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A true beauty of a place surrounded by Aravali Hills, Udaipur in India will get under your skin. The lake Pichola overlooking a beautiful water palace hotel will soothe your soul. The 11 palaces built by Maharana Pratap will take you on an adventure through time and royalty. And trust us, it doesn’t stop there! Ever dreamt of a royal wedding? Extravagance at its best and ambiance so royal that you breathe class? Well, if Udaipur isn’t the place for you- no other place is. From tummy-satiating food to oh–so–manly love for vintage automobiles, one can never get enough of this place that reeks of opulence, wealth, and royalty. This incredible amalgam of ethnicity and novelty is one true romantic getaway. If all these reasons are not enough to lure you into the city of lakes, then we can’t think of what is.

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A Royalty Among Royalty - The City Palace

The city palace in Udaipur is one of the most splendid examples of historic royalty located on the east bank of lake pichola. with Aravalli mountains giving it a serene and beautiful background, this palace is iconic in every relatable aspect.
Don’t these old and royal heritages make you curious just by looking at them? the city palace is an extravagant affair of Rajasthani, European, Chinese, and Mughal architecture!
This stunning example of architecture was built over 400 years ago by the rulers of Mewar. we’re sure you will be pleading to stay a little longer just to stare at the stunning intricate mirror work, mural paintings, and everything else that a sight would appreciate. brace yourselves to witness extravagance and beauty at one true stop.

A Palace On The Ground Is Mainstream. Well, A Palace On Water? Surrounded By A Gorgeous Lake? Could You

A palace on the ground is mainstream. well, a palace on water? surrounded by a gorgeous lake? could you really ask for more? isn’t it a free ticket to a perfect royal fairytale?
The Lake Palace is basically a high-end hotel owned by the Taj group of hotels. a white wonder to the core, this palace hotel will give you mystical vibes of royalty, beauty, and opulence when you stand by the window taking in the gorgeous view of the lake outside. Women all over these days dream of a perfect fairytale wedding. we promise you there’s no other place that can justify your big dreams of a stunning destination wedding. isn’t that gonna be the best bargain of your life? thank us later, pretty ladies.

A Venetian Experience – Jag Mandir

Jag mandir in Udaipur is an exquisite lake garden palace floating as an island on the lake pichola. the palace reeks of wealth and it would be an understatement to call it opulent. Jag Mandir was the royal summer resort for hosting parties by the royal families. isn’t that enough to lure you into spending a night here amidst the coffee shops and the breathtakingly gorgeous palace rooms? we love sunsets. period. Who doesn’t? and if it wasn’t for the mind-boggling sight of a sunset to behold here, we wouldn’t have insisted you stay overnight. The perfect blend of Aravalli hills and the orange-hued sky reflecting on the lake makes you crazy with awe.
Set foot into this majestic island and dance to the rhythm of surreal beauty

Temple Trailing Is A Must – Jagdish Temple

Udaipur in india boasts of a myriad of architectural wonders. is a trip to India ever complete without visiting a few famous temples? absolutely not! india is known for stunning temples and this one in Udaipur is a beauty in itself. intricately carved sculptures of gods and men are the alluring factors of Jagdish temple. Set 50ft above ground it is a sight to behold. the magnificence radiates through the aura of this temple. get ready to soak in the holy beauty.

Patwon - Ki - Haveli - The Royal Wonder

The first ever built haveli in Jaisalmer, patwon – ki – haveli is an artistic wonder. The mirror work on the ceiling and the carving on the walls is the biggest attraction. And guess what!
You’ll be in for adventure 5 folds. Why?
Because this haveli isn’t a single lonely haveli. You’ll have the luxury to witness 5 vibrant homely structures within

Mystical Water – Lake Pichola

There is something extremely unnerving about splendid and ethereal sunrises and sunsets. to be a witness to them on the fine banks of a lake would be an understatement if called beautiful. lake Pichola is practically surrounded by iconic palaces, stunning hotels, mesmerizing temples, windy sunny hills, and mystical ghats for visitors. if that doesn’t add up to its appeal we don’t know what does. bathe in it or sit by the side and enjoy the wonders of god’s own nature, whatever floats your boat. We promise you one hell of an experience that will leave your hearts fluttering like a butterfly.

Lake All The Way! – Lake Fateh Sagar

Another addition to the watery feels. the second lake in the city collection, Lake Fateh Sagar is bestowed with magical powers to lure you into coming to it. do you know what’s the most interesting thing about this one? it is home to 3 massively mesmerizing islands. and it doesn’t end there! you get to reach them on a super fun boat ride. there’s a park, a beautiful fountainhead and wait for it!

High Gardens To The Rescue - Sahelio Ki Bari

Also known as the courtyard of the maidens, this garden is a beautiful amalgam of lotus pools, elephant-shaped fountains, and pavilions made out of white marble. the royalty of this garden speaks a thousand words. to satiate your curiosity about its history we will tell you why it was made. Sahelio ki bari was made for 48 young women attendants sent along with the princess to Udaipur as a part of the dowry. it is set under the Fateh Sagar Lake and its embankment. what makes it cool? It has a Vigyan Kendra or a science center to calm down the little scientists inside all of you.
A trip to this garden will be a sure shot enchanting experience, we promise.

Art Eventually Finds A Way To Your Hearts – Bhartiya Lok Kala Mandal

It’s never too late to live the culture and traditions through art and Bhartiya Lok kala mandal in Udaipur is the best place to do so. reviving the fold culture, music, dance, and other art forms of Rajasthan, madhya pradesh, Gujarat, and many other proud Indian states, this place is a blessing to the entire cultural community of our nation. you can’t miss the opportunity to witness some of the finest artists now, can you?
Get ready to roll.



Udaipur has never lagged behind in celebrations. The 18-day 8-day event is celebrated with endless fun, enthusiasm, and frolic to welcome the spring. a procession takes place that heads to Lake Pichola. wish to go through the depth of Indian culture? you’ll be in the right place. witness for yourself the super crazy enthusiasm and celebration of traditional people. oh, you can’t just sit here in front of your screens and read about. Shoo! go and witness this lovely event for yourself. thank us later, peeps.


Our hearts will forever love celebration. Shilpgram is a tiny crafts village near Lake Fateh Sagar and hosts a 10-day event annually to showcase the raw and astoundingly pure talents of Rajasthani artists and craftsmen. the exquisite presentations of houses from Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Goa are beyond perfect and that little artist in you that we talked earlier about, is going to go crazy hopping from one to another in delight. Brace yourselves because that’s our little promise.

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