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Bharatpur Wildlife Sanctuary

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary in Rajasthan

Discerning readers, forget forts and museums. What if your morning soundtrack was a chorus of over 400 bird species? Imagine peeking out your window to witness a white-throated kingfisher. 

Might you think this is a scene from a National Geographic documentary?

We are taking you on a journey to a place where nature reigns supreme and luxury takes on a whole new meaning.

Oh, don’t forget your shutters, though!

From Royal Playground to Avian Paradise!

Believe it or not, Bharatpur’s rich history began not with bird watching but with hunting!

In the 18th century, visionary Maharaja Suraj Mal transformed the area into a network of lakes and lush vegetation, a perfect haven both for the birds and the occasional royal feast. 

Thankfully, the tide turned in the 20th century. By the 1970s, hunting was a thing of the past, and Bharatpur became a sanctuary. This fascinating twist adds another layer to the magic. Here, echoes of the past mingle with the calls of exotic birds, a testament to the Maharaja’s unwitting creation of a heaven for feathered beauty. 

Our journey through Bharatpur has only just begun. 

The Residents that make it a Birder’s Paradise!

Go grab your binoculars and cameras!We have entered the heart of the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary where each bird is a masterpiece in its own right. 

The Kingfisher’s Flash-

White Throated Kingfisher
PC: Rohit Varma

Imagine this: a burst of turquoise streaks across your vision, a flash of electric blue against the emerald canvas of the wetlands. This, dear readers, is the White-Throated Kingfisher. A dazzling jewel perched on a branch; its sharp eyes scan the waters for its next unsuspecting catch. 

Photographers, rejoice!

This little hunter is a master of the pose, offering endless opportunities to capture its vibrant plumage and laser focus.

PC: Aana Singh

Unlike its namesake, the Snakebird deceives not with venom but with its uncanny resemblance to a serpent. Its long, slender neck slithers sinuously above the water, waiting patiently for the perfect moment to strike a fish with its lightning-fast reflexes. 

Ornithologists, this one’s for you!

Observe the Snakebird’s masterful hunting techniques- its study of patience, precision, and natural camouflage. 

Cormorant bird known for diving skills
PC: Tapan Kumar Choudhary

A sleek silhouette against the dawn sky- that’s the Cormorant, a master of underwater acrobatics. Watch in awe as it plunges headfirst into the depths, its powerful wings tucked tight, emerging moments later with a wriggling fish grasped firmly in its beak. 

Wildlife enthusiasts, get ready for an aquatic ballet!

The Cormorant’s dives are a display of power and grace that will leave you mesmerised. 

Pond heron
PC: Tapan Kumar Choudhary

Elegance personified!

The Pond Heron stands poised on a submerged branch, its long neck forming a perfect S-curve. It waits with laser focus, like a statue coming to life, until an unsuspecting insect or small fish comes within striking distance. 

Photographers, this serene hunter is a master of stillness!

Capture its graceful form and laser focus as it blends seamlessly with the wetland environment. 

Black Winged Stilt
PC: Anshuman Mishra

Standing tall on its impossibly long red legs, the Black-Winged Stilt gracefully wades through the shallows. Its black and white plumage is a stark contrast to the vibrant greens and blues of the wetlands. 

Boy, is it a sight to behold!

Birdwatchers, this elegant wader is a true charmer. Look for its graceful movement and distinctive silhouette as it patrols the shallows for its next meal. 

Mesmerising beauty of Peacock
PC: Prateek Katyal

How could we go without mentioning the iconic Peacock in our list of Bharatpur birds?

This national bird of India is a true showstopper!

Imagine a majestic male, his tail feathers a kaleidoscope of blues, greens, and gold, fanned out in an elaborate display to woo a mate. 

Photographers, you are in for a treat!

This is your moment to capture the sheer grandeur and vibrant colors of this avian superstar. 

Dalmatian Pelican known for enormous beak
PC: Sumit Kumar

Standing tall at over 6 feet, the Dalmatian Pelican is a sight to behold. With its enormous beak and pre-historic charm, it waddles gracefully on land and soars effortlessly through the sky. 

Green panthers, keep an eye out for these gentle giants as they scoop up fish in their massive pouches. 

Purple Heron
PC: Aana Singh

Splash of color amidst the reeds!

The Purple Heron adds a touch of regality to the wetlands. Its long, slender neck and vibrant purple plumage make it instantly recognizable. 

Bird lovers, look for this elegant hunter stalking its prey in the shallows, it’s every moment a study in grace. 

Black - Rumped Flameback

Don’t let its shy nature fool you- the Black-Rumped Flameback is a true marvel!

This woodpecker’s crimson crest and jet-black back make it so photo-worthy. Wildlife photographers, we are looking at you!Listen to its rhythmic drumming on trees as it searches for insects- a rare symphony that echoes through the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary  , Rajasthan. 

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  1. Lohagarh Fort- Nicknamed the “Iron Fort”, Lohagarh Fort is a must-visit for any history buff. It was built by Maharaja Badan Singh in the 17th century. Explore the maze-like passages, chambers, and courtyards within the Fort. Enjoy the panoramic views of the surrounding landscape from its ramparts. 
  2. Government Museum Bharatpur- Step back in time at the Government Museum Bharatpur. This museum houses a vast collection of artefacts that shed light on the region’s rich history and culture. Admire sculptures, paintings, and weapons from the Mughal and Rajput eras. There is also a dedicated section for the flora and fauna of the region. 
  3. Lakshman Temple- This revered site, dedicated to Lord Rama’s brother Lakshmana, is believed to be around 400 years old. Admire the exquisite architecture and experience the tranquility that permeates the temple complex. 
  4. Deeg- Take a charming day trip to Deeg, a former royal town known for its architectural marvels. Explore the Mughal-inspired Deeg Palace, enjoy a scenic boat ride on the Gopal Sagar Lake, and lose yourself in the verdant embrace of the Balsamand Bagh. 

Q: How to reach the Sanctuary?

A: By Air- the nearest airport is Agra Airport (AGR) located about 56 km away. From there, you can hire a taxi or a cab to reach Bharatpur. 

 B: By Train- Bharatpur Junction Railway Station offers excellent connectivity to major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, and Agra. 

 C: By Road- Bharatpur is well-connected by road to nearby cities and towns. 

Q: How much time is enough to explore the Sanctuary?

A: Usually, 4 to 5 hours are enough. 

Q: Which season is best to visit?

A: For a valuable insight into the local bird life here, it is best to visit between the months of August and November. However, to catch the migratory bird species in transition, it is best to visit in the winter months, between October and February. 

Q: What else can I do here besides bird watching?

A: Explore the sanctuary on rickshaw rides, a traditional horse-drawn carriage experience. Visit the historical Keoladeo Ghana Temple. Take an elephant back safari or a jeep safari. 

Q: What are the other Indian wildlife sanctuaries I can visit?

A: Well, there are many. Take a look at our Indian Wildlife Tour page to get an idea.

Quick Tip- Pack binoculars, a camera with a good zoom lens, comfortable walking shoes, a hat, and sunblock for a truly enriching experience at the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

In conclusion, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is a symphony of nature waiting to be explored. Will you be the next discerning traveller to witness this avian paradise? 

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