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Southern India has always been the flagbearer for adding the best cultural flavours to the beguiling cultural composition of India. However, do you know which state brings the most prominent and vivid heritage hues to it? Yes, you got that right, Tamilnadu it is!

Tamil Nadu is one of those amazing travel places in India that sprinkles mesmerism into any travel journal. Also, it’s one such state where the symphonies of enunciation in the air resonate with every tiny little emotion. And, don’t even get us started on nature’s bounty that’s at our disposal here. Believe us; you’ll forget everything else once in its patronage.

Start keeping up with the best places in Tamilnadu. It is then you will realize the actual finesse of this state lies in its very foundation. Well, we can’t think of anything that can compete with that. Can you? No right? Then, how about planning your holidays in India with the Dravidian-style temples, coral beaches, and world heritage sites in Tamilnadu? Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?



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Pavan Kumar Nagendla

What is Indian culture without the touch of divine powers?

Come bask in the glory of one of the most revered spiritual sites in India. This temple garners the fables of the Indian epic Mahabharata and eventually bask in its glory.

Rameshwaram is named after the Hindu Lord Rama. And, this island city is famous for bridging every traveler’s heart to cosmic sanctity, and why not? After all, it is a testimonial of faith living and breathing in real-time.

Decked with temples and historical motifs, Rameshwaram showcases life in a time capsule. Subsequently, you wouldn’t even realize when you will fall in love with its aura and want to settle in this island town for all your life. As for all we know here are the top places you should visit whenever on a trip to Rameshwaram.

1. Ramanathaswamy Temple

Famous for its longest corridor across states, Ramanathaswamy Temple in Rameshwaram is the epitome of bliss. Devoted to the destroyer of all evil in the universe, this temple worships Shiva in its purest form.

2. Ramar Paatham

Catch a glimpse of Sri Lanka by standing on the highest hill temple where once Lord Rama prayed in order to cross the ocean. Enjoy the tattle tales while you immerse yourself in its prowess.

3. Agnee Teertham

Bathe in the crimson light of the rising sun! This age-old ritual is one emotional roller and probably a custom in India you should try.

4. Amman Temples

Redefine bliss at numerous temples of Goddesses at the best places in Tamilnadu.

Nearest City:Madurai (174 Km)
Best Time to Visit:July – August and November- March
Railway Station:Rameshwaram
Bus Stand:Rameshwaram Central Bus Stand
Languages Spoken:English, Hindi and Tamil


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Sreekumar Parameswaran

A blessed abode existing for two millennia and the Athens of the East, Madurai comes with bedazzling colors on the best places in Tamil Nadu list.

This beautiful temple town has everything to accord to its visitors and its 14 sky-rising gopurams certain our statement.

Madurai the sole capital for Dravidian-style temples, castles, and aromatic jasmine that elevates the vibrancy that this town already possesses. A holiday in Madurai is filled with the pleasures of nature, spirituality, and of course palaces. Here are the few places of this Tinseltown that are worth traversing on your South India Trip

1. Meenakshi Amman Temple

A vibrantly colourful Dravidian-style shrine that has painted history and the belief of the people of Madurai. Definitely, one of the top temples of India worth visiting.

2. Koodal Alagar

Painted in pastel shades of India, this temple devoted to Lord Vishnu has its name written in gold in the ancient texts of Hinduism.

3. Kutladampatti Falls

The blissful aura of cosmic entities and the company of Mother Nature define Kutladampatti Falls in a nutshell.

4. Mannar Thirumalai Nayakkar Mahal

Adding the royal delights to your places to visit in Madurai list is a palace famous worldwide for its ‘stucco’ work. Don’t know what it is? Find out here.

5. Elephant Hill ‘Yanaimalai’

Who doesn’t love a trek alongside Jain and Hindu temples? So, catch its wonders in high spirits on your journey through the best tourist places in Tamil Nadu.

Best Time to Visit:October- March
Railway Station:Rameshwaram
Bus Stand:Mattuthavani Bus Terminus (8 Kms)| Arapalayam Bus Station (3 Kms)
Languages Spoken:English, Hindi and Tamil



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Ashish Kumar Senapati

If heaven exists anywhere in South India, it has to be in hands down at Hogenakkal Falls. Furthermore, talk about the coolest place in Tamilnadu and miss this mystic destination on your list, well not happening.

The lush green mountains here are capable of freeing you from all the heat you might experience in other parts of the state. Moreover, the chirping sounds of birds with the mellow fragrance of moist soil make it easier for travelers to trek through the woods toward the top of the falls. Imagining it is giving us chills!

Encounter the drop-down of river Kaveri at multiple steps. We are sure that the sounds of pouring chilled water will definitely put you at ease. Furthermore, this ‘Niagra of India’ can get your adrenaline gushing and rushing to its absolute extreme. And why wouldn’t it? It’s decked in all the treasures of nature after all.

Revel in the joy of Coracle rides at calm waters while gorging on some scrumptious fried fish. Still, craving for more? Then, you have the option of getting top-notch massages in the wilderness. Now that’s some wellness activity and adventure in India to add to your bucket list of tourist places in Tamilnadu maps, don’t you think?

Nearest City:Bangalore (146 Kms)
Best Time to Visit:July to October
Nearest-Airport:Bengaluru International Airport
Railway Station:Dharmapuri Railway Station
Bus Stand:Hogenakkal Bus Station
Languages Spoken:English, Hindi and Tamil



mahabalipuram 2779565 1280

Shining on the Tamil Nadu tourist places list is yet another destination that has managed to carve its name in history. Even its name caters to the mythology of Hinduism and we are very down for it.

Mahabalipuram is a town of the past whose name as well, attracts many legends. This UNESCO World Heritage Site in India was once the second capital to the kings of the Pallava dynasty. And, by now we all know what that means, truckloads of monuments, sculptures, scenic beauty, culture, and traditions coming your way! Some of these are:

1. Shore Temple

The ultimate concoction of beach fun and serenity is the last-standing Shore Temple in Mahabalipuram. Legends believe that the shore temple complex was so beautiful that the gods decided to submerge most of it underwater. Well, after seeing the finesse of the structure that exists today, we believe that there is certainly some truth to the story.

2. Panch Rath

Imagine, five chariot-shaped temples carved to perfection against a setting second to none. Can it get any better on the best places in Tamilnadu? We bet not. Furthermore, the best part is that each of these temples is dedicated to the five main protagonists of the Indian epic Mahabharata.

3. Krishna’s Butterball

It is a humongous drop-shaped rock mounted on a hammock. Furthermore, defying all laws of gravity for 1300 years, this place is actually a key attraction on the best tourist places in Tamil Nadu list.

4. Mahabalipuram Beach

Lazy lay on beaches or water adventure sports, what do you prefer? Perks like these and also like chilling with the reptiles wait for you on a trip to Mahabalipuram.

Nearest City:Chennai (58kms)
Best Time to Visit:October to March
Nearest-Airport:Chennai International Airport
Railway Station:Chennai Railway Station
Bus Stand:Mahabalipuram Bus Station
Languages Spoken:English, Hindi and Tamil


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Picture yourself lying on the windswept beaches while gazing over the union of two seas and an ocean. Don’t you think that’s a match made in heaven? If yes, then, it’s only in Kanyakumari among the best places in Tamilnadu you can experience this.

However, this winsome beach city is best known for its beaches, memorials, and temples. Still, it has so much more to offer to its visitors, And, getting enough of it will never be the case on your search for the best tourist places to visit in Tamil Nadu.

Frankly speaking, Kanyakumari is the coastline of happiness. In fact, it is the best platform to rekindle with your inner spiritual being. Furthermore, traversing it on your iconic India trip will bestow nothing but the best hues of equanimity. Want to know what are the top things to do Tamilnadu? Well, here you go!

1. Padmanabhapuram Palace

Best tourist places in Tamil Nadu bring you to the rosewood beauty in the absolute wilderness. Believe us, it will redefine craftsmanship for you.

2. Sanguthurai Beach

A beach that connects two iconic landmarks of the town and resonates with the symphonies of nature. Period!

3. Sothavilai Beach

Befriend sparkling blue waters while you collect conchs alongside crashing waves.

4. Vivekananda Rock Memorial

Follow the life trajectory of Vivekananda at the very spot where he hit the milestone of his journey towards spiritual salvation.

5. Thiruvalluvar Statue

The iconic landmark that catches all eyes in Kanyakumari. Well, who can miss a 38-feet tall statue celebrating the Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar, isn’t it?

Nearest City:Trivandrum (85 Km)
Best Time to Visit:October to March
Nearest-Airport:Trivandrum International Airport
Railway Station:Trivandrum Railway Station
Bus Stand:Kanyakumari Bus Station
Languages Spoken:English, Hindi and Tamil



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Sanjeev Nagaraj

Next up on our best tourist places in India list we have a city that holds a lot of significance in Dravidian history. Yes, by the title you must have guessed, it’s Thanjavur we are talking about here.

Being the oldest city of Tamil Nadu, Tanjore is the mightiest. And, undoubtedly the rightful destination for the title of the “Star of Southern Indian delight”. Why? Well, that’s because this city was once the capital of Pallavas. Furthermore, it has traveled leaps and bounds through the thick and thins of time.

In fact, this city holds a strong position in the history of Cholas and historical places in Tamilnadu list. Historians believe that the city is the political, cultural, and religious center of South India. And, we definitely support the statement as it has been the former capital of Cholas, Mutharayars, and Marathas at the peak of their powers.

So, Are you up for knocking on some ancient historical doors on your Tamil Nadu adventure? You now know where to go.

Nearest City:Tiruchirappalli (55 Kms)
Best Time to Visit:October to March
Nearest-Airport:Thanjavur International Airport
Railway Station:Thanjavur Railway Station
Bus Stand:Thanjavur Bus Station
Languages Spoken:English, Hindi and Tamil


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Vishwanth Pindiboina

What would you call a place that has shaped the South Indian architectural style in India? Iconic, right? And, that’s what this historical destination in India is all about. A Tamil Nadu map with temples!

Being the first capital of the Pandava dynasty, Kanchipuram’s history is worth noting and following. From fortifying the cities to laying roads and building temples, every inch of Kanchipuram’s existence portrays its deep bond with the sands of time. And, if you are not much of a history fanatic, then, the city has its treasure trove full of charms to offer you. For instance, how about basking in the glory of its intricately carved temples and getting your hands on hand-woven silk sarees? Music to ears!

Furthermore, Kanchipuram is revered in many travel genres but it is most famous as the element of Earth in the Panchabootham temple annals. Don’t know about them? So, take this temple tour in India to learn more.

Nearest City:Chennai (70 Km)
Best Time to Visit:July -August and November – April
Nearest-Airport:Chennai International Airport
Railway Station:Kanchipuram Railway Station
Bus Stand:Kanchipuram Bus Station
Languages Spoken:English, Hindi and Tamil



abhinav GSgpZYw3oQY unsplash

An emerald green carpet with cascading waterfalls and sparkling lakes, Kodaikanal is the definition of paradise in every travel story in Tamilnadu.

Also, this romantic destination takes you to the pinnacle of luxury tours in India while presenting the perfect melange of tribal culture and colonial architecture.

Kodaikanal is the ‘Princess of Hills’ shining at an elevation of 7000m. Still, all its shades are less commercialized and more authentic. What more can you ask for, right?

Let’s talk about the best places to visit there. Here is the list you need:

1. Kodaikanal Lake

A 19th-century man-made lake with a boathouse and unparallel scenic treasures.

2. Silver Cascade

Lush greenery and sparkling falling water stream, can there be a better marriage than this?

3. Guna Caves

Large rocky boulders and homely caves in the absolute middle of nowhere. If this isn’t a treat of nature, we wonder what is.

4. Kurinji Andavar Temple

Devote yourself to the deity Murugan living amidst the most beautiful scenery of all time.

Nearest City:Madurai (128 Km)
Best Time to Visit:September to May
Nearest-Airport:Madurai International Airport
Railway Station:Palani Railway Station
Bus Stand:Kodai Road Station
Languages Spoken:English, Hindi and Tamil


ooty 710153 1280

Meandering country lanes and plush green carpets sketching a finite infinite are enough to define Ooty in a nutshell. Furthermore, this beautiful ‘Queen of Hills’ and summer capital of royal presidency in colonial times blooms with the smells of its exotic flowers.

Whether it is a ride through Nilgiri Mountain Railways or a jungle safari in Avalanche Biosphere Reserve, getting a hold on Ooty’s vibrant vibe is a task in itself. In addition, it has so much to offer to its visitors, from temples to wildlife to scenic delights and more, that falling short of activities to pursue will never be the case.

Here are the top places to visit in Ooty:

1. Crain Hill

A tourist’s best friend with nature’s best keeps.

2. Doddabetta Peaks

Rocks, caves, and more!

3. Pykara Falls

Tones of sparkling falling waters.

4. Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary

Wild, wilderness, and jungle safari!

Nearest City:Coimbatore (89 Kms)
Best Time to Visit:March-June and September-October
Nearest-Airport:Coimbatore Peelamedu Airport
Railway Station:Ooty Railway Station
Bus Stand:Ooty Central Bus Station
Languages Spoken:English, Hindi and Tamil

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