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18 Places To Visit In Uttar Pradesh

When you speak of secularism, you hardly can think of states that are more Indian than Uttar Pradesh. This land perfectly portrays the secularism that we proudly carry as a badge of honor. In addition, this state provides a perfect blend of Hindu and Islamic religious roots. The cultural hotchpotch in the state brings it to the list of top tourist destinations in Uttar Pradesh

The divine rivers that flow through the state carry with them a lot of religious significance. Hence, all these diverse disciplines make this state the land of top tourist destinations in India. Ever wanted to see one of the best spiritual places in the country?

Well, then this is the chance to visit some of the must-visit places of Uttar Pradesh.

The Unending Food Options And The Architecture Of ImamBara, Lucknow

vidhan sabha building in lucknow india

Deepak Gautam

Filled with the English-era buildings, most of the travelers often ignore the capital city. Also, one ought not to miss the unending varieties of lip-smacking dishes in the city. Places like Bara Imambara and Rumi Darwaza have some of the  best architecture in Lucknow.

Bara Imambara is a labyrinth of a thousand passageways. The monument is deemed as a symbol of grandeur and pride for the people of Lucknow. La Martinière Boys’ College is the only school in the world to win the award for royal battle honors. The award was for its role in the defense of Lucknow during the mutiny of 1857.

So be wise, and don’t keep your taste buds resisting these delicacies in this food hub of India.

The Architectural Masterpiece Of The Emperor Akbar – Fatehpur Sikri

a long hallway with a door and a window

Anilavo M

The entire architectural spot of Fatehpur Sikri was the first planned landmark in the Indo-Islamic style. The red-colored sandstone structure is one of the most visited tourist spots in Uttar Pradesh. They consider the splendid architectural grandeur as a Cultural UNESCO World Heritage Site. The best part about the city is the uniformity.

With breathtaking structures in all directions, it has got similar-looking buildings around the city. The Panch Mahal, Buland Darwaza, and Diwan-i-Khas are some of the must-visit places in Fatehpur.

The Wonder Of The Nation And The Eternal Symbol Of Love – Taj Mahal

silhouette photography of man standing near door in front of mosque

Alex Block

The immaculate embodiment of beauty and serenity in one place that attracts travelers from all across the world. It is one of the very few places that gives you both – a breathtaking sunrise and sunset view. The mighty Taj Mahal was constructed using exquisite marble made of precious stones from Europe. This helps it to attract tourists which exceed twice the population of Agra.

A sunrise view from the ‘teardrop on the cheek of eternity’ with your loved one next to you. What else could one ask for?! A picture-perfect postcard frame that would make up.

The Finest Of The Forts From The Mughals In India – Agra Fort, Agra

people walking near brown concrete building during daytime

Arun Geetha Viswanathan

With the Taj Mahal in the vicinity, Agra Fort has forever been one of the most underrated places. It has been one of the most sublime forts in the country. Talk about the royal courtyards and marbles, it has got it all. The scale of awe a visitor has just kept ascending as he walks through the fort.

Next time you make a trip to the Taj Mahal, take some more time for this sheer beauty. Also, don’t forget to appreciate the beauty of the architecture of the chambers and the internal structuring of this fort.

Our golden triangle itinerary will make it easier for you to taste the awesomeness of it all

The Home To The Childhood Of Lord Krishna – Vrindavan

a large building with a domed roof

Praveen Gautam

Vrindavan is famously known as the village where the young Krishna, the Hindu deity, grew up. This becomes a leading reason for the pilgrims from all over the world to flock here. This village is a must-visit place for all Krishna community followers. It beautifully carries with it, the history of how Lord Krishna grew up in his childhood days.

Naturally, the village is filled with temples all around. Though they all may seem similar, they all have their own share of unique characteristics. Therefore, this place sums up as a perfect outing for the spirituality seekers.

The Most Sacred, Surreal, Spiritual And Soulful City Ever – Varanasi

boats river varanasi north india


If there’s one place on earth where you’ll find the start and end terminals of life at the same place, then it’s Varanasi. It never ceases to bewilder the tourists with colors all around representing a congregation of various disciplines. So, what’s the first thing you can think of when asked about Varanasi Ghats? Isn’t it?!

Manikarnika Ghat, the main burning ghat, is the most auspicious place for a Hindu to cremate dead bodies. Along with this, there are a lot more ghats where life completes one entire circle.

Go through our Varanasi destination page to embark on a spiritual journey in India.

The Spiritual Landmark For All The Devotees – Kashi Vishwanath Temple

a tall building with a clock on top of it

Vikas Rohilla

Varanasi is a city which has temples at every corner. The famous one of the lot is Kashi Vishwanath Temple. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva, the lord of the universe. They built the current temple in 1776; the 800 kg of gold plating on the tower and dome was supplied by Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Lahore 50 years later. There’s also a well in the temple premise which has a pool of water. People believe that a dip in the pool can wash away their sins.

If these things don’t push you yet to visit Varanasi, then we don’t know what will!

The Enticing And Intriguing Point Of Confluence – Sangam, Allahabad

blue and black auto rickshaw on brown wooden dock during daytime

at infinity

Famed for its Sangam (confluence of rivers) and the Kumbh Mela, Allahabad is an important tourism destination in Uttar Pradesh. The city has been an important part of Indian history and has also been the home of eminent Indian celebrities like Jawaharlal Nehru and Harivansh Rai Bachchan.

Allahabad boasts its British-era buildings, Mughal fort and tombs, and its special ‘red guavas. Also, people believe that a holy dip in this confluence will wash away one of all the sins. Also, the Aarti(the lighting of the candles) should not be missed at the ghats around this Sangam.

Ever wanted to witness two different colors of water bodies in one place? Then this is the end of your wait!

Don’t miss the chance to be a part of Kumbh Mela. Book your trip with our Kumbh Mela Tour With Golden Triangle.

The Auspicious Birthplace Of Lord Krishna, Mathura

blue and yellow auto rickshaw

Ravi Sharma

This village was once a center for Buddhists and home to numerous monks. However, today it’s all reduced to remains of the older sights of recovered beautiful sculptures. ‘Krishna Bhumi’ or the land of Krishna, Mathura is amongst the most visited places in Uttar Pradesh. Temples dot the famed Vrindavan and a sacred Yamuna River flows past it. Devotees throng the entire line, with 25 ghats, at dawn and sunset.

The Austerity At The Place Of Buddha’s Last Sermon, Kushinagar

a large white and gold building sitting in a park

Rahul Srivastava

Kushinagar is a very popular destination for Buddhists in India. This place is known for Lord Buddha to make his last sermon. Therefore, this place is of high importance amongst the Buddhist devotees. One of the must-visit places in Uttar Pradesh when in Mathura is the Indo-Japan-Sri Lanka temple. It is erected at a place where Buddha is said to have been cremated. This place has made a place for itself on Hiuen Tsang’s travelogues. Other places to visit include Wat Thai, Kushinagar museum etc.

Check out our Buddhist Destinations blog to dive deeper into the opulent possession of Buddhism in India.

The Spot Where The First Sermons Started For Lord Buddha, Sarnath

giant bell in mulagandhakuti vihara sarnath varanasi india

Swastik Arora

If you just had witnessed the place where the last sermon of Buddha happened, then Sarnath just provides you with the spot where the first sermon of Buddha took place. The rich excavations in this city reveal how ancient this city had flourished. It is the neighbor of the city of Varanasi. Today, it is one of the most important destinations in India.

Our  Sarnath destination page will take you closer to enlightenment.

Diverse And Scenic Views, Dudhwa National Park

a truck driving down a dirt road surrounded by trees

Rakshit Yadav

If you thought Uttar Pradesh is all about temples and historical monuments, well, then think again!

Dudhwa National Park and Tiger Reserve are one of the most scenic and diverse parks in Uttar Pradesh. The fertile lands of the national park facilitate the survival of a wide range of flora and fauna. The Royal Bengal tiger remains the most popular animal found here at the park.

Get Glimpses Of The Marine Life With An Excursion To The Chambal Safari

black seal on brown sand during daytime

Abhinav Modi

Thought you could never get to see the aquatic animal life on this spiritual land?!

Well, then you should take a day’s excursion to the Chambal island while traveling in and around Agra.

You can take a river cruise to visit the famous Shiva temple and witness the alligators and crocodiles. There are a number of islands in the middle of the Chambal River. One can just not afford to miss the experience of watching the crocodiles sunbathe on the islands. And if you are that lucky one, you’ll end up spotting one of the dolphins too!

The Historical Land Where Lord Rama Was Born – Ram Janmabhoomi, Ayodhya

a large building with a domed roof

Shivam Tiwari

Ayodhya is one of the most ancient and sacred places for Hindus. People of the village believe that Lord Rama took his birth in this land. It is a perfect place for the blend of secular religions of Hinduism and Islam. Since it was the place which was home to the iconic Babri Masjid of the 16th century. Also, one must not miss a trip to the Ramkatha Museum while in Ayodhya. It showcases the epic story of Ramayana in the form of paintings and sculptures.

Explore our  Temple tours to India to dive into the ocean of spirituality.

The City That’s Well Known As The Mini Version Of Varanasi, Chitrakoot

a group of monkeys on a tree


Chitrakut attracts numerous pilgrims, due to its rich religious culture, especially at Ram-Ghat, the town’s center of activity. Yet another spot for religious visitors is the hill of Kamadgiri. One of the most strikingly special things about this place is its spiritual significance. The three principal Hindu deities Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu took their incarnations at this place. Also, the peaceful town on the bank of River Mandakini is not to be missed.

The Commercial Hub Amidst The Religious And Spiritual Buzz, Aligarh

a tall tower with a clock on top of it

Ahmad Attari

Aligarh is the commercial hub of the state and has the historical traces of the lock manufacturing industry. In addition, it has a historical past dating back to the battle of Ally Ghur fought between the British and the French. Want to go out shopping for some Pajamas? Well, then this is the right place to do that! The state is also well famed for the education centre it has in the Aligarh University.

The Land Where The History Runs Back To The Era Of Indus Valley Civilization, Meerut

a door in a building

Saint RamboHire

Like the other cities of Uttar Pradesh, many incessant attacks struck Meerut in the historic times. However, there’s a lot to explore in this city of historic importance. Not to forget, the iconic buildings date back to the era of the Indus Valley Civilization. And, one shouldn’t just miss visiting the stunning monuments and memorials in the city.

Oozing Out Holiness From Every Nook And Cranny, Pratapgarh

a group of animals that are standing in the grass

Sudhanshu Chaurasia

Pratapgarh in Uttar Pradesh is one gem in the rough. With a plethora of temples to visit and offer prayers to the lord, this one is unmissable. Situated on the banks of river Sai is the holy temple of Bela Bhawani. Also, while you’re visiting the temple, make sure to take a dip in the sacred river Sai which has even been mentioned in the Puranas.

Furthermore, if you’ve come so far it is imperative to go back to Allahabad to visit the Patalpuri temple which is basically underground within the Allahabad Fort. See? Even such a quaint little town has so much to offer to you!

The Place That Reeks Of Courage And Bravado, Jhansi

india monuments architecture medina


Enter the gateway to the Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh. Yes, the very region that brags about stories of valor, courage, and bravery in the past. Jhansi is one of the historically most significant places in UP.

Earlier, it was known as Balwant Nagar under the rule of Chandelas. Furthermore, make it a point to visit the famous Jhansi Fort which is decked up with intricate carvings and beautiful architecture.

Well, are you a history buff? This is the place for you then. Have you heard of the famous Rani Laxmi Bai? Well, get to witness her past through the Rani Jhansi Museum and the Rani Mahal.

Also, what fun is there if you don’t happen to be a part of a regional extravaganza? If it is somewhere around February or March that you’re visiting the city, make sure to be a part of Jhansi Mahotsav. This week-long celebration is one melting pot of art, culture, and traditions of the place. Sure, you can’t really miss out on that, now can you?

A Religiously Safe Haven, Gorakhpur

a large white building with towers

Rahul Kushwaha

Situated along the banks of river Rapti, this religiously influential town was named after the saint Gorakhnath. Did you know that? Well, now you do!

Furthermore, make it a point to visit Gorakhnath temple if you happen to visit this sacred town of Uttar Pradesh. It is home to the shrine of Saint Gorakhnath. It was this man who preached humanity and yoga all over the town. Also, if you’re a history buff, then again, the archaeological museum exhibiting the culture and heritage of Gorakhpur will leave you entranced. The sculptures, old coins, and old jewelry have a special old-world charm attached to them. Worth visiting it, we promise.

Later, the world’s most significant press for publishing Hindu scriptures and books awaits your Visit. Gita press will instill an odd sense of curiosity in you. Care to visit it?

Witness A Blend Of Modern And Old, Noida

landscape photography of brown trees

Siddhant Kumar

Alright, brace yourself to witness the racing ground for the Indian Grand Prix in Noida. Noida is one fine amalgamation of all things culture and modernism. For an automobile fanatic to a nature freak, Noida has it all. Furthermore, make sure to breathe in the fresh air at the botanical garden where nature is at its best. Also, get ready to customize your own favorite paintings at the Stupa art gallery. The enchanting collection will take your breath away. And, you can’t shop when you travel. Hurry to the famous Atta Market to get everything in peanuts. From shoes to sweaters, you’ll have it all. Well, you can thank us later.

A Wonderful Wonder, Kanpur

people walking on sidewalk near brown concrete building during daytime

Aradhya Kansal

A trip to Uttar Pradesh demands to visit Kanpur in all its glory. The bizarre and raw winding lanes of the city may get on your nerves at times but what the city has to offer is all the more incredible. Visit the holy JK temple to offer prayers to Lord Krishna and goddess Radha within its sanctum Sanctorum. Marvel at the shlokas written on the well-carved walls and pillars of this pious temple.

Furthermore, Moti Jheel adorned with gardens around it is the perfect place to relax and appreciate the grandiosity of nature.

There’s more than what meets the eye. Kanpur is one melting pot of culture and traditions. Well, it’s a must-visit is all that we can say.

Back To The Basics In Hastinapur

man in red shirt sitting on red and black wheelchair on road during daytime

Laurentiu Morariu

Furthermore, set foot in all things religion in Hastinapur.

Back in the glorious past during the Mahabharata, this town is the center of all the stories and legends. And if that wasn’t enough, this holy town is the birthplace of three Jain Tirthankaras.

This town of Mahabharata brims with Jain pilgrimage centers besides keeping the spirit of mythology alive to this date. Take a walk in the local streets to interact with the people. If you’re lucky, they might welcome you in their homes to let you in on its glorious past and the stories of the same. Well, it’s never too late, now is it?

Pray Within The Walls Of Bateshwar Temple In The Wild.

white and brown concrete building near body of water during daytime

Yogesh B Roy

With a complex brimming with 101 temples, the Bateshwar temple complex is one religiously significant destination in Uttar Pradesh.

Nestled by the banks of River Yamuna, this complex of temples is dedicated to Lord Shiva or Bateshwar Mahadev. It’s only justified with your travel plans to witness a breathtaking sunrise and sunset by the river here. The crimson sky with nothing but tranquility around you will help you calm your inner self and probably help you discover your inner core of.

Furthermore, let the walls and the well-carved ceilings enchant you while you bask in the beauty of the intricacies.

Oh, and by the way, do pay a visit to this quaint town of Bateshwar in the months of October or November to rejoice in the pomp of The Grand Cattle Fair.

Care to seep deep into the culture and traditions of Uttar Pradesh?

Walk On The Grounds Of Religious Significance, Deogarh

a man walking down a narrow alley way

Samyak Jain

Deogarh is one quintessential town that you need to check off your bucket list if you happen to visit the holy grounds of Uttar Pradesh.

With a massive Shiva temple known as Baba Baidyanath Temple, this city boasts of a holy jyotirlinga within its sanctum Sanctorum and even more beautiful white marble architecture. Fun quotient? Well, there is a small hill nearby which has a spectacular Nandi temple.

Settled within the lush greenery of nature the temple keeps a park for children embracing it. Furthermore, Deogarh has a heritage dating back to the Gupta dynasty which brags about superior architecture that has stood through the ravages of time. If that wasn’t enough, there are caves a few kilometers from Deogarh where sage Valmiki is said to have come for penance.

Go ahead, and pray before the Shiva lingam in Taponath Mahadeva temple in one of the caves. Blessings will be on their way to you, we promise.

Once In A Lifetime, It Is a Must Visit This Magnificent Extravaganza, Kumbh Mela At Triveni Sangam

man in orange thobe standing on white sand during daytime

Avi Guru

Well, even the name of it is enough to tell the world how special it is.

Wondering what we’re talking about? The world-famous Kumbh Mela takes place on the banks of the confluence of three holy rivers, Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati in Allahabad.

The confluence is known as the Triveni Sangam. Even the color of the water at the confluence is distinguishable for the three rivers. But that’s not the point. Kumbh Mela observes a football of millions of people when it Happens once in 12 years.

The devotees, pilgrims, and the ones starving for the culture and tradition of Uttar Pradesh make it a point to be there. The vibrant and colorful atmosphere with happiness and faith protecting the auras of the visitors make this fair magnificently significant. And guess what? This fair goes on for a period of a whopping 3 months! Do you know why devotees come here?

Well, legend had it that taking a dip in the river here washes away all the sun leading to a path of Nirvana or Moksha. Be that as it may, you have to be there as and when it happens because if Uttar Pradesh is unapologetically proud of one thing, it is this out-of-the-world fair.

Of Course, You Need Time To Pamper Yourself In The Famous Hazratganj Market, Lucknow

person holding bread on bowl at daytime

Subhayan Das

Step into the lanes of the “Park Avenue” of Lucknow where people come craving for food, clothes, perfumes, and everything culture.

This market is huge and every lane speaks of the stories of the past when it was established by Nawab Saadat Ali Khan. Care to take a bagful of souvenirs?

Well, Lucknow is particularly famous for an art known as chicken on the fabrics. Get yourself some gorgeous chicken Kurtis and flaunt them all. The embroidery is intricate and charming on its own.

Also, you can’t just miss out on the street food in Lucknow. The famous Mughlai cuisine will make you lick your fingers well. Ready to dive right into creamy gravy with a piece of chicken in your other hand?

Umm… foodgasmic!

Dive Right In The Incredible Mirzapur

a clock tower with a bell

Sameer Srivastava

Brace yourself to get closer to nature if you happen to check off Mirzapur from your travel list. Nestled among the Vindhyas this spectacular destination is nothing short of magic with so much to offer to you. Unravel the beauty of nature while you visit Vindhyachal, which is basically a pilgrimage center. The holy river Ganga graces the magnificence of this town. We suggest you watch a sunset or a sunrise by the ghats and it will be etched into your memories for life.

If that wasn’t enough, the cave paintings and the clock tower which is compared to the Big Ben in London are the show stealers.

What are you waiting for? Book your tickets already.

Oh, and by the way, Mirzapur houses some kickass brassware and carpets. A little shopping doesn’t hurt, now does it?

The Best Of Battlegrounds, Aligarh

Resonating with the stories of battles and victories, Aligarh deserves a golden page in the history of India. The British took over the Aligarh Fort from the Maratha Confederacy.

While you’re there, make sure to visit the historically significant, yet ransacked Aligarh fort where every stone echoes the blood and tears shed to protect the colossal edifice in the past.

You know what? You should even pay a visit to the famous Aligarh Muslim University.

Furthermore, the city is proud of the rich cultural heritage that it is home to. Make sure to shop and window shop for it’s your vacation, folks.

The Birthplace Of The Divine, Kapilvastu

Also known as Shakya capital, Kapilvastu is the sacred place where Lord Buddha was born.

Well, you can only understand by the gravity of that fact that you’ll be surrounded in an ambiance giving you an odd sense of calm and contentment.

And you know what? The archaeological survey of India has found a lot of historically significant things in here. Furthermore, the stupas here are in abundance and emanate positivity and messages of the Buddha himself.

Of course, you can’t miss out on this holy destination in Uttar Pradesh. Grab your tickets already.

The Capital Of Kauravas Of Mahabharata, Sardhana

duck bird flying tandem


Located well near Meerut, this town is historically opulent for it was the capital of Kauravas of Mahabharata.

And if you didn’t know, we are here to tell you that this place observes a massive footfall from Christians owing to the fact that it is home to the Basilica of Our Lady of Graces.

Food for knowledge? Pandavas prayed in the sanctity of this town before leaving for Lakshagrah at the confluence of the Hindon and Krishna rivers.

To understand the religious significance and magnificence of India, it is imperative to visit Uttar Pradesh.

We promised we would help you out.

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