Top 16 Reasons To Visit India – An Insight Into The Country

Planning your next holiday?

Confused about choosing the right place?

We all know how it gets difficult to choose the right place for your holidays. Also, given how there are so many things one wants from a place, we do feel your pain. So many things to choose from: adventure,natural landscapes, historical landmarks, culture, food, and preferences never end.

But hey, don’t you worry! Let us help you choose the right place. And we will make sure we give you enough reasons to visit India and prove as to why we are right.

Well, there are a few things in the world that when once done, get very close to your heart and soul. And one such thing is a Luxury holiday in India. India has always been on the list of the top crowd pulling places in the world. Moreover, it has got it all in it, be it the landscapes, adventure getaways or food spots.

Moreover, You better not get us started on the India culture already. Furthermore, we assure you, during your holiday in India, it will never cease to amaze you.

Not convinced yet? Orvisiting India first time? Then here we present to you nine reasons why there is no place like India for holidays.

Unending festivals and fairs

Unending festivals and fairs

Indian culture values for you in a nutshell! Festivals have always been the most important factor resulting in the huge visitors turnover in the country. The fairs and festivals in India are boundless with at least a couple ofmajor festivalslined up in every month of the year.

In addition to these major festivals, there are innumerable fairs and fests spread across the country throughout the year that cater the zest of theIndian culture for kids too. Also, these festivals and fairs superbly depict the vast diversity that the people of the country have embraced.

Be it the Durga Puja at Kalighat, Kolkata or the Ganapati Puja at Lal Bagh, Mumbai, they appropriately showcase the grandeur ofIndian culture and heritage. Yet another reason to visit India- the land of festivals galore and rich tradition.

Furthermore, almost every community in India celebrates their own new year according to the calendar they follow. Consequently, there’s some festival going on in the country, at almost every point in time. Doesn’t this fact give you enough reasons to plan your next holiday in India?!

Historical and architectural significance

Historical and architectural

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India, as a country, has always had one of the most valuable historical significances in the entire world. The range of meticulously built architecture on India travel packages including forts, palaces and other archaeological sites provide a perfect getaway for the design enthusiasts.

History-oriented audience? Or contemporary art-form seeking audience? Well, there’s nothing to worry. Home to the oldest ruins, India has a natural blend of the ancient monuments and the modern form of art and architecture. That’s because history hues in every direction are .

The architectural designs have evolved over the years, with the various eras of communities influencing the form of architecture. Hence, one could relate with ease, the ever-changing design of architecture and study the history of India to appreciate it better. It thus makes these places of historical significance an ideal place for a holiday in India.

And hey! For all you adventure-seekers, there are a handful of spooky forts and palaces to get your adrenaline high and pumping! What are you waiting for travel to India asap?


Indian Food Food has always been that one thing which stands out from the rest, in India. It is one of thosegood things about Indian culture that you cannot stop raving about. If you ask us is India worth visiting because of any other reason than history then, this has to be it.

Planning a trip to India? Then, we are sure the food options in India are sure to make you start lickin’ your fingers. The lip-smacking delicacies range from the Thukpa in the North to the Idly-Sambar in the South, including the Dal Baati Churma in the West and the various dishes of pork in the East.

The diverse culinary habits of people stretching across the nation are sure to leave your taste buds wanting for more and probably one of the most amazingthings to know about Indian culture. So, hasn’t the foodgasm in you triggered yet?

Doesn’t it convince you to spend your next holiday in India? Get up, pack your bagsand go all out to devour on these mouth-watering dishes. Think you could resist your cravings? We bet you wouldn’t be able to do it, once you start tasting these finger-licking dishes!



Are you one of those adventure junkies? Dying to strike off one of your bucket-list items with the help of unique experiences in India? Well, then anadventure holiday in India is what you really need! Starting from the North in Jammu and extending till Tawang in the North-East, the Himalayas are never short of adventures for the trekkers.

Also, not to forget the curvy motorable roads for the bikers up in the north, the river-rafting and the bungy-jumping in Rishikesh. Furthermore, the unexplored virgin forest treks in and around Goa and the mindboggling experience of Scuba diving in Andaman is not to be missed.

Excitement? “Check” Adrenaline rush? “Check”

Isn’t it one ofthe top reasons to visit India? So, now pull up your socks and put your adventure gear on! The game is on!

Indigenous handicraft market

Indigenous handicraft market

Handicraft Markets

Want the most trending, fancy or funky handicraft works? Well, the handicraft markets of India have got it all! Right from the artistic showpieces to the colourful and psychedelic patterned garments, Indian markets have covered it all.

Need handbags, other street-shopping stuff or even the fancy dresses of any particular community or section of people?! Literally, everything has a market in this country. That’s what makes it unique.

Isn’t this enough reason to convince you to plan your next holiday in India?! And voila! Budget prices all around to make sure you get the thing that you had actually liked.

Okay, now all you Shopaholics make the most of your holiday in India! Go pick your shopping bags up and run to these bustling markets!

Spiritual landmark

Spiritual landmark

India is a land of diverse cultures and, along with it, is also home to innumerable spiritual locations. Are you worried to what to expect when traveling to India? Then, Thanks to the various cultures and religious beliefs, there are hundreds of spiritual landmarks and disciplines for people to pursue.

The Buddhist Gompas in the North exemplify the rich tradition that is very much prevalent in the Northern-most parts of the country. They often offer a glimpse into the simplistic life led by them and share the importance of values in Indian culturewith the world. India is home to many top Buddhist sites in the world.

Fancy a break on your holiday in India? Want to just relax and detoxify your body and soul from the hustle of urban life? Then the country has a handful of Ashrams where you could experience life in slo-mo, away from the hullabaloo.

Just get into one of these Ashrams and experience the minimalistic life with organic food and living conditions. Rather, it’s fun experiencing peace whilst living amidst the chaos, isn’t it?



The most noteworthy reason why you need to go for vacation in India is its people. And there’s no better place that beats it! They form the spirit of the country and give you more than just one reason to come back to this country. Hospitality to guests comes naturally to the locals here. As a result, they provide top-class quality of hospitality without actually possessing any formal graduation in the discipline. Do you now understand as to why tourists visit India so often?

Language barrier? Not a problem at all.

Though just 10% of the nation speaks English, people here are way too welcoming. In spite of the language barrier, they make sure to treat their guests in the best way possible. They make sure you have a smooth journey, while you tour to India.



Traveling on a tight budget? Worried about the expenses and costs involved in your holiday in India? You don’t need to worry! India is a place where one could live on as little as one could ever dream of. While one can get a room here for as less as $2, a person can fill his stomach with a meal for $1.

Oh yes! It’s cheap as chips! Also, there’s excellent connectivity from one place to another by various modes to choose from.

Mountains and Landscapes

Mountains and Landscapes

Though at the end of the list, it surely is one of the most common reasons why people crave to holiday in India! The snowcapped mountains up in the North and the breath-taking landscapes can take literally take your breath away! At least for a while! A one-stop destination for all the clans including trekkers, travelers, nature seekers, and peace lovers. It’s truly one of the best experiences in India to take back in your travel backpacks. If the beauty and the stunning landscapes of Leh-Ladakh in the North don’t ring a bell in your heart, then we don’t know what will! Pick up your mountain gear and get on board for one of the most memorable memories of your lifetime. Can hear the best travel experiences in India calling you already?

So, now you have got enough reasons to travel and holiday in India? There’s so much happening in the country all the time. In conclusion, the nation which is home for over a billion people, one can find the utmost unity in diversity in the country. Also as you move about in the country, for every couple of hours that you travel, literally everything changes. The language, food habits, dressing style, occupation trend and even the way people look.

Lastly, you might find many reasons to not travel to this place, but India will give you a hundred more reasons to show why it is ought to be the next travel destination for your holidays!

Now go pack your bags, you can thank us later!

The ever-exciting border visits

border visits

Want to tick off one of those countries in your list cheaply? A holiday in India will give you just that. Since the sub-continent shares its border with eight countries, there are some interesting ways to enter these countries. There are quite a few borders, worth visiting, that let you enter the other country. How can one not want to see the soulful parade at Wagah which reflects loads of patriotism?

Or perhaps you should visit the dense Sunderbans which separate the Indian sub-continent from Bangladesh. If these don’t give you enough reasons to visit them, then Pangong Lake will surely do.

Its surreal blue shades are sure to make you want to visit it more than just once. In addition to the above borders, the one between India and Myanmar can be accessed from Manipur and Mizoram.

The soothing boat ride on the Kerala backwaters


Ever dreamt of gliding on the waters seamlessly with trees on either side? Then God’s own country, Kerala, has got to be the place during your holiday in India. The whooshing sound of the water as you glide in your boat will soothe your ears like nothing else. The overnight stay in the boat-house is just what you’re looking for if you just got married.

Apart from the regular boat ride on the backwaters, they even have the infamous snake boat race. The audience it commands can even give the international boat races a run for their money.

The austerity that overflows with a boat ride amidst nature’s lap is one thing you must not miss.

Curvy Rail journeys that one can never get enough of

toy train

One of the best parts about traveling in India is the time you travel using the railway mode. The trains and the train journeys are sure to provide you with some of the best experiences while you holiday in India.

Be it the unruffled landscapes or the distant hilly terrains, Indian railway routes will never disappoint you. Complementing the experience of the journey, the Indian railways come up with umpteen options of delicacies on board.

The lip-smacking snacks have a wide range of diversity, based on the area you are traveling in. The occasional tunnels and the view of landscapes form a perfect combo to make your journey complete. What are you thinking about?! Long lasting train journeys?! As they say, the journey is a lot more important than the destination, get set for a memorable journey.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and Meditation

Want to trigger your untapped spirituality from your inner soul and mind? Or you want to go into a peace mode amidst the entire chaotic hullabaloo surrounding you?

Just one holiday in India and it’ll show you why it has got umpteen of ashrams for yoga and meditation lovers. The serenity that surrounds in the atmosphere in these ashrams is other-worldly.

In fact, yoga and meditation retreats are some of the most common reasons for the huge turnover of tourism in India.

Looking for a casual break for a week or fortnight from your travel itinerary? Then you must definitely consider adding one of these ashrams to your travel list.

We’re sure it’s gonna rejuvenate you and make you ready for the rest of the trip. It’s surely gonna awaken the inner soul and help you make the most of your holiday as an altogether different person.

The intriguing stories of colonies from the annals of history

annals of history

A holiday in India promises you much more than just food, adventure, and sport. Fancy visiting some breathtaking historic colonies of French and Portuguese?

Then a holiday in India will fulfill your wish of experiencing some of the well prepared historical sites. The colony fashioned buildings, aesthetics and café’s of Puducherry are worth not missing.

The funky colors of yellow and orange, on their buildings, are sure to win your wanderlust heart. Also, when traveling around the south-east coast of the country, one can witness the Portuguese colonies.

In the south-west coast, Goa infamously is home to the well-conserved colonies of Portuguese. Along with the colonial buildings, it promises the lip-smacking authentic delicacies. Want to run through the stories of the historic colonies?

Then you ought to make at least one trip to these colonial lands to add on another saga to your unique travel experiences in India.

Incredible Wildlife

Incredible Wildlife

If your version of adventure starts and ends with a wildlife expedition, then, India is the place for you.

Here you can see serene sanctuaries teamed with wildlife, creating a spectacle like none other.

While seeing the iconic Bengal tiger, which is the first choice for safari-goers, an impressive number of wildlife can also be spotted in India’s emerald paradise.

This country is home to more than a hundred national parks tucked amid teakwood forests, grasslands, mountains, rivers, and other natural spaces. Not a lot of people know but many of the country’s wildlife sanctuaries once were hunting reserves of the maharajas of the estates. Today, they are home to over 50 Tiger reserves, including the famous Bandhavgarh National Park.

In fact, India is the only country where you will see a symbiotic relationship between man and wildlife. The foundation of which lies in mutual respect of boundaries and the religious beliefs of the folks here.

If you are ready to tick off a bucket list dream of seeing a wild Bengal Tiger or for that matter, Asiatic Lions, Horned rhinos, Lion Tailed Macaque or Kashmir Stags, India will happily be at your disposal in this venture.

But mind it, there is no end to the list of endemic species in India.So, you better keep your binoculars ready and your eyes at the edge of instinct.

See you there!

Lastly and one of the most establishing reasons – The Chaos

The Chaos

Honestly, one of the best reasons for a holiday in India has got to be the unruly yet so fulfilling chaos. It’s chaotic, yet so completing picture is the main reason India has managed to constantly pull huge congregations of people from across the world.

There’s altogether a distinct aura that surrounds the chaos in the country. Best of India although chaotic, there’s that pinch of completeness to it. It adds to that feeling of being in the comfort of a homely experience.

Prep yourself for the culture shock in India. Don’t worry it’s not that great of a deal you’ll get used to it in a while. The unruly hullabaloo going around the country and the unconditional assistance by the people perfectly complement each other. If there’s one thing that’s held this country together amidst all the diversity is the chaos.

Is India a good place to visit?

Maybe you would not wish to be a part of a chaotic lifestyle ever in your life. But this chaos is a kind of one you’d like to experience, at least for once during your holiday in India. So, experience India in its purest form your guys!

Reasons to visit India are infinite. So, choose what sails your boat and get going on a voyage of a lifetime. Cheers to your trip!

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