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7 Festivals Worth Taking for on the Golden Triangle Tour 2024-25

On a Golden Triangle tour, the vibrancy of Delhi, the regal charms of Jaipur, and the mystique of Agra team up to show the world the cultural bounty of India. However, when it is about culture, falling back to festivals is the smartest thing to do. After all, they are the foundation of the opulent heritage in the country.

If you too wish to know India a little more closely, we’d recommend you travel it by the virtue of Indian festivals. Sounds like a plan? Then, here is a list of festivals that will make your Golden Triangle trip a success. Relish every piece of information, who knows when you’ll have your India calling. Happy reading folks!

The Artistic Taj Mahotsav, Agra

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When pearl-white mist covers everything in sight and the crimson-yellow sun kisses the winter sky that is when Agra rejoices in Taj Mahotsav.

On the backdrop of the whimsical Taj Mahal, Taj Mahotsav is a 10-day gala event that celebrates the life and lifestyle of ancient India. During this festival, hundreds of imminent artisans get the opportunity to carry forward their family heritage and earn some big bucks.

Thousands of people turn up for this event, tourists and locals alike. For anyone visiting India for the very first time, a trip to Agra during Taj Mahotsav is a feast for the senses.

Wood/stone carvings of Tamil Nadu, Bamboo/cane work from North East India, Pashmina from Kashmir, marble and zardozi work from Agra, and whatnot, there is no limit to the art on display here.

However, this event is not just about exquisite craftwork. In fact, it equally emphasizes performing arts. The gist of this, it entertains visitors with various cultural performances. So, if you are a sucker for folk and classical art forms, you’d definitely love every bit of this bonanza.

Are you a connoisseur of good food? Then, this festival will be a gourmet delight for you. Furthermore, are you traveling with your family and kids? Then, for your entertainment, they have a fun fair lined up. So, how about rekindling your inner kid by taking chances on some big and small rides while enjoying the ambiance of India? Sounds like a plan.

The Flamboyant Ram Barat, Agra

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If Hindu mythology entices you, then, this festival is worth experiencing on your timeless Golden Triangle tour.

Organized during Dussehra, Rama Barat is a special marriage procession that takes over Agra every October.

If you were looking for ways to redefine verve, then, try visiting the jam-packed streets of Agra during this time of the year. Believe us; you’ll have your heart locked in its alleyways in no time.

Ram Barat is a part of the very famous tradition of North India called Ramleela. It involves the enactment of the Hindu epic Ramayana draped with fancy costumes and beautiful sets.

In case you are wondering, this particular act from the epic features the sanctity of marriage and showcases the grandiosity of a royal Hindu wedding. Furthermore, it also puts forward a show that locals and tourists await every year.

During, Ram Barat, at a special place, the mythological city of ‘Janakpuri’ (home of Goddess Sita) is set up. Later this place becomes the venue of the fair too, where thousands of devotees come to witness the royal wedding.


The groom (Lord Rama) and his family reach the venue in bedecked Jhakis. Moreover, besides the actors, on these Jhakis you will find the idol of Lord Rama, along with his brothers on elephants.

Do you know that in this dance drama, the roles of women are also played by young boys?

There is magic to this whole experience of Ramleela that is unlike anything else. The bedazzling headgear, colorful costumes, and vibrancy are all elements creating this bigger picture of cultural immersion. So, don’t miss it for the world!

The Bashful Kailash Fair And Festivals, Agra

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If there is something that is as pleasing to the heart as the sight of the Taj Mahal, it has to be hands down the celebration of the Kailash festival in Agra.

Kailash festival is an annual festivity of Agra that honors “the destroyer” of the Hindu religion, Lord Shiva.

As per popular legend, Lord Shiva appeared in the fair in the form of a stone lingam. As a result, pilgrims flock here in huge numbers to pay homage to the deity. Devotees believe that during the Kailash Festival, Lord Shiva also grants every wish and fulfills every desire.

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During this time of the year, Agra and the areas nearby are decked like a bride. In the gist of which, one can find the whole city brimming with festive charms. So much so, that you will see the city groove to the symphonies of prayers and songs of happiness.

The festival part of this event takes place in the Kailash Temple 12 km away from Agra. However, the fair part takes over the entire city and the township.

An ethnic fair resonating to the ethos of culture…hmm… isn’t it a jackpot?

The Enthralling International Kite Festival, Jaipur

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Like colorful gemstones on Kundan Meena Jewelry, the clear blue skies of Jaipur are too bejeweled every January to celebrate the International Kite Festival.

During this time of the year, thousands of enthusiastic folk take part in the kite flying competition. The craze of it is such, that people from across the country travel miles just to witness this phenomenon.

Besides being an enthralling escapade, the Kite Festival is also the perfect place to bond regardless of age, gender, and nationality.

Do you know that this festival was strategically planned in order to get the benefits of the winter sun? Yes, that’s a hundred percent true. It is believed that when the sun moves in Uttarayana, its rays act as medicine for the human body.

Celebrated on the occasion of Makar Sankranti, the kite festival is a cultural luxury that only a few get to experience on a cultural trip to India. However, if you are on a Golden Triangle trip, you too can enjoy this cultural feast. What are you waiting for? Plan your Golden Triangle tour now!

The Colourful Holi, Jaipur

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Have you ever wanted to paint the world in the colors of the rainbow? If your answer is yes, then, you’ve got a golden opportunity in hand in the form of a Holi celebration in India.

Although Holi is an auspicious festival celebrated with all hearts across the country, the celebration of it in Jaipur is a little off-beat and unique.

Like everything else, Holi in Jaipur is celebrated with all the regal charms. It calls for a two-day event, where the community bonds and basks in the glory of religious quintessence.

The first day of the Holi celebration in Jaipur invites tourists to become part of the Hindu folklore. During this time a huge bonfire is set up. Furthermore, people pray around it and celebrate the triumph of good over evil. However, the next day is marked by colors on the streets and people having the best of times.

Besides the color play, there is another aspect of the Holi celebration that takes place in the Govind Ji Temple. Here, to celebrate Holi with the deities, the devotees play with colors, flowers, and even sandalwood.

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Holi in Jaipur also marks the onset of its very revered Elephant festival. Celebrating the royal shade of the state, this festival once involved parades and performances by the elephants. Although the festival was discontinued in 2012, the vibrant presence of its existence can still be felt in the boulevards of this pink city.

Quintessential Gangaur Festival And Teej Festival, Jaipur

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Culture of Rajasthan at its very best!

Gangaur and Teej Festivals are Rajasthan’s prized possession. It is the crux of everything we love about the state, from attires to rich customs.

Gangaur commences on the day following Holi whereas Teej marks the beginning of monsoon. Out of which it is Gangaur which continues for 18 days and is very famous among the womenfolk of Rajasthan.

Both of these festivals revolve around love and marriage and venerate Goddess Parvati. During Gangaur, you will notice a procession of women raiding the streets of Jaipur, all decked up in blingy attires.

Women and girls take out this parade while carrying a ghoulia (an earthen pot with holes and lamps) on their heads. En route, people present gifts to them in the form of sweets, jaggery, ghee, oil, or a little cash.

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This ritual continues for ten days until the conclusion of the Gangaur Festival. On the last day, girls break their pots and throw the remains into a well or a tank. Furthermore, they enjoy a little treat with their own collections

Gangaur and Teej festivals are an apt representation of the Rajasthan. And, if you want to bind yourself with the threads of its plush heritage, it’s imperative to add this festival to your bucket list via the Golden Triangle trip.

Sheetla Mata Festival, Jaipur – Rural Treasure

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If bizarre traditions and facets make you happy as a clam, then this festival needs to make way on your bucket list now.

Sheetla Mata festival is a fascinating rural event that is celebrated in a village called Seel-ki-Doongri in Jaipur. Popular for honoring the Hindu Goddess Sheetla Devi, this event takes place in the Chaitya month of the hindu calendar.

Sheetla Mata is famous among her devotees for her wrath. So, every year the villagers organize this event to keep her happy.

The festival is adorned with numerous prayers. On this day, men and women dress in the most extravagant traditional outfits with women rocking heavy jewellery and make-up. Furthermore, the mood of festivity becomes such that even the animals are nicely decorated for the occasion.

Note: Earlier animal sacrifice was a part of its ritual too but now it is discontinued.

An additional feature of the festival is the cattle fair. It is here that you can see the trading of livestock for real. Also, there happens to be a whole other exhibition for goods and handicrafts during this time. Tourists and locals can buy daily utilities and even handcrafted goods from these exhibitions to take back home.

And, what is a festival without some dance and music, right? So, that’s why the festival has arrangements for soul-stirring dance and music performances too! Isn’t that amazing?

Jaipur Literature Festival

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Are you a literature enthusiast? Do you love books and reading in general? Then, the Jaipur Literature Festival is just the place for you.

This 3–day literature carnival invites authors from India and abroad. Literature enthusiasts from all over the world meet at this event to read, discuss, question, and answer about the top literary works of the planet

Whether you want an author’s book or partake in an exclusive signed, everything is available for you as long as it screams literature. Moreover, there is even a range of stalls selling everything from food to handicrafts here, which is amazing.

If you are a patron of quaint back vibes, then an outdoor lounge bar is also available here for relaxing.

Furthermore, do you know that music performances adorn the evenings here after every literary session? No? Well, now you do.

In recent years, the festival has turned heads and has converted into quite a fashionable occasion. In the gist of this, it also acts as a playground for plenty of socialites from Delhi and Jaipur.

Are you a young publisher? Then you should definitely try Jaipur Book Mark. It is a platform for publishing professionals from India and around the world to discuss business ideas.

All in all, the main focus of the festival is always on gender equity, science, the scientific temper, speculative fiction, artificial intelligence and what the future might hold for the planet Earth. Other than that, it’s a great place to listen to imminent writers and authors from around the globe.

Every festival in India is unique. If you have the opportunity to experience any of these festivals on your trip to India, then no one is as lucky as you are. So, make the most of it!

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