HOW TO PLAN RAJASTHAN TRIP| 5 step guide for your Rajasthan tour

The very fact of being on a trip to Rajasthan feels so surreal. Keeping aside all the other factors, the varying topography here alone can blow gaskets. And why wouldn’t it? There are hills, camps, palaces, forts and what not waiting for you to bask in the glory.

The opulence of the state is on another level and you’ll understand it once you pay it a visit. So, are you in for it? Or are you planning a Rajasthan adventure soon and can’t figure out where to start? Well, we have all the information you need.


Step 1: Start with the basics. Short-list destinations

Short-list destinations

First and foremost, you need to decide your itinerary. It is imperative to have a blueprint in mind of the places that will be adorning your trip. Here is a roundup, in case you need a brush up on any of Rajasthan’s top destinations.



Rajasthan’s capital and home to the crown of India: Hawa Mahal, Jaipur epicenter for any Rajasthan adventure.

For travelers who love history and a tint of modern lifestyle, Jaipur becomes a melting pot of both.

A total of 2 days is enough to move in and around the city covering all the major tourist spots like Amer fort, Jal Mahal, City Palace, Rusirani Village and experiences like a Hot Air Balloon ride.


Udaipur is the utopia of romance, preferred by couples on their India Honeymoon. If you are visiting it otherwise, the city will surprise you with its plethora of artificial lakes, water palace turned resort and bicycle rides around the city.

The numerous things to do in Udaipur can be wrapped up in 2 to 3 day span. If you want to stay here and visit places around it, then, destinations like Kumbhalgarh, Ranakpur and Chittorgarh will serve you well.

Except for the winter season, July-September is also a good time to pay this place a visit.



Best known for its desert camps, Jaisalmer is the golden city of Rajasthan.

Everything existing in its vicinity is covered in sheer gold. With experiences like Camel Safari and village stay, a trip to Jaisalmer takes about a day and a half. And, that’s when you include all its top tourist places like Patwon ki Haveli, Jaisalmer Fort and Gadisar Lake.



Jodhpur is the blue city of Rajasthan that brims with cultural tokens. In fact, this city is one of the top places to consider when you are planning a Rajasthan trip on your own.

2 days are enough to get hold of the city’s vibe and if you still crave for more, you can drive to the nearby Bishnoi Village for a day trip to redefine authenticity.

Ranthambore National Park

For every nature lover on India wildlife adventure tour, Ranthambore National Park is a star.

Famous, for its Great Bengal Tigers, Ranthambore provides a monochromatic background to the life of these striped beasts.

A morning tour and an evening tour are enough here to trace the pugmarks and sport a tiger. Furthermore, staying inside the national park amid nature’s ecstasy is too a possibility here.



Famed as the “Bollywood of Rajasthan”, Mandawa is a hamlet in the Shekhawati region of the state, majorly famous for its fresco wall paintings.

This village is home to mammoth mansions, decked up in age-old illustrations depicting the rich culture of India and the world.

Furthermore, one day is enough to be through with the thick and thins of this place and takes back memories for life.



Pushkar is a famous village best known for its Camel Fair that’s held annually every November. It’s the perfect foreground for dwelling deep into the cultural aspects of the region.

However, it’s not only the culture but the town’s religious relevance too, that makes it a big name in this game.



Bikaner has probably the best architectural places in all of Rajasthan.

Its ornate buildings are one of a kind and its museum display does take one back in time.

A trip to Bikaner can be concluded in a total of 2 days. In which, you’ll be able to see the Junagarh Fort, Lalgarh Palace and even National Camel research institute.

Mount Abu

If you are visiting Rajasthan in summers, Mount Abu will be the only destination not scorching with heat. Set on a rocky plateau, this hill station is best known for its century’s old Dilwara Temples. Come here for a day or more to relax and enjoy the breathtaking views.


The best time to visit Rajasthan is between September and February. However, the peak tourist season is in December-January when the state is flooded with tourists from around the globe. So, try planning accordingly.

Furthermore, avoid the hot summer months. And, if in case it isn’t possible, Mount Abu is one good option to go for.

Do you want to add destinations by the virtues of the festivals in Rajasthan? Here is a list that can help you.

International Kite Festival Jaipur And Jodhpur January
Elephant Festival Jaipur March
Winter Festival Mount Abu January
Winter Festival Mount Abu December
Pushkar Camel Fair Pushkar November
International Folk Festival Jodhpur October
Mewar Festival Udaipur March
Kumbhalgarh Festival Udaipur December
Desert Festival Jaisalmer February

Are you still not able to decide what destinations to short-list? Try looking at these destinations concerning themes.

Spirituality: Pushkar, Mount Abu and Udaipur.

Shopping: Jaipur (See our Shopping in Jaipur blog for the same), Jodhpur and Bikaner.

Adventure: Desert Safari in Bikaner and Jaisalmer, Adventure sports Kota.

Wildlife: Sawai Madhopur and Bharatpur.

Rural experiences: Chandelao Garh, Bishnoi Village and Rusirani.

History and Heritage: Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur and Jaisalmer.



Wondering how many days are required to visit Rajasthan? Well, approximately an 8-12 day itinerary is perfect for taking a Rajasthan tour.

If you are looking for a Rajasthan tour plan for 3-days, you should stay in Jaipur and excurse the city and a local village nearby called Rusirani. In that case, you can take the timeless Golden triangle trip (Delhi-Agra-Jaipur) as well.

Moreover, if you want a Rajasthan tour for 5-days you can explore the exciting Udaipur to Jodhpur Rajasthan road trip.

However, if you are willing to invest more time, then you can seriously come across some unparalleled gems that embrace the treasure trove of this state.

Here are some sample itineraries we think you will like.

Golden Triangle with Wildlife (8 Days)


Delhi to Rajasthan adventure (11 Days)


Rajasthan Adventure (15 Days)



Brides in India

The last thing you will want to do is take a trip just for the gram.

Rajasthan has so much to offer that even if you can to take back a tiny percentage of it, consider yourself lucky.

Sign up for experiences that go beyond sightseeing. Etch into your memory the drama of the estate that’s a never-ending saga. For making it easy for you to figure out, here is the list of thiIt is imperative to have a blueprint in mind of the placesngs you can do:

  • 1. Take a Desert Safari on a Camel or an SUV/Jeep in the deserts of Jaisalmer. Camp there and spend the night in absolute wilderness.
  • 2. Hot air ballooning in Pushkar and Jaipur.
  • 3. Village walks in Bishnoi and Rusirani village.
  • 4. Sign up for learning a local art form in Chandelao Garh.
  • 5. Take a spa on a boat in Udaipur.
  • 6. Push your adrenaline a notch up while zip-lining in Mehrangarh Fort (Jodhpur).
  • 7. Take an elephant ride to Amer Fort (Jaipur).
  • 8. Do some bird watching on a rickshaw in Bharatpur bird sanctuary.
  • 9. Catch a glimpse of the fierce Great Bengal Tiger at Ranthambore National park.
  • 10. Trace the princess trails on horseback in Udaipur.


Bike Ride in Rajasthan

Once you’ve finalized the destinations you have in mind. It’s time to choose how you’d like to travel around. You can choose from airways, railways and roadways while planning a trip to Rajasthan.


Rajasthan is a veteran in the travel games. So, the major cities here do have airports, connecting them to all the other parts of India. However, as we stated, that’s just for the major cities.

For all the smaller destinations you still have to rely on roadways and railways. Here is the list of destinations that do have an airport:

Jaipur International Airport
Jaisalmer Airport -Domestic
Maharana Pratap Airport, Udaipur- Domestic
Jodhpur Airport- Domestic
Bikaner Airport -Domestic


Another simple way to travel Rajasthan is via trains. Every prominent city or town of this state is joined by rail services.

However, major tourist spots like Jaipur and Kota have railway stations that join them to major cities of the country.


Rajasthan has a large network of national and state highways. To be honest, all these highways are always in top-notch condition and riding on them is a treat.

Even the not-so-famous ends of the state are too joined by roads, although not as good as the highways. However, for people who love driving, these secluded routes and twisty boulevards do offer some unique treats.

Note: If you are a little tight on budget, you can take state government buses that join almost every city, town and village. Believe us it is just a little chaos you’ll have to handle here, otherwise, they make up for a great option.

Decide on what fits your pocket. All the information is available on Google maps. Just extensively research and get yourself the best route and ride.

Step 5: Book hotels

It’s no brainer that hotel booking is the most important aspect of the whole planning fresco. However, during the peak of season months, this simple task can turn into hunger games as bookings start months before the date of travel.

What to do in that case? Well, book at least a month or 15 days before you travel.

On your trip to Rajasthan, you’ll come across a plethora of good hotels. However, if you are a sucker for unique experiences, there is so much in store for you.

Here is the list of some unique lodging experiences in Rajasthan.

  • 1. can book yourself a stay in the luxury tree-houses of Chandelao Garh and Jaipur. Sleeping amid lush greenery and enjoying all the luxuries of life is the -highlight of these places.
  • 2. Fancied living in a palace? Well then, your dream will come to life in Jodhpur
  • 3. Fan of the fresco paintings? How about living in a mansion that is laden with it? Book your mansion stay in Mandawa and enjoy the hospitality of rural Rajasthan.
  • 4. Camping on the beach in the company of balmy winds and golden sands is an experience of a lifetime you can catch while lodging in Jaisalmer.
  • 5. Sleeping in the middle of a lake in a castle is an experience only the Lake city Udaipur Enjoy the luxury of Rajasthani culture in the absolute middle of nowhere.
  • 6. In Rajasthan, you can live in rural households with the locals and enjoy their primitive lifestyle for a change in perception. Rusirani and Bishnoi Villages are perfect for that.
  • 7. You can too sleepy to the lullaby of tiger roars in the golden jungles of Sawai Madhopur.

Step 6: Budget your trip

Yes, we know it may sound a little boring but to be honest it will be your saviour while you are on your trip.

So, sit down and decide how much you can spend. If you need a checklist for your Rajasthan trip expenses, here you go:

Traveling expenses
Expenditure on lodging
Food expenses
Expenses for moving in and out of the monuments
Shopping expenses

Sounds like a lot to do? Well, instead of working your brains off, give all the worries to us, your personal Rajasthan tour operators. We’ll help you with everything including planning and budgeting. Moreover, we will even be by your side 24/7 during your journey. Just request a quote here and we are sure our tailor-made tours will definitely catch your eye.

Like we always tell you, we have your back.

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