So, if you have finally found you’re through the globe and landed in the beautiful paradise in the city of Kerala. It is, one of the most sought after holiday destination in South of India, well congratulations! 

As you will be discovering so much more from this beautiful place. Thiruvananthapuram or Trivandrum as it is called is the capital city of the southern paradise. The general population is extremely affable and the nourishment is mouth-watering, which makes it an area to mark off your voyaging list at the soonest. From the beautiful beaches to the scenic surroundings, exotic wildlife to the magnificent palaces, this holiday destination in South India is something you would not want to miss out.

And yes, apart from the amazing locations there are some various exciting things for you to do here. From enjoying a bike ride to having fun at the beaches the list is endless.

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Kuthiramalika Palace Museum

This gorgeous piece of art is something you would not want to miss. other than the rich gathering that it shows, this historical center is a commendable case of conventional travancore-style design.

Mind boggling wood carvings and unmistakable examples constitute a magnum opus of its sorts. it is worth seeing the overhanging storage rooms, column-lined patios, and inclining rooftops add to the restrictive look of the historical center.

The Space Planetarium

Positioned among the most adaptable planetariums in india, the priyadarshini space planetarium was opened to general society in 1994.

It is fitted with propel gear that permits the projection of the considerable number of constituents of the universe. get ready to entice your brain with the amazing learning about the earth and the tremendous universe that we as a whole are a piece of.

Thiruvananthapuram Zoo

The zoo has a wide exhibit of 35 types of animals, 28 types of exotic birds and 17 sorts of reptiles.

The zoo additionally houses greenhouses with more than 200 types of trees, a great many lovely plants, orchids and snake cultivate. how wonderful it would be to spend a lazy afternoon watching these beautiful creatures.

Chowara Beach

Settled on the fringes of the Arabian sea in Thiruvananthapuram district, chowara beach is arranged in around 10 km south of Kovalam.

The brilliant sands are encompassed by various coconut trees, which hide the presence of the angling town, a sanctuary, and an old church. beautiful watercraft are a typical sight to behold here.

Shanghumukham Beach

This beach is a perfect place for those looking for peace and tranquility. a long way from the buzzing about of the city, this place is known for amazing dawns and dusks;

Visit this shoreline is outstanding amongst other activities in Trivandrum the quiet environs and dazzling shoreline here is without a doubt excellent. go grab your swimwear, fast!

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