!

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Another peaceful village in India coming up but this time with a twist! Alright, time to wake up your inner adrenaline junkie. Yep, you heard us right!

If venturing into the best of the unexplored places in India is what you plan to do, then Kanatal in Uttarakhand will be nothing short of a miracle for you. Trek amidst the rugged trails only to end up offering prayers to the goddess Sati at the spectacular Surkanda Devi Temple.

Camp out under the stars and around the coniferous forests enhancing the lush verdure of nature and giving you an absolutely offbeat experience of pitching yourself in the glory of nature.

Furthermore, If that wasn’t enough, adventure sports like rock climbing, cross diving, and trekking await to pump up your heart beats.

Sounds convincing, enough? Why wouldn’t it be, alas its one of the best places to visit in India before you die.

Well, there is so much more for you at Kanatal that the first-hand experience in this stunning place is a must. Best of India at your disposal!

Dhanushkodi In Tamil Nadu, Beauty In The Rough!

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If witnessing beauty in the ruins is your travel agenda then Dhanushkodi will never disappoint you. It is one such name on the list of tourist places in India that will leave you craving for more.

Get lost in the tranquillity and calm of the sea breeze amidst the ruins of churches, temples, and buildings.

The rustic charm of this topmost offbeat travel destination is what attracts people who appreciate the beauty in the depth of little things.

Also, while you’re at it, interact with the few of the fishermen that still reside on the deserted island.

The stories of its horrific past will reach deep inside you and compel you to wonder how something so stunning could have been hit by something so horrific and dark.

The added calm and peace in the place will be your consolation while you drown in the paradox of it all.

Yes, the fishermen will tell you all about the myths, mysteries, and realities of this once-gorgeous town.

Curious, are you? So, let the Tamil Nadu itinerary and some of the unexplored places in India satiate your curious mind.

Gavi In Kerala, Go, Eco! Go Green!

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Fancy hitting a model of an eco-tourism site on your hunt for the best unexplored places in south India or say best unexplored places in India?

Through the eyes of local people, set on a journey to witness the finesse of nature on India undiscovered.

Thick and dense forests will engulf you from one side while the tea plantations will lure you into settling in their laps.

Be that as it may, this place is pure magic and the abundance of natural variation is the testimony for it.

From blood-pumping wildlife experience to tranquil and calm nature walks, you can do anything and everything here. Certainly the topmost name among peaceful places to visit in India list to ponder.

So, explore unexplored India, you guys! While you’re at it, why don’t you also try canoeing in the eerie silence of the lake?

It may be best for you to hit the sack at one of the most spectacular eco-lodges there and enjoy the subtle sunsets and sunrise. Needless to say, its the best place to relax in India.

Ah, bliss!

Tarkarli In Maharashtra, Sunbath And Travel Diaries.

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places like goa in India

honeymoon destinations in India in December

offbeat travel destinations

Furthermore, take a walk on the white sand beach stretching along the famous Sindhudurg fort in Tarkarli in Maharashtra. This is one of the most pristine unexplored places in India and also the most underrated travel destination in India. Here, the exotic marine life is accompanied by a calm ambiance vouching for an aura like none other.

If you’re lucky, you might even get to play with cute little dolphins!

Sweet, isn’t it? To take a break from the urban world and me to go back to my roots, this place is perfect.

In fact, you’ll get to pamper your tummy with exotic Malvani cuisine too. It’s a win-win, isn’t it?

Ah, please respect the silence and how it cleans up when everything is commercialized and filthy in today’s world.

It would mean a lot.

Gurudongmar Lake In Sikkim, Icy Paradox Up In The Sky!

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Nestled at the height of 17,100 meters above sea level, this lake tops the chart of unexplored places in India.

As a matter of fact, it is attached with a story too. Curious, are you?

It is believed to have been the lake where Guru Nanak Dev stopped by on his way to Tibet to quench his thirst.

Oh, that’s not surprising. We will tell you what is. He struck his stick on the ice and cracked open a lake. Allegedly, one of the highest lakes in the world.

Sounds big, right? Call it a myth or a legend, it is the way it is

Moreover, a little part of it somewhere somehow remains unfrozen, no matter the cold. You can’t miss out on this one, now can you?

Gandikota In Andhra Pradesh, Grand Canyon Of India!

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Strangely enough, it is known as the Grand Canyon of India!

Situated on the Pennar river in Andhra Pradesh, this is one of the top gorgeous unexplored places in India.

Talk rocks with water gushing from between them will take your breath away with their beauty.

Let yourself marvel at the colossal stunning boulders and everything that nature and god gifted to Gandikota.

Our canyon game is strong, isn’t it? While you’re busy ogling at it, take some time to witness the loft Gandikota fort that houses the rustic remains of temples and a mosque.

Appreciate the stronghold of it all, you guys. This is history, love it!

Shoja In Himachal Pradesh, Mountains Are Calling Me!

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Walk into this pretty hamlet in Himachal Pradesh and you’ll thank god that we brought you here.

Some of the unexplored places in India can be overwhelming but this one comes with a tranquil mode. So, drown yourself in the coniferous and pine trees all around while you appreciate the silver lining or should we say snow-capped peaks right in front of your eyes.

This place still remains one of the unexplored places in India since it’s hidden beneath the lush blanket of nature and other tourist spots in Himachal.

As a matter of fact, Shoja is nothing short of a miracle and you’ll see that once you get the taste of its awesomeness.

Connect with nature while you take a walk on the never-ending green carpet of nature.

The perks of this luscious one among offbeat destinations in north India?

Well, the climate remains moderate all year around. Ready to book your tickets? Check our Himachal Pradesh itinerary for affordable and fantastic packages.

Kavaratti Island In Lakshadweep, Sprinkling The Blue Glitter!

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Get away from the shackles of commercialization and into the tranquillity and calmness of nature. Sounds like a plan?

Better if it’s a blue lagoon?

Calling every fiber of your being is the stunning and fresh Kavaratti island in Lakshadweep.

Underrated and surprisingly one of the unexplored places in India, this place speaks volumes about the glory of nature.

The white sand beaches will hypnotize you and make you never want to leave.

While you take a sunbath and get yourself tanned, sip some coconut milk and enjoy the wonders of nature while you can.

Kavaratti Island with its abundance in exotic marine species and lip-smacking seafood will set a benchmark for your next travel destination.

We’re not even exaggerating.

Khonoma In Nagaland, First Of The Best, Green We Support

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Further, how about hitting the first green village in India?

Definitely one of the most unexplored places in India, Khonoma raises the bar with its unabashed beauty.

Blend in the lush green ombré of the unexplored jungle in Nagaland.

Get blown by the rugged terrains and the verdure of nature while you travel to Khonoma from Kohima.

Don’t forget to hike up and down the paddy fields in Khonoma. They are so fresh that even your camera will fall in love with everything around you.

Don’t believe us? We’re sure that this one name of unexplored places to visit will convince you of its undying beauty.

Furthermore, go back in history and pay homage to the warriors from the Naga tribe in the war memorial built in Khonoma.

Do you mind staying in one of the little mud and bamboo huts? Isn’t that supposedly the best part of your visit?

For us, it is. And we are convinced you’ll feel the same. Take your bikes and hit the road already.

Mechuka In Arunachal Pradesh

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introduction to historical places in India

Alright, time to hit the road to the wonderful Mechuka village in Arunachal Pradesh one of the most unique places in India that deserves all the glitz and glam.

One of the most stunning unexplored places in India, taking pride in its remoteness and sheer beauty, Mechuka is associated with a very curious story.

It is believed to have a flow of water from the melted ice.

And it doesn’t even end there. The locals believe that the water has some incredible medicinal qualities.

No doubt this majestic of peaceful places in India for a honeymoon is a charmer. As a matter of fact, it gives you another reason to visit this breathtaking village 6000 meters above sea level. The Siyom River and the exotic beauty of this destination make this place a talk among travelers.

The tribes will welcome you with a warm heart, of that we’re sure. Its one of the best unexplored places in India for honeymoon, so, don’t miss even an inch of it.

Halebidu In Karnataka

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March into a potential UNESCO World Heritage Site in Halebidu, Karnataka..

Supposedly, one of the top names in the 10 historical places in India, Halebidu has an immense potential for turning the travel game upside down.

The ruins of the Hoysala Empire will captivate your soul, so much so, that you’ll want to dig deep into its opulent past.

Moreover, the Hoysala temples will enchant you with their intricate carvings, artwork, and metal polishing.

Beauty at its best! You know what makes it even more beautiful than the others?

We’ll tell you.

It was attacked twice and plundered in ruins during the invasion of Malik Kafur and it still came out so strong and beautiful through the ravages of time. One of the most offbeat among the historical places in India to definitely look out for, trust us on this one.

Indian history and pride are reflected in every nook and cranny of this place. See that for yourself!

Varkala In Thiruvananthapuram

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Brace yourself for a magical blend of sea and mountains in southern India.

It’s one of the most exotic and surprising unexplored travel destinations in India.

With the sea at the forefront and a dangling cliff by its side, Varkala will give you some magical feels.

Legend has it, that this place was built for redemption from the sins.

There are other legends also associated with this incredible beach.

Be that as it may, Interact with the local people and you’ll get to know this wonder of a town through and through.

Oh, you can thank us later, peeps.

Check out our Kerala itinerary to get the best of travel deals for off-beat destinations!

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