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Elefantastic In Jaipur.

Let’s Get The Ball Rolling, Shall We? 

At the crack of dawn, you wake to the mellifluous trumpets of the gentle giant. As you go up to the door, you are greeted a Good Morning by your EleFriend; its adorable brown eyes ask you to be its partner-in-mischief. 

Your joy just by reading this must know no bounds, eh? 

Well, at EleFantastic, this is a regular day. 

India has a concord kinship with these gentle giants. India homes around 50 to 60% of Asia’s wild elephants and about 20% of the domesticated elephants. Safe to say, our country is of pristine significance for the species’ survival. 

An India without these tuskers is inconceivable! 

Elephants are strongly associated with religious and cultural heritage, vital in Indian history, traditions, and royal legacy. From the Magadha dynasty in the 6th century BCE to Mahabharata, these huge beasts have perpetually been seen to champion warfare, diurnal lives, and auspicious occasions. They remain revered today. 

What an incredible legacy! 

On the hind side, the elephants in India have been facing issues like habitat loss and human-elephant conflict. Concern for the treatment of these creatures gave birth to Elefantastic Sanctuary in 2012. 

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Image source: Rahul – Elefantastic

In a nutshell.  

  • Elefantastic Elephant Sanctuary is a unique conservation project and elephant rehab center in Jaipur, Rajasthan. 
  • Enjoy manifold fun daytime and nighttime activities with your Elefriends! 
  • Besides Asian elephants, it is home to other small birds and animals. 
  • Paradise for wildlife and elephant lovers. 
  • A one-of-a-kind window into the habitat and habits of these smiling tuskers. 
  • Explore the Pink City of India.  

Back in 2012, Elefantastic breathed its first. 

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Image source: Rahul – Elefantastic

Elefantastic Elephant Sanctuary is a unique conservation project and an elephant rehabilitation center in JaipurRajasthan. Their mission is to safeguard and conserve elephants in a natural environment and to provide them with a healthy and fruitful life. Founded in 2012 by a former elephant rider, Rahul Choudhary, Elefantastic is an Indian travel organization that offers outbound travelers to India made with warm hospitality, prismatic geography, lip-smacking supper, kaleidoscopic culture, innate spirituality, charming souvenirs, photogenic chaos, and a fondness towards animals. 

Elefantastic Elephant Farm is a fascinating educational farm established to support the elephants’ mahouts and owners, mostly from low-income families. This farm homes 23 female elephants and one male. But this sanctuary doesn’t constrict itself to elephants. Several birds and smaller wild animals also find a safe space here. 

Here education meets fun! 

Aiming to garner visitors with an immersive experience, they provide overnight tent stays and luxury dine-in experiences. If it is your first time in India, you will fall head over heels for the delectable home-cooked Indian vegetarian meal served with a scintilla of authentic Indian hospitality. 

So what’s holding you back? 

A first-hand all-sensory experience amongst the world’s largest land mammals is up for grabs! 

Buckle-up merriment awaits! 

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Image source: Rahul – Elefantastic

Fun-filled activities in the Land of Elephants include interacting with the Mahouts. Conversing with the mahout of respective elephants to learn about the wherewithal of their hardships, circadian responsibilities, and how they maintain their valued jumbo buddies. Rest is categorized into- 

Daytime Activities. 

1. Meet and greet- The first contact is always important! It lays the foundation for a cordial bond. At first, you must let them catch your smell. Make them feel comfortable by gently stroking and conversing with them while looking into their eyes. 

2. Feeding your Elefriend- ‘A way to anyone’s heart is through the stomach’ and how! Know what’s the easiest way to gain their trust? Through feeding! While you comprehend a coherent understanding of their dietary patterns, you also get to feed them. Sounds fun, right?

3. Painting on them- The colors are completely natural and used to paint the thick elephant skin. We use safe organic stone colors. Is painting, not your strongest suit? Worry not! We are here to help. 

4. Take a stroll with your Elefriend- Instead of elephant rides, you can opt for an alternative experience at Elefantastic. You get to walk with the elephants in the town of Amer. Not only will this raise awareness towards elephant welfare, but your EleFriends will also love you. 

5. Shower time- In the late afternoon, they let you and your new buddy wash and scrub together. You can sit on the elephant’s back during the shower while the smiling tusker sprays water from her trunk on you. I bet you are immensely excited reading this! So are we to have you here on this wholesome experience! 

6. Time to feast- We are sure you must be starving by the end of the day. We got you. In the land of Rajputana, bless your tastebuds with a luscious home-cooked vegetarian meal. Needlessly, proper hygiene and safety are maintained. This experience gives you a chance to savor a slice of India and its hospitality. 

Nighttime Activities.  

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Image source: Rahul – Elefantastic

7. Luxury dine-in experience- The camping experience includes an enchanting opportunity of dining with your elefriend under the stars. Swapping a banana will surely seal the deal. Sharing is caring, no?

8. Walking and stargazing- A post-dinner stroll with your dear pal is all you need! Relishing the fine breeze, gaze at the ethereal night sky. A perfect end to an Elefantastic evening! 

9. Overnight stay in a tent- a tent stay at the sanctuary, with your Elefriend sleeping just outside. The world’s largest land mammal is there to keep a watch. 

Yes! As dreamy as this may sound, it is the reality in Pink City

What is the catch? Well, there are none. 

If you are on the Golden Triangle Tour of India, Jaipur must be your last city. Spare a day at least in Elefantastic? 

A wholesome experience awaits! 

OK, But Why Elefantastic? 

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Image source: Rahul – Elefantastic

Have you heard of Animal-assisted therapy? Yes, it is proven effective in reducing depression symptoms and other grave mental health situations. Well, this is readily practiced in the West, but in India, it’s scarce as a hen’s teeth. 

Not anymore! 

Elefantastic brings you elephant therapy like no other!

Meet your plump pal up close; you could feed her, feel her, bathe her, and give tight warm hugs. 

If you are a wildlife fanatic or an elephantophile (someone who loves elephants), Elefantastic Sanctuary should be on your bucket list! 

 Here each elephant is loved, prioritized, and taken wonderful care of, so much so that the mammals reflect the same to every new human friend they make. 

Watch the daily life of the elephants- Here, the main attraction is to present an actual picture of the daily life of elephants to you. You get to witness what they do right from the beginning of the day, how they shower and cool themselves, and are cared for with utmost love and dedication by their respective mahouts. 

Elefantastic offers you a unique way of elephant riding like no other. The highly skilled elephants are ready to take you on their backs and pose for a photo or two upon riding on their back. The best part is taking a cool shower with the elephants when they wash their trunks. 

Besides the fun element, your visit helps the farm offer financial support to the owners and mahouts of elephants which is the key mission of this Elephant Farm. 

Also, there is a mixed picture with regard to elephant conservation and welfare issues in India. Contribute to Elefantastic Elephant Farm in making a bigger difference and providing for conservation efforts. 

Elefantastic also allows you to support and adopt your Elefriend if you are satisfied with the treatment the elephants get here. 

Wow, that’s quite some reason to visit, eh?

Let’s Take A Dip Into The Pink Silhouette Of Jaipur!

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Image source: Rahul – Elefantastic

Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan, is a gateway to India’s most flamboyant state. If you are in this colorful city, spare a day or two and delve into the chaotic streets smothered with archaic and contemporary architecture, leisurely cycle-rickshaw rides, unique experiences, and smiling souls. 

All this and more will make you feel like a royal figure yourself!  

If India is a unique place in Rajasthan adds a unique flavor to this country. A beauteous blend of immaculate history, splendid culture, spectacular monuments, palatable delicacies, and unforgettable attractions. 

Check out nearby attractions like the Museum of Legacies, City Palace, Jantar Mantar, Raj Mandir Cinema, Hawa Mahal, Amber Palace, Albert Hall Museum, and so on. 

Take a walk by yourselves or with your dear Elefriend around town. Experience the amiable souls of the Rajasthanis while on a quest to unravel the regality and opulence of the bygone era! 

With An Heavy Heart, It Is Time To Bid Your Buddy A Farewell!  

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Image source: Rahul – Elefantastic

Away from your hustle and bustle, we invite you on a pursuit to pacify your mind, body, and spirit here in the warm laps of Elefantastic Elephant Farm in Jaipur, Rajasthan. This awe-inspiring farm offers myriad scopes of education and entertainment to everyone, regardless of age. 

Are you looking for an ideal getaway to spend quality time with your loved ones in Jaipur? Elefantastic is just the resort for you! 

Besides the trumpets of elephants, you are welcomed by the dulcet chirps of the small birds and the symphony of other animals homed on this farm. 

Jaipur, the Pink City of India, is a nest to magnificent travel destinations, and Elefantastic Elephant Farm is one of them. If you are on a Golden Triangle Tour of India, add this wildlife haven to your itinerary! Explore the nooks and corners of this winsome city and spend a day or two with an elephant upon visiting the Elefantastic Sanctuary. For kids, this would be a perfect place for practical education on humankind-animal kind coexistence, and they are sure to develop feelings of empathy, nurturing, and selflessness. 

One common factor between them and us is our watchword- ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ which loosely translates to ‘Guest is God.’ We have been blessed to have guests who genuinely swear by the experience we provide them. 

Padharo sa… Welcome!

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