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Exploring The Grandeur Of Bundi Rajasthan

Are you someone who prefers slow-paced travel that’s full of lesser-known places? Have you ever dreamt of visiting a place that looks like a page straight up from a fairytale book? Then Bundi might just win your heart over.

Standing tall against the ravages of time and often tagged as the ‘Chhoti Kashi’ of Eastern Rajasthan, Bundi is the best-kept secret of Rajasthan. It is located 36 km from Kota and is blessed by the beauty of the Aravalli range.

This sleepy little town is drenched in the glory of its old-world charm- the paintings, sculpture, forts, and impalpable culture. As a result, it can woo anyone, even the most difficult travelers. Don’t trust us? Read through, and we assure you that you will be booking your tickets to Bundi by the end of the blog.

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Places You Should Not Miss When You Are In Bundi

1. The Architecture Lorence Of Bundi

A. Bundi Palace- The Pride Of Bundi

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Quintessential Rajasthani architecture, beautiful lush green gardens, and interiors that can inspire artists and designers alike are some of the many things that should motivate you to put Bundi Palace on your list.

Often regarded as the mystical jewel of the city, the Bundi Palace is the perfect example of tradition and innovation. The palace’s construction is such that when you look at it from the top, the structure looks like it is hanging.

Here’s What Is So Special About Bundi Palace:

Bundi Palace boasts some of the most intricate works of early Rajasthani craftsmen and showcases best-in-class paintings from the most elite art schools in India.

Bundi Rajasthan’s most visited Chhatra Mahal, Phool Mahal ( the flower palace), Badal Mahal ( the cloud palace), and Hathi Pol ( Elephant Hallway) also find their home in the Bundi Palace.

However, what steals the spotlight is the palace’s Ratan Daulat or Diwan-i-Am, where one can see the revered white marble coronation throne and beautifully carved coaches.

If you thought that was it, then you are wrong. This palace also features the very beautiful Chitrasala, famous for its fascinating pavilions and gallery of miniature murals.

Why Visit Bundi Palace?

Bundi Palace is a treasure trove for art enthusiasts. If you fancy intricate murals inspired by other cultures ( in this case, China) and larger-than-life sculptures, then Bundi will not disappoint.

Location:Azad Fort, Bundi (adjacent to Taragarh Fort)
Entry fee:Rs. 80/-
Timings:8:00 am – 5 pm

B. RANIJI KI BAORI – The Queen’s Delight

Image Source

Raniji Ki Baori, or the ‘Queen’s Stepwell,’ is another architectural marvel you should visit on your trip to Bundi Rajasthan.

About 300 years old, this Baori was constructed by a queen, and today, it stands as the largest among the 50 baoris in the town.

Here’s What Is So Special About Raniji Ki Baori:

This structure is on our list because of its unique construction and design.

The Baori is a life-size pandora box. You visit it expecting nothing; however, when you enter its narrow doorway, you find yourself amazed by its brilliance and perfection.

The Baori showcases beautiful pillars, mammoth high-arched gates, and places of worship on each level carved with ogee bracket work. For the soul, you have the story of Rani Nathavati, the queen who constructed this beautiful testament of time. Folklore says she gave her son to the king’s first wife as she could not give birth to an heir.

Why Visit Raniji Ki Baori

Spend 1-2 hours in the Baori to savor history, click epic pictures, and enjoy lip-smacking Rajasthani street food.

Location:Nahar ka Chauhatta, Bundi
Entry fee:Rs. 50/- for one and Rs. 75/- for two tickets.
Timings:10:00 am – 5 pm.

C. SUKH MAHAL- The Pleasure Palace

Image Source

‘A palace that will evoke the philosopher in you- that’s precisely how we’d like to define Sukh Mahal.

The beauty, the setting, and the grandeur of this palace are such that it has inspired storytellers around the globe, including the legendary Rudyard Kipling. Yes, you read that right; Sukh Mahal was, in fact, the muse for some of the chapters in the novel ‘Kim.’ No wonder it is one of the most visited places in Rajasthan.

Here’s What Is So Special About This Palace:

Sukh Mahal lives up to its name, ‘The Pleasure Palace’; it offers the beauty of eastern Rajasthan and accords travelers peace and calmness.

It has the most sought-after setting, nestles on the lap of lush green hills, and overlooks the beautiful Jait Sagar Lake. The palace construction is done in such a manner that it appears the foundation is under the water. The palace is filled with Mughal-era paintings and boasts a thriving luxuriant garden.

However, its marbled dome-shaped pavilion on its second-story roof takes center stage for this destination. And we are not complaining!

Why Visit Sukh Mahal?

If you have a sweet spot for historical monuments minus the crowd that comes with it, Sukh Mahal can be your go-to place in Bundi.

Location:MDR 52, Teerath, Bundi
Entry fee:Rs. 20/-
Timings:9:45 am – 5 pm

D. TARA GARH- Where The Stars Collide

Another note-worthy structure you should not miss on your trip to Bundi is the Star Fort- Taragarh.

While this structure may not be as magnificent as some other forts and palaces in Rajasthan, it boasts of some of the early and best works of Rajasthani artisans.

The 16h century fort is dotted with several palaces and famous paintings, and even houses the famous ‘Miran Saheb ki Dargah.

Here’s What Is So Special About This Fort:

Taragarh Fort is a beige-colored wonder deemed the first hill fort in India. It sits at an elevation of 1426 feet, providing a birds-eye view of Bundi and adjoining towns.

Some of the striking features of the fort include Bhim Burj- a colossal reservoir etched out of solid rock, a huge cannon called Garbh Gunjam (Thunder from the Womb), and large water tanks.

Location:Nagpahari Hill, Bundi, Rajasthan, India
Entry fee:Rs. 25
Timings:9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Image Source

Are you a nature-loving folk who wishes to spot the striped beast out in the wild? Then Ramgarh Vishdhari Sanctuary will not leave you disappointed.

Recently accorded as India’s 52nd Tiger Reserve, this 45-acre sanctuary acts as a buffer to one of India’s most famous national parks- The Ranthambore National Park.

The Sanctuary is the maternity home for Tigers, so you can only imagine how easy it would be to spot tigers here.

People usually visit this Sanctuary between September and May to better understand rich biodiversity.

What Ramgarh Vishdhari Sanctuary Has To Offer?

Apart from a suitable tiger habitat, you will be able to see a number of animals, including the striped hyena, leopard, golden jackal, sloth bear, Indian wolf, nilgai, fox, and chinkara here.

Although the sanctuary lies a little outside the town (45 km to be precise), if you are in Bundi, Rajasthan, this place is definitely worth your time and money.

Want To See Some Less Touristy Destinations In Bundi Rajasthan?

Apart from mammoth structures, Bundi is also home to many gardens, artificial lakes, and ponds. Although these places might not sound as tempting as the ones mentioned above, they deserve your time for the sheer happiness they instill in your hearts. So, out of the many names, here are the ones you should not miss.


Image Source

Not so far from the Taragarh fort is the expansive and quaint Jait Sagar Lake.

This lake is the perfect epitome of beauty and serenity amid the lush greenery of Aravali Hills and is covered in lotuses.

Visit this place for its rejuvenating experience, unique elephant carving, and lotuses that bloom during the winter and monsoon season.


Have you ever wished to get transported into a different era? Then, you might not want to miss Kshar Bagh on your travel list.

Home to 66 artistic Cenotaphs, Kshar Bagh, pays homage to kings and queens of Bundi. While these Cenotaphs do not have any mortal remains of the rulers, many have Shivling built on them to showcase the royal family’s devotion to Lord Shiva.


Dabhai Kund is the most extensive artificial pond in Bundi, which is a testament to the heydays of the royal reign.

The magnificent carvings and the lake’s geometrical layout provide a great photo op. On your visit here, you will notice that every inch of this structure sings the story of the brave kings of Rajasthan, including Prithvi Raj Chauhan.

Don’t forget to hear all about him on your visit here.


Located at the east end of Chundi Market, these twin lakes were built in the 19th century and were earlier known as the Ganga Sagar and Jamana Sagar lake. Visit them on your way to Raniji Ki Baori to revel in the splendor that they have to offer.


Image Source

Best known for its half-submerged temple dedicated to Lord Varun Dev, Lake Nawal Sagar is another excellent attraction in Bundi.

The most striking feature of this lake is its reflection of other palaces.


If you are an avid-bird watcher who loves potting migratory birds, then Lake Kanak Sagar should be one of your destinations in Bundi Rajasthan.

People flock here to see the beautiful bar-headed goose and Demoiselle cranes throughout the year.

The only downside of this destination is that it is a little far away from the main town. Bundi is capable of winning hearts. Anyone who has visited it once keeps returning to relive its beauty and heritage. If you, too, wish to have Bundi in your next Rajasthan, don’t think twice. However, we have you covered if you need any help planning it. Request a quote now and talk to our experts to craft a perfect trip to Bundi


What Is The Best Time To Be In Bundi?

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Like every other place in Rajasthan, Bundi also experiences a significant influx of tourists during the winter season, i.e., between October and February. However, according to us, the best time to visit this place will be from October to April. We say that because while the most pleasant season to visit this place is the winter season, peace-loving travelers will find the post-tourist season more comforting in the town.

Avoid visiting the town during the Summer and Monsoon seasons.

1. Summers are majorly hot, with the mercury rising as much as 40-degree Centigrade.

2. Monsoon records medium to heavy rainfall in the town. Not suitable for tourists.

3. Winters are pleasant. The temperature in this season hovers between 9 to 24 degrees Centigrade.

Does Bundi Rajasthan Have Any Festivals?

Yes, Bundi Utsav, which takes place in November, is one of the most regarded festivals of Bundi Rajasthan. During these three days, tourists and locals come together to celebrate the town’s rich culture with activities, performances, and traditional events. So if you are all about the whims and fancies of Rajasthani culture, missing out on this festival would be a crime.

Sports activities, fireworks, unlimited food, and handicrafts are other exciting features of the event.

How To Reach Bundi?

By Air: Nearest Airport- Sanganer Airport (206 km away from Bundi)

By Train: Nearest Station is 4km south of the old city.

By Bus: You can reach Bundi easily by bus. Buses run regularly from Ajmer, Bijolia, Bikaner, Chittorgarh, JaipurJodhpur, Kota, Sawai Madhopur, and Udaipur. To Bundi.

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