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Sawai Madhopor/Ranthambore in Rajasthan, India

Rajasthan in India is full to the brim with some historically rich and culturally opulent destinations of India. It is safe to say that Sawai Madhopur is definitely one massive hub for Tiger safaris in India.

Pristine forts, serene temples, royal palaces, and the wildest of the wild national parks are its star attractions. Go for a jungle safari, camp out in the wild, or go for bird watching in the verdure of nature under the azure sky. Every stone, every rock, and every tree speaks of the grandeur of nature at its best here. Sawai Madhopur is quintessential on its own. This gateway to Ranthambore is a special wild in the calm of the deserts of Rajasthan. Tie your seatbelts for you will be on a journey to bring out the wild one in you.

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Activities to do In Sawai Madhopor

Traveling To A Destination And Being A Part Of Its Ongoing Festivals And Celebrations Is Something That Every Traveler Wishes For. Well, Let Us Shed Some Light On The Festivals And Gala Celebrations That Take Place In This Town For You.

Jogi Temple – Beauty Among The Lilies

Beautifully built at the banks of padam talab and canopied by dense trees among the soft lilies of the lake, this temple is a treat to your eye. also, one of the best hunting spots owing to the lake that is brimming all year round in contrary to the dry ranthambore forest.
Eat, pray and love, folks!

Ranthambore National Park – Tiger Safaris And Much More!

If you’re thinking that this would be it then you might be a little wrong, folks. Ranthambore National Park will undoubtedly give you the luxury to go for a tiger safari or two but more than that, it will give you so much more. this jungle chaos hemmed by ridges all around has Ranthambore Fort smacked right in the middle of it. ruins in the wild, eh? former hunting ground, this national park has more than 300 species of birds. birdwatching in Sawai Madhopur gives all the due credit to this place. come, walk around and let yourself be a free spirit of nature.


Bansidhar Newatia Haveli

Travel in mandawa is your fairy tale version of travel in one charming hub of art and culture. among the many massive havelis, Bansidhar Newatia haveli is a charming one. the highlights of this haveli are the Wright brothers’ maiden flight and a European making a phone call. adorned with stunning art representations, this haveli should be a must-visit on your bucket list.


Mandawa tour gives you the very essence of incredible india. there’s definitely nothing better than being a part of a major celebration if you are visiting this place at all. january is your time, folks. talbelia festival will give you the time of your lives. this 4-day event is jam-packed with out of the box musical performances, art exhibition and… and.. and.. gastronomical high.
Caught your attention, didn’t it?? well, you happy souls, go ahead and make memories. sway to the rhythm of the music, bang your heads and eat like there’s no tomorrow.


Held in the month of January this festival takes as a parade begins from the mighty Junagadh fort. the cheers and the wonder on the faces of people will make you want to capture it all through your lenses and keep it safely tucked in your memories for life

Surwar Lake – Birdwatching In India At Its Zenith

At a distance of 14 km from sawai madhopur, this lake is one of the most popular destinations for the travelers and the photographers. bird watching in Sawai Madhopur successfully comes to you and your lenses behind the shutters at this place with numerous species of migrating birds.


At a distance of about 103 km from Sawai Madhopur Dausa is one of the places that should definitely be on your bucket list. Mehendipur Balaji Temple and Abha Neri Stepwell are two of the most popular destinations in Dausa.
O, don’t just stick to sawai madhopur, rather travel all around and we promise, you won’t be disappointed.

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