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With the sun casting a pink glow and clouds like shadows over the mountains of Dhauladhar range, the view doesn’t get better. Dharamshala- the mini Tibet of India in the cradle of the Himalayas has time and again cast a unique sense of beauty and divinity among travelers and spiritual devotees from all walks of life. If a visit to this absolute heaven of a place isn’t enough to wake your inner spirits up, we don’t know what is. A valley could be so much more than just a plot of land is what will make you awe at its potential and timeless beauty.

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Dharamshala Cricket Stadium

Nestled within the cradle of Dharamshala, this iconic cricket stadium is one place where many international cricket matches have taken place and continue to do so. the azure of the sky, cool soothing breeze, and a colossal natural backdrop will make you a lover of this place.

St. John In The Wilderness

Imagine yourself under a canopy of trees shaded from the vast expanse of warm sunlight only to be a bit nearer to the lord. well, st. john in the wilderness gives you the luxury to be a part of this magnificent imagination in real life. this neo-gothic church in the mini Tibet of India is one of the most significant churches of Himachal pradesh and we’d like you to see why.

Gyuto Monastery

In the upper part of the city which is also called as MacLeod ganj, this monastery founded by one of the main disciples of the first dalai lama stands proudly. something for your curiosity? the monks here practice tantric meditation and tantric ritual arts. Buddhist philosophy is also studied here. hands down, the mini Tibet of India, isn’t it? in a vast and gorgeous expanse of the hills and fresh verdure of nature, this monastery is a sure shot treat to the eye!

Dal Lake

Set within the premises of lush greenery, rugged mountains, and deodar trees spread all around it, this lake is sheer beauty. Kangra at its finest boasts of Kashmir’s Dal Lake look alike. this quaint lake gives you the luxury of seeing a robust shiva temple from its banks. go ahead, camp at this place and wake up to a sunny fresh morning and a spectacular view of snow-capped Dhauladhar range.

Namgyal Monastery

Nestled among the himalayas this tibetan monastery is the largest tibetan monastery in india. home to some 200 monks and also their institution to learn Tibetan rituals, tantric meditation, and all things Buddhist this one is a beautiful edifice of spirituality in the arms of the mini Tibet of India. the dalai lama resides here and if that isn’t information enough to lure you into checking out its serene ambiance and spiritual aura, we don’t know what is.

Kangra Fort

Robust and proud is what it looks like standing in the hills of kangra valley. brace yourself for a time travel back in the era of royalty and pride if you happen to visit this rustic ruin. you’ll be surprised to know that it is one of the oldest forts in India and very much of a royalty back in the 4th century.
You’ll thank us for leading you to this magnificent sample of superior architecture.

Kangra Art Museum

Kangra art museum will be your one try to stop on your way to discovering local traditions and culture resting in the cradle of the mini tibet of India. exhibiting the best of handicrafts, artifacts, mural painting, and temple carvings done and mastered by the local people and a lot more is what it stands so proudly for. you’ll be mesmerized by the reflections of Tibetan and Buddhist culture.
We can’t guarantee that you’ll want to return to your journey ahead.
The charm of this place makes you stick to it.

Jwalamukhi Devi Temple

Travel in India is a colossal success if you get the luxury of visiting temples that speak volumes about the roots and cultures of Indian society. Jwalamukhi Devi temple is one such temple that will leave no stone unturned in mesmerizing you and possibly leaving you shocked with its unbelievable legend. a constant flame between the rocks keeps burning without failure in this indo-sikh architectural edifice. there is no idol because the flames are considered to be the goddess itself. we’re sure we’ve successfully intrigued you. go ahead, pay a visit.

Hanuman Tibba

Put your game face on if you are planning to trek all the way to the highest peak of the dhauladhar range. these snow-capped mountains will unfailingly take your breath away with their sheer beauty and serenity. your blood will be pumping so hard that your ears might feel as if they are ringing with the rush of adrenaline. what can we say? that’s the impression of this quaint and quintessential peak of magnificence.

Norbulingka Institute

Resting peacefully within the protection of serene and bold mountains of dharamshala, this institute unfailingly preserves the Buddhist art and culture within the ever so popular mini Tibet of India. every stone of this place speaks volumes about the beauty and sanctity of art are you a lover of authentic culture and traditions? well, this place is just the right destination for you to find yourself and discover the unbelievable capabilities of art in impacting human lives.



Celebrating the Tibetan new year is a massively significant thing to do in mcleod ganj during the month of February and march. the festivities take place with all the love and excitement.
Come to be a part of this spiritual journey and gala time.


So, this is basically what you’ll desperately need when traveling to dharamshala. this summer festival brags about numerous flavors of rich tea extracted from plush green tea plantations.
And it doesn’t even end there!

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