Planning your first trip to India – A Guide

A new country a new universe, traveling is a blessing and a boon which finally narrows down to how well you plan it. Trust us; even the minute details make great differences. So, why not make it work in your favor?

Planning a trip to India? Then, insightful guidance always comes in handy and if it’s your first time traveling here, then don’t worry! It’s all sorted. Follow these steps and get your travel heart to bloom in the gardens of world travel. See you on the other side!


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Decide On A Travel Timeline

As simple as it sounds, setting a timeline for your India travel is one hell of a task. That’s because even eternity is less for India’s travel fresco. Ideally, if you are under a time restraint then, 15 days are enough for roughly touching the jarring hotspots of the country. If not, then, take your time. Trust us; this country is like the priciest bottle of wine that gets even better with time.

Craft A Rough Itinerary

No pressure! Make it as rough as you want and don’t be too lenient just be your best trip planner. Ace this, can you? Very well, firstly decide where you want to travel and when. This will not only help you kick-start the process but will also assist you in making affirmative decisions on your travel to India. Although our article on when and where to travel in India says it all, if you haven’t read it already, let us break it down for you.

In India, the climate is the master of a tour plan and it’s in its highest power from October till March. So, your India tours revolving around them will make much sense.

Do you have a knack for mountain adventure? Then, travel north in the summer months (March-July). On another hand, the monsoon is a twisty affair. So, travel towards the drier parts of the country like Rajasthan. Winters are the best in India. So, rock in its cradle of madness and fervor. For everything else, mountains and beaches have your back.

Budget Your Travel Dream

We know that it is tough to put a tag on your travel dreams. But eventually, you got to do what you have to, isn’t it? So, if it’s one of those tough calls you have to make in order to shine in the travel sky, face it and budget it like a boss.

Once the budgeting is done, you will see your travel fantasies coming to life. You will then realize whether you want to budget tour and travel with the cheapest tour packages in India or you want the press the luxury button. Kudos! Now your travel picture will no longer be in the darkness. It seems like a blast already!

Decide Whether to Travel In A Group Or Solo

Going to India for the very first time? Then, deciding whether to travel alone or in groups is quite a dilemma. Is that the case with you too? Don’t worry we have you covered.

After you’ve come to the conclusion of a fixed budget, the options in front of you are to travel in a group or solo. If you are high on money, then, we personally suggest you travel in luxury to India alone. Why? Well, groups can be intimidating and the itineraries planned when you are in groups are mostly fixed. You will not have the power over your travel plan plus traveling in a group can cost you any great panoramic views.

On the other hand, group travel helps you tour in a budget. Here, you will be surrounded by the best of people and will make a bond for a lifetime. Both the options are amazing to go with. It’s completely up to you, how you want to travel the Indian terrain. So, indulge in some thinking.

Find Your Perfect Itinerary

Trace travel trajectories in high spirits!

While deciding which places to cover, keep in mind that rushing won’t help. Settle on a plan of action by which you want to travel to this country. If that’s a hassle for you then don’t worry friend. Just look for an online trip planner in India and believe us, all your worries will fly away. Find your perfect itinerary or craft one for yourself with the backup of local expertise. You can also take the help of Indian trip planners or road trip organizers in India. Make up your mind on how to go about it and select an India travel package, rest, we have your back.

Finding The Perfect Travel Agency

Do you want to curb the hassle of planning and booking your India tour? Then, putting your bets on a good travel agency will help you big time. Disclaimer! We aren’t suggesting you fall for big names. No! Instead, opt for travel agencies that are flexible as well as transparent with you. This will not only save you some money but will also provide you with a personalized experience. Discuss with them cheap holiday destinations in India or family holiday destinations in India; trust us a good travel agent will help you with whatever you want. Who wouldn’t want that?

So, do a little background check, and voila! You will be good to go.

We at the Grand Indian Route also offer luxury India tour services that fit every pocket. Care to take a look? Here you go. Hire a personal travel planner or a professional trip planner for the India tour 2024.

Gather Information In Bundles

We always worry about what to expect when traveling to India. Why? Because of the India travel rumor mill that works swiftly and myth that’s rolling in the travel universe. If that’s the matter of your concern then, don’t worry. The only way to be prepared is by reading more about the regional Indian culture, language lingos, and the destination you plan to visit. Believe us it is enough to come as your knight in shining armor.

Search for keywords like best travel blogs for South India tours or the best site for road trip planning in India, be to the point, and see the magic. Furthermore, if you are traveling from a specific country getting location-specific tips isn’t difficult either. For example, you can search for a trip to India from the USA and it will give a bundle of tips and tricks. It requires zero labor and the results are amazing. So, what are you waiting for?

Once you are done with the booking and pre-planning, learning a thing or two will not be such a hassle and that is your very first India travel tip. We told you it’s not that difficult. So, should we count you in on this one?
Also, read our blog on travel tips for India tour.


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Make Your Travel Concrete – Applying For A Tourist Visa

Are you a first-time India travel planner? Then, keep in mind that you have to book your tickets after you apply for a visa. Why so? That’s because it usually takes about 2 weeks to obtain a tourist visa. So, concrete your plans only when you have your visa in hand.

Despite your nationality, you will require a visa to visit India. But if you are a citizen of Bhutan and Nepal, then kudos, you don’t need a visa anyway. A tourist visa is generally of 3-6 months validity. As per the recommendation, you will have to book it from your home country. As a matter of fact, obtaining it in Bangkok is another option you have in your pocket.

Remember; to apply for a visa at least a month prior to your planned dates of travel. Mind it that the visa is valid from the date of issue not the date of arrival in India. So, wasting time won’t be an option here.

Are you planning to apply for a longer visa? Then, the long waiting time is no longer a problem. All thanks to the digital E–Visa service you will now receive visas quicker and easier. So, if you are from the 161 countries it mentions including the UK, Ireland, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and so on, then brace your luck.

Fly High In The Travel Sky By Booking Plane Tickets

Jumping with your visa in hand? Very well, your first trip to India is about to begin but your journey in the air comes in between. For that book your tickets beforehand. So, turn on your incognito mode and start searching for the flight that fits your purpose. Why incognito? To save you some extra bucks. You can thank us later.

Stay Secure Get Vaccinated

If you thought getting a visa is enough to make your travel easier then, guess what? The list does not end here. Even though they aren’t a biggie, still if you have these arrangements done before traveling to India, your journey will be a lot easier. So, start with getting vaccinated. Yes, this is the primary thing to do before visiting any country. It may sound bizarre but again, it’s far better than getting a disease from a foreign country. So, get it done right away. Don’t wait until the end to get them.

Get your dose of Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Tetanus and Typhoid, and travel India like a true boss.

Get Your International Driving License

Are you the master of your travel destiny? Then, what’s better than to vroom your way through this plush estate in the two-wheeler of your choice? Is it music to your ears? Then, apply for an International driving license. Yes, this is the one big secret no one tells you about traveling in general. If you love to drive then trust us, it will work wonders for you in India.

Where to get the permit? You can get this permit from your nearest post office. Count on us, it won’t cost you a fortune. Rather its price is nothing compared to the experiences you will gain in return. But do you know what is best about it? It’s valid for a full year. So, you can issue it whenever you are free and enjoy driving through one of the most beautiful terrains in the world.

Note: Carry both the documents your international as well as your domestic driving license. If you miss on any of these, forget driving you will have a heavy penalty on your head. So, put your act together!

Apply For Travel Insurance

Life is uncertain and god forbids anything is possible when you are traveling. You can lose money, or get sick, the possibilities are endless. So, isn’t it better to secure your expenses in that case? If that’s a yes then, travel insurance is all that you need. Still, not any travel insurance will solve your purpose. Rather for securing your travel completely, you will need to keenly study the agreement. Why? That’s because you will want to cover everything on your travel bucket list. It should cover you from flying to adventure sports while still being on a budget. So, get your research sails going fellas!

Did you forget to take your insurance? Don’t worry there are alternatives available online. You can pan through different websites and do the needful in that case.


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Packing In General

Looking for India packing tips? Well, then let us tell you that packing for India is tedious. You will run out of Ideas while packing for it because of this country in on a different dimension. What to pack when traveling to India? What to pack for India in winter? What to pack for India in summer? Medications to take to India? If all these questions are bugging you and if you are facing difficulty with the India trip packing list, then here is the general checklist including all the travel essentials for your first trip to India.

Visa and Passport

Smartphone: to make your life simpler in India. Buy a sim the instance you land here. Believe us, it will solve all your life problems.

Camera (optional): to capture India at its best.

Earplugs: to avoid the chaos in streets as well as while you are sleeping.

Hand sanitizers: Say no to germs!

Pocket Tissues: to keep it hygienic. So, clean whenever you want whatever you want.

Medicines: because precautions are better than cure, isn’t it?

Toiletries: Don’t pack a bunch but the miniature travel versions. You will thank us later.

Flashlight: to illuminate your travel life.

Sleeping sheet: keeping a double check on your health.

Indian adapters: Little do you know that the adapter is quite different in India so order one for yourself beforehand. Otherwise, your Smartphone will die eventually.

Sunscreen: You don’t want the sun beating you all day long.

Sunglasses: Manage style and sunlight in a single go.

Hats: Prevents the hair from damaging.

Comfortable, good quality flip-flops or sandals: To get going all day long.

Jackets: In case you hear the mountain call.

Combat boots or sports shoes for hiking purposes

Thin pullover: So that a little cold doesn’t catch hold of your India travel.

India Packing List Male

Light Cotton shirts

Breezy pants


India Packing List Female

Light fitting long tops

Cotton shirts

Baggy pants

Sleeved Maxi dresses



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Keep yourself updated on India so that nothing takes you by surprise. It sounds a little weird but it helps first-time travelers because that’s how we humans are wired. Believe us it will be a blessing in no disguise. So, make peace with the culture and lifestyle of this sanctuary. We are sure you will fall in love with it by the end of your first trip to India with luxury India tour operator.


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