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Best Time And Places To Visit In India

India, the land of fervor and magic is one of the most popular destinations around the globe.

It’s one such place that offers its visitors such flabbergasting experiences, that sometimes reverting back the same love becomes intimidating.

The topography of the best places to visit in India takes away major spotlights on the world travel map and why not? Traveling to India is a wholesome feast for any travel appetite. So, let our list of tourist places in India guide you on your venture of traveling to India.

Uniquely, there are six major climatic subtypes in India. As astonishing as it sounds, traveling through these varying climates is a tricky affair. But you won’t let it crash all your travel dreams, won’t it?

Planning a trip to India? Then, you will have to understand the climate zones of the country in order to plan your inch-perfect itinerary. Trust us some of these destinations are the stars to the places to visit in India before you die list. Fancy a visit? Let’s get started!


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What’s the best time to travel to India?

Ideally, the best time to visit India is from the start of October to the end of April.

But that’s not ‘just’ the time to visit India. You can visit India throughout the year if you know the right places to visit.

From the pleasant monsoons to the crazy festive times, there are so many good times to be in India that confining it to some dates is not right. Still, the weather in India governs tourism here at every step.

India can be visited in three main seasons with the additional festive season. Here, learn how can you go with your travel plans at different times of the year. Best places to visit in India right at your disposal!


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What is the summer season like in India? (End of March- July)

Frankly speaking, India can get really hot in summer, like really really hot.

Parts of India that lie in the equatorial region experience a high rise in heat during this time and even the regions above and surrounding them experience blazing heat waves taking over.

The temperatures during this time shoot up to as high as 40 to 50 degrees Celsius and do not decrease for a decent time span.

As a result of which many time travelers consider summers as a boon on their India travel dream. Probably the best time of year to visit India too.

Luckily, that’s not the case because you can enjoy the treasures of India without facing the scorching heat in summer too. If you are silently asking us how?

Then, listen to the voices in your head. We are sure that it will be calling out for a Mountain adventure.

Yes, you read it right, Summers are for mountain exploration and intrepid escapades in the land of the lost. Trust us; you will be in your high travel spirits during this time. Isn’t that a win-win situation? We bet it is.

Which Places To Visit At This Time On India Travel?

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This is one question that strikes the mind of every travel junkie when they are planning their avid summer tour in India.

If that’s your question too then the list is too long to even mention because there are n-number of places to visit in North and North-Eastern province in India that calls out for a visit. Visit India by virtue of this destination and see the magic happen.

Out of these limitless possibilities for your summer India travel the top places to visit in India are::

Mountain biking in Leh Ladakh

Trek through the tantalizing topographies of McLeod Ganj, Manali, and Valley of Flowers.

Sights of the cold mountain desert of Spiti Valley and Nubra Valley.

Spiritual hunt in Rishikesh, Badrinath, and Dharamshala.

Wildlife spotting while tracing the pugmarks of the Indian wildcats at Jim Corbett and Hemis National Park.

Chilled-out and relaxed stay at the various hill stations all around the country. Enjoy your time in Ooty, Coorg, Dalhousie, Shimla, Manali, and Nainital.

What to carry?

Wherever you are traveling to India in summer, just keep in mind to take light cotton clothes.

This is because they are light to carry and will suit every travel virtue you wish to go by.

If it’s the hill stations that you plan to visit, then, taking light pullovers and shawls will help you big time during the chilly nights.

Planning to go a little further towards the mountains? Then, pack some good jackets for your journey. Trust us; you will need them.


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When are the monsoons in India? How are they like? (June – September)

The monsoon hit the climate chart of India mid-June every year and lasts till September making it a blessing and a boon all at the same time.

On one hand topographies glows with the showers of nature, on the other unpleasant scenarios like delay of flights, hurdles in sightseeing, etc. can be faced by travelers.

If your vacations are coinciding with these dates, don’t worry. There are still many places in India that will suit your travel aspirations without these hassles.

Trust us; monsoon can turn out to be one of the best times to travel if you are under a budget and want to avoid tourist crowds.

We say that because many people do not visit India during monsoon, this paves a red-carpeted way for all the avid travelers to just slip in and enjoy the best of services at reasonable prices.

But that’s not all, nature is at its absolute best during this time and the climate is just too pleasant. Aren’t these enough reasons to get you there already?

Where To Visit In India?

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If you want your travel plans to not be drenched in the rain, be sure you travel up North to enjoy chasing the mountains in Ladakh. Or if not, then being a royalty will be not too far away either. The luxury places to visit in India are waiting for your arrival.

Trust us; it’s just right there waiting for you in all its glory and charm making it almost obsolete that it’s monsoon in India. All this and much more can be a part of your India travel. So, try not to miss this chance to visit these most tourist visited place in India during monsoons:–

RajasthanThe Ivory Desert Valley
Leh LadakhThe mountain heaven
Southern hill stationsMunnar, Coorg, and Ooty.
CherrapunjiTo witness the ferocity of the waters
Lahaul- SpitiThe ivory desert valley
Andaman and Nicobar IslandsThe haven of the ocean

We have mentioned this list to remind you that monsoon can turn your travel dreams the other way around. So, as much as you want to, try avoiding-

The coastlines: It’s hot, and humid and the beaches have no charm. Try avoiding the beaches as you will not be able to enjoy yourself to the fullest.

On foot treks in the Northern province: Rainfall is quite frequent during this time of the year. It not only makes the terrain tricky to cross but can sometimes create much bigger problems too.

What is the traveling to India checklist for the monsoon?

Visiting India during the monsoon involves a lot of preparation. It’s not too much work but yes, it needs planning. So, pack accordingly.

Most tourists visiting places in India will catch you by surprise with afternoon showers during the monsoon season.

That is why we suggest you carry a majority of synthetic clothes. (Note: Don’t carry too many synthetics if you are traveling to Rajasthan and such other places where rainfall occurrence is quite less.)

Carry raincoats and umbrellas if you need, else you can buy them locally at affordable prices. Carry your own water bottles and don’t forget to cover your technologies in plastic.

None of the above applies if you are traveling to Rajasthan. In that case, carry light cotton clothes, water bottles, and umbrellas for a different purpose.


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How are winters in India like? (November- March beginning)

The best time to visit India and therefore the tourist season in India knock on your doors from the month of November till the beginning of March.

This is when India has the most well-balanced climatic algorithm prevailing over each of its provinces. Thus, making it the best time to travel to India.

During this time, South, Central, and the flat parts of North India experience the best weather.

So, planning a trip during this time becomes a blessing in all forms except for the booking hassle. That’s because this best time of year to visit India gets jam-packed weeks or even months before its arrival.

If you like tourist buzz and meeting travelers from around the globe, then this will be the best time to visit India for you.

What Are The Best Places To Visit In India During This Time?

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Technically, you can pan each province of India during this time without thinking about the weather conditions.

You will experience different kinds of tourism taking over your travel fiestas.

So, hit any road and get all drenched in the heritage of this country because why not? The main highlights during this time of the year are:

If you want to travel to the most popular places on the best places to travel in India list then, visiting the royal state of Rajasthan and its beautiful golden grounds in Jaisalmer should be your priority.

If you want to visit the cultural side more than witness the emblems of architectural finesse then, traveling to Kutch and Bhuj will give you the goosebumps you desire.

For everything else, you have one of the wonders of the world Taj Mahal to always fall back to.

Kerala and Goa get a lot crowded during this time of the year. So, if you wish to avoid the hustle and bustle that goes on there, then, you can travel to other beach destinations of India instead.

Trust us; they are equally beautiful and mesmerizing.

If spirituality is your purpose of travel and you want to pamper your inner spiritual being, then, visiting the Buddhist circuitVaranasi and Tamil Nadu can help you put your spiritual self as a priority.

Temples tales in the North are very popular during this time and if you want your heart to go dive deeper into the divinity pool of this country then, the best of Madhya Pradesh in the company of Tigers is all that you need.

What To Carry?

Your travel backpack during this time of the year will need a specific item that will go with the places you wish to visit. For places in the South, his time is quite pleasant and moderate.

So, light pullovers for the nights and summer clothing for the daytime will help you through.

This applies to Rajasthan and Gujarat too. Carry an extra shawl for safety because the deserts are known for extreme weather conditions.

If you plan on going towards the North, then jackets, thick pullovers, woolen caps, and gloves will help you survive the night.

We are not talking about the plains but the hilly and mountainous regions here. Except for all that, carry your own water bottles.

A trip to India is a treasure that not everyone gets to cherish. It soothes the heart with its culture and redefines life for many. Isn’t it something to thrive for?

That’s why don’t miss an opportunity to be here at any time of the year. Find your perfect India tour itinerary with one of the Best Luxury India tour operators. Trust us; there always exists one at the places to visit in India despite all the seasonal barriers we talk about.

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