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Perched amidst the Himalayas in the north of India, this surreal capital city of Himachal Pradesh is one of its kind.
Lazy winds, sunny days, and trees swaying with the warmth of the breeze will be your greatest company in your travel. The frenzied chirping of various exotic birds and thin enchanting pink clouds of dawn and dusk will only make your travel an unforgettable one whilst exploring the Indian Summer Hill. Shimla is an abode of magnificence wrapped up in a fabric of colonial charm and medieval feel best explored on foot. So, put on your comfy shoes and march ahead with the resolution to cover every nook and corner of this historical wonder of a town.

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Ridge - A Stretch Of Serenity

Himalayan summer hill brags about a 12km long stretch adorned with mountain beauty on either side smacked right in the heart of the city. like every other person traveling to Shimla, you should check this place out. with colonial buildings on one side and a vast range of mountains on the other, this place is every bit picturesque.
Check it out for yourself!

Mall Road - A Shopper’s Paradise

Put on some comfy shoes and set out to march through the mall road shining every which way of things you’ll crave to buy. bask in the lazy breeze and once in a while maybe hit the stores lining up for oh-so-amazing traditional handicrafts, local outfits, and exquisite jewelry.
We did catch your attention now, didn’t we?

Indian Institute Of Advanced Studies - Knowledge Amidst The Beauty

Brace yourself for witnessing a Scottish architectural edifice that speaks for itself. this royal building houses an advanced research institute for scholars.
Science buffs, you hear that? a part of it is kept for an exhibition of royal goods and handicrafts. marvel at the beauty of this erstwhile summer house and maybe… just maybe channel your inner shutterbug and capture the beauty around it. the grass bed, the cobblestone path, and the lush green trees are picturesque in every sense of the world. Do you get where the name Indian summer hill came from? while you’re at it, shop for some postcards, maybe?

Jakhoo Temple - A World Away From The World

Believed to have been the place where hindu deity hanuman left his footprints, jakhoo temple is a true epitome of spirituality at its core. the vibes are just unbelievably good and what makes this temple even better is an incredibly gorgeous view of Shivalik.
Did you know that the idol of lord Hanuman here is the tallest in the world?
Spectacular, isn’t it?

Tara Devi Temple - Trek, Trail And Pray!

Indian summer hill is epic rich in heritage and pilgrimages. trek your way through to one of the most beautiful temples perched at the top of a hill.
Get mesmerized by the beauty of this edifice and bask in the summer sun, lazy winds and flowery trees. flip your hair and let the camera capture you.

Christ Church - Neo Gothic Marvel

One of the most significant landmarks of shimla this beautiful and surreal church emanates vibes of spirituality and positivity. up for a feel-good medieval-era experience?
This church built during the colonial era by the British is a neo-gothic wonder and very much capable of transcending you to somewhere back in the medieval era at night with all the lights and glass windows. you can’t miss out on this one.
Pull your cameras out for it’s your perfect postcard picture destination.

Shimla State Museum- The Abode Of Heritage

Art and culture fanatic, are you?
Well, this is just the right place for you then. with a spectacular exhibition of Himachali traditional handicrafts, contemporary art painting, mural painting, historic objects, wood carvings and you name it, this colonial-style build edifice is a treat to your eye.
A lush green garden sprawled all around it is something for your eyes to behold.
We care for you, hence, we make you meet with the best of destinations.

Johnny’s Wax Museum - A Conglomerate Of Art And StyleShimla-Toy-Train

In the sprawling indian summer hill, it is an understatement that it bodes well on the travelers. shimla has so much more in store for everyone.
Johnny’s wax museum is the town’s first wax museum to exhibit life-size wax statues of Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities along with popular political and sports personalities.
These 16 wax statues designed in London are a sure way to treat your eye to magnificence and charm.
Not missable!



Chail is a gift from the Indian summer hill to travelers who seek for peace 45kms away from the hassle of shimla. this spectacular hill station sprawled in greenery and surrounded by lush green deodar forests is every bit of a charming hiker’s paradise. go check out the world's highest cricket and polo ground and maybe click some pictures for a lifetime. also, don’t forget to unleash your inner wild child while you visit chail wildlife sanctuary.
Need some royal treatment? well, Chail Heritage Hotel is just your go-to place. with the royalty of the edifice and plush furniture smacked in the verdure of nature, this palace-turned hotel will grow on you.


Book yourself a nice warm stay at one of the cottages away from shimla into a perfect retreat for travelers like you.
The gushing stream through the valley, and pine and oak trees rustling in the mountain winds will be your undoing.
And this is just the beginning of what Mashobra has to offer you on your platter of travel. you’ll be tired by the time you leave for there is everything that aims at giving you a pump.
Get your adrenaline rushing and try some adventure sports for your heart.

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