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Jaipur In India

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Jaipur In India – Window To The Royalty!

Travel to Jaipur, a world-class Indian destination that offers you the luxury of the unrivaled architecture, regal cuisine, and a labyrinth of pink-hued city streets. The crazy diversity in the food, handicrafts, and traditions promises to deliver a once-in-a-lifetime adventure through opulent Rajasthani culture. The majestic past of the city is like food for the traveler’s soul. The smiles of the local people are enchanting and you are made to feel at home. The ebb and flow of such paradox are what makes Jaipur in India an iconic and a must-visit travel destination. Come have the taste of this spectacular city of royalty.

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HAWA MAHAL (The Wind Palace) - A Breezy Affair

A five-storeyed honeycombed maze of a building built by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh, Hawa Mahal or the wind palace is a pink-hued architectural marvel. built for the ladies of the royal household in the past to witness the procession in the streets, this gorgeous building is a distinctive landmark. centered right in the middle of the city it is your place to bask in the grandeur of a windy world.

THE CITY PALACE – Royalty To The Present Day!

Smacked right in the middle of the old city, the city palace is the home to a royal family to this day. it is a grand complex of courtyards, gardens, and palaces.
This palace is an exquisite blend of Rajasthani and Mughal architecture. the city palace was the residence of the maharaja in the past. weaving its history with the history of Jaipur in India, the city palace is an exuberant and priceless possession of indian heritage.

JANTAR MANTAR – Measuring The Heaven!

The jantar mantar is basically an instrument of calculation with bizarre geometrically sculpted rocks around it. it is a UNESCO world heritage site and stands proud through the ravages of time. it surprisingly tells you the time of the day by calculating the position of heavenly bodies. the Jantar Mantar is a gorgeous amalgam of science, art, and religion.
Wondering why such a peculiar name?
The name is derived from the Sanskrit word, “yantra mantra” which means “instrument of calculation”. there you go! curiosity satisfied.

THE CENTRAL MUSEUM – The Priced Possessions!

Jaipur in India will never tire of boasting of spectacular cultural amalgams. the central museum is a striking example of English and North Indian architecture combined in one. opened in the year 1887, this marvelous museum hosts art in its prime version. architectural sculptures, paintings, royal handicrafts, tribal dresses, and the list goes endless. an Egyptian mummy showcased in the museum is one of the striking attractions.


Traveling to jaipur soon? chokhi dhani will be awaiting your presence in its super ethnic village. chokhi dhani is the perfect mirage of indian roots. Laden with countryside games, folk dances, magic shows and even puppet shows, it offers you a ride through opulent rajasthani culture and life. the traditional food that you’ll get to taste here is so delish that we can’t be doing justice if we sit to explain it. The splendor and the idea of this ethnic rajasthani resort village fall precisely with the local village setup.
you can’t miss it if you travel to jaipur. remember!
chokhi dhani welcomes you to the land of culture and history.

THE AMER FORT – The Iconic Indo-Mughal Marvel

This iconic fort showcases the perfect blend of indian and mughal architecture. located 11 km from jaipur in a town called amer, this stunning fort is a brilliant epitome of the opulence of maharajas back in the time. overlooking the maota lake, this historical marvel will give you sheer bliss while glowing in nature’s beauty. the tourism of rajasthan has begun providing nights tours and we don’t know if anything can be better. the certain sense of tranquility while roaming the corridors of the palace under the night lights will be an unnerving experience. hooked to the beauty of this extravagant fort, you’ll get the right feels of the old times.


The stunning nahargarh fort overlooks the city from a ridge and is one of the most spectacular attractions of the “pink city”. named after a prince who allegedly haunted the site while being constructed, this fort is an epitome of sturdiness. the best way to reach this beauty of a heritage is by traditional local cycle rickshaws. the nahargarh fort is the true reflection of rajasthani enigma right from the rickshaw rides to basking in the royally historical grandeur.



The beautiful galta temple is an iconic destination for religious minds and people seeking calm. located about 10 km from jaipur, this stunning temple is renowned among the locals for its 7 hot springs. surrounded by the hillocks, this temple is ethereal. the cow shaped rock called gomukh is the main attraction of this shrine.


Jaipur in india offers places in abundance for the nature lovers. chandlai lake is one of the less visited places but in reality, this beautiful lake will be your perfect escape from hustle and bustle. the calm and the tranquility found here is very much capable of making your heart skip a beat. located 2 km away from jaipur on kota highway, do not forget to visit this lake and you can thank us later.


“Gaitore ki chhatriyan” is the place for where the royalty is cremated. to honor the valor and the chivalry of rulers in the past, this place was built. situated near to the amber road, this royal cremation ground is an architectural beauty

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