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Jaisalmer in India, “The Golden City” of Rajasthan, is an epitome of surrealism. Surrounded by the mighty Thar Desert, it is a stunningly beautiful place. The still-inhabited massive fort with peculiar alleyways is the biggest attraction. Well, the camel rides will just add up to your adventure! With a story beneath every rooftop, ridge, and yellow sandstone building, Jaisalmer speaks volumes of rich culture and opulent traditions. From a unique village setup to a windy desert experience, you’ll live through it all here. Good food, excellent handicraft, undaunted spirits of local people, and creased smiles of folk artists will lure you into an enchantment that is going to be inked on your soul for life.

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Jaisalmer Fort - The Golden Camouflage

The massive fort with crazy alleyways inhabited by 4,000 people still to the present is sure to surprise you. are you a morning person? well, we insist you be. this magical sandcastle is beautiful in real during sunrise when it gets camouflaged in the golden aura of nature. we can’t think of a better way to justify the name, ‘the golden city”.

Gone With The Wind! - Sam Sand Dunes

Well, who doesn’t love to flip their hair in the wind and act like a movie star amidst the beautiful desert! The perfect camping destination and a stunning piece of earthly beauty, the Sam sand dunes are unforgettable. The sheer brilliance of the golden desert and super-crazy camel rides are going to be your ultimate salvation. For all those who love to hit the shutter, this place will give you magical astro vibes at night. Go ahead, shoot!

Stop To Shop! Jaisalmer Market

Be it ethnic hand embroidered wall hangings or the world famous camel leather from this place, Jaisalmer in india is the best host. if you tell us that you don’t like shopping, we’re just gonna shoo that rubbish information away. there isn’t any chance that Jaisalmer is going to let you leave before pampering you with all these massive hits.

Jain Temples

The famous jaisalmer fort is home to brilliant dilwara style jain temples. the ultimate beauty of these temples lies in the intricately carved walls depicting hermits, gods, and nature’s gift of animals. this place is a must-visit. take your cameras out to capture the soul of India before you go back.

Patwon - Ki - Haveli - The Royal Wonder

The first ever built haveli in Jaisalmer, patwon – ki – haveli is an artistic wonder. The mirror work on the ceiling and the carving on the walls is the biggest attraction. And guess what!
You’ll be in for adventure 5 folds. Why?
Because this haveli isn’t a single lonely haveli. You’ll have the luxury to witness 5 vibrant homely structures within

Windy Windmills

6 kilometers from the city center lies India’s largest operational onshore windmill farm. this farm is a sheer beauty and an epitome of the brilliance of science. a wide stretch of land which is quite to satisfy your scientific curiosities.

On Cloud 9, Are We? - Tazia Tower And Badal Palace

The best of Islamic architecture, badal palace will give you the chills and feels of being among the clouds and the tazia tower that emerges from within it is a surreal beauty. ready to take the hang of this 5 story tower? you’ll be in for a crazy share of amazement.



A three-day event organized by the rajasthan tourism development corporation in the month of february, it is the perfect host that celebrates life and love amidst the beauty of sam dunes. loaded with camel rides, gymnastic stunts and colorful traditional swings being the main attraction it is the perfect annual extravaganza.


Jaisalmer has never lagged behind in celebrations. this 18-day event is celebrated with endless fun, enthusiasm, and frolic. wish to go through the depth of Indian culture? you’ll be in the right place. witness for yourself the super crazy enthusiasm and celebration of traditional people.

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