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Luxury Tour Operators to India: How to Choose One!

What image crosses paths with your notion spree when you think of luxury travel in India? Is it the image of you living in the magnificent palaces of Jodhpur? Or do you see yourself floating in the backwaters of Alleppey on a houseboat? Close enough, eh? Whatever this image is, we are sure that it is going to leave a joyous reverence of India in your heart. Well, that’s the beauty of this nation.

Planning a luxury holiday in India soon? Then, we are sure you must be on the hunt for the best travel agents of the niche. By now you might have realized that there are too many fish in the sea. Plus, getting your hands on the best luxury tour operator in India is a tedious affair for many reasons. Need a hand? Want to know about all these reasons? If yes, then, we can give you some insight on what you should look for when selecting your luxury tour operator to India. Well, we promised to have your back remember? So, pull out a pen and a sheet of paper because all these points will definitely come in handy while choosing your travel agent in this land of colossal diversity. Let’s get started!

1. First Thing First, Shortlist Companies On The Basis Of Their Target Audience

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Note: Before everything else, it is imperative for you to decide how you want to travel to India. Deciding beforehand whether you want to travel in big groups or alone or with family can come as a deal breaker on your search for a luxury tour operator in India. Is this picture clear in your head? Very well then! Now it’s time to shortlist travel agents.

Why is it important you ask? Well then, imagine drafting the perfect itinerary with every tiny detail, comprising everything that you ever wanted from your dream trip to India. Later on, after all the efforts, you realize that the company you’ve been putting your bets on doesn’t cater to you. This can be with respect to group size, age bracket of the travel group, or luxury in general. Won’t it be a setback then? So, doing your homework well on the travel company you are opting for, is one vital key to the treasures of luxurious India.

Disclaimer! Many luxury tour operators offer luxury travel as part of their travel expertise. Well, if you are investing so much time, effort, and money into one trip, we suggest you choose the ones with a good repo on the niche. This brings us to point number two!

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Opting for luxury and not looking out for the best brands in the business? Well, that’s a big fat no already as you cannot trust anybody with your travel and especially safety. So, cross-checking the brand’s reputation is your next big step in finding the best luxury tour operator in India.

Don’t know how to start exploring this window? It’s simple, just open any forum dedicated to luxury traveling. Needless to say, angry clients do leave feedback. Although, you will not be always lucky to find everything served to you on the very first page of the search engine. Believe us one day pain is nothing in comparison to a bad trip. So, explore every corner of the web. We are sure you will find something or the other to concrete your decision.

3. Look For Cost Efficiency And Flexibility

Who doesn’t want a unique travel experience in India? But when that comes into play, the constraints of cost and flexibility might doom all your travel dreams. So, make sure that you select a luxury travel agent that offers both. Well, you don’t have to go too far for that as you can request a quote here at The Grand Indian Route. Don’t worry, we have it covered.

Flexible tours will open the window of traveling on your own terms with constant support from your travel agency. We think, there is no better way to put it and no better way to take a trip to India if not like this, isn’t it?

Note: By budget, we don’t mean a cheap tour. No! What we mean is to get a luxury travel agency that will give you value for money and to be honest that should be your first priority.

4. Take A Trip With A Travel Agency That Has Strong Ground Support And Local Guides

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The star marks this point as it is the most vital component of our list.

To be honest, in a country like India, the world’s best tour operators may also sometime lack good ground support and local guides. Furthermore, to be honest, going back in time is a complete bummer without a knowledgeable travel guide. Also, when you talk about luxury tours specifically, missing out on good ground support that will help you live in the gist of the region, can come as a bummer to anyone. So, make sure your luxury tour operator is ranking quite high on the local ground support. This effort will compensate for any discrepancies later on.

How to discover that? Usually, travel agencies mention it loud and clear on their website like it is on The Grand Indian Route website. If in any case, you are not able to find relevant information, you can always call customer care at any point to ask. If they don’t reply clearly, you know what to do. Sparing a few minutes for a lifetime of memories sounds like a good deal to us, what about you?

5. Invest Your Time On A Luxury Travel Agency That Shares Your Travel Vision

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Let your vibe attract your tribe! Well, at least a travel agent thinks similarly :P.

Why is that important you ask? Well, to put it in the best way possible, there are numerous amazing tourist places in India spanning the diverse landscapes of the country. So, choosing the right trip for yourself with the right elements becomes imperative. How? Well, suppose you are on your luxury tour to India. You want to experience the royal hues of the country with a tint of adventure sports. For you it is simple, but your travel agent should share the same vision for your iconic trip to India to be a success. So, instead of investing your time and efforts describing an operator in India again and again about what you want, find one that connects with you the moment you commence the conversation. It will help you big time!

6. Transparency Is The Key!

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Will you ever want to travel with a company that is quite shady about its policies? No right? So, look out for such whitewashed travel agencies that can cause a blunder on your trip later on.

If you have followed the above points in strides, then we are sure your travel agency is quite transparent. That is because facilitating top-notch services and being transparent are the top qualities of a luxury tour operator. It is vital that the company you are choosing should possess them too.

So, whenever you are planning a trip to India and feel your company/operator is being a little diplomatic about the tour or is hiding some information or is not being open about the inclusive costs, ask no further questions and leave. That’s the best way to do it.

7. Safety- A Double Check!

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After drafting your itinerary and budgeting, check for safety parameters.

Traveling in India is different than traveling in any other part of the world. It’s a whole new situation altogether that can give you a major culture shock. So, safety in India or for that matter anywhere on the globe is paramount. So, do add it as one of your top priorities when creating your dream travel agency’s deliverables checklist.

How do you check whether your travel company is a safe option or not? Well, for that check whether your travel company is accredited with safety parameters by the local government or wherever they are located in. Don’t miss this point you all, because the shape of your trip depends highly on this.

8. Make Sure Luxury Tour Operator Offers 24/7 Assistance


India is a country that feels alien in many aspects. So, expecting 24/7 support from your luxury tour operator in India is an understatement. That’s because difficulties and problems never come knocking on doors, they catch you off guard. So, you should have someone to help you throughout your trip even when the problem is as small as changing transportation on a wildlife trip to India or as big as check-in difficulties at the top tourist places in India.

Let nothing invade your travel leisures? Get yourself a company that is at your disposal at any time of the day or night. Believe us, it will be a blessing for you during the course of your entire trip.

9. Opt For A Luxury Travel Company That Is Providing You A Balanced Schedule

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When it comes to luxury travel, you know you will be investing a good amount of money. So, choose a company that gives you value for money as we have already discussed in point two. Make sure your itinerary fills up or day so that you are able to get the best of your adventure in India. Well, duh! You are paying for this, right?

Look for a balanced schedule that engages you for the day. Moreover, make sure your luxury travel provider is not overstuffing your itinerary. This will not only make you exhausted on the initial days of the trip but will also deprive you of the chance to re-energize yourself. And clearly, this is not what you sign up on a luxury trip to India.

So, make sound sleep, good ambiance, and state-of-the-art luxury resorts your key pointers while planning an itinerary.

10. And Lastly, Enquire About Their Group Size

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Group sizes can be a matter of discussion for some India-based travel agencies. Some Indian travel companies limit themselves to small groups while some prefer taking large groups that will earn them more profit. Make sure you choose a company that caters to the group size you have in your head and that you feel is ideal for traveling. If you are traveling alone, so we recommend taking this trip with a big group, but if you are with your family, traveling exclusively or in small groups will help you to get the most out of your trip. Choose wisely!


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