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Planning a Travel to India & Maldives

India with its par wealth in culture and architecture offers the world an experience of a lifetime.

However, when teamed with the ivory-white beaches and turquoise-blue water of Maldives, its magic transcends all expectations.

India and Maldives Holiday is a journey through culture and times.

It’s one of those unmissable trips where you get to fill your travel journals with history, nature, and wildlife all at once.

It’s a holiday that luxuriates in being a part of the “golden“ triangle that offers a myriad of cultures and traditions.

And still manages to add charms of the roaring waves and infinite skies.

Intrigued yet? Then, let’s tell you what you are signing up for.

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Key Highlights:

  • Observing the urban desis while experiencing the cultural extremes of New Delhi.
  • Watch the sunrise over the Wonder of The World: Taj Mahal. Also, enjoy the Mughal masterpiece, Agra Fort.
  • Palace hunting at the city of Palaces – Jaipur.
  • Redefining bliss at the lake city Udaipur.
  • Leopard spotting and heritage stay at Castle Bera.
  • Escape in the lap of nature and lazy-lay at the white islands of Maldives.

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Day 1: Delhi

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Welcome to New Delhi, the city of vibrancy and diversity.

A place where blissful architecture goes hand in hand with the city’s hue and cry. The city of dreams, the epicenter of history, and India’s very own fashion capital.

Our representatives will be waiting for you at the airport to escort you to your humble abode for the night.

Today will be entirely yours. Enjoy your time while adjusting to the cultural drift and learning some local lingos.

We suggest spending the evening in typical Delhiite style: exploring street markets and munching on flavourful food.

But give your body enough time to recharge because what’s coming next will be one hell of a ride.

Day 2: Delhi

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Revel in Mughal architecture: Visiting Red Fort, Jama Mosque, Qutub Minar, and India Gate

A little backstory here!!

Delhi is known for showcasing architectural monuments in the most candid way possible.

Here somewhere amid the sea of houses and people, you’ll discover some of the most intricate works of the Mughal Dynasty. And today will be all about that.

Red Fort

Built by Emperor Shah Jahan and surrounded by a magnificent 18m-high wall, Red Fort is a red sandstone marvel located right at the heart of old Delhi.

Rumored for having decapitated bodies of prisoners in its foundation and famous for its lavish architecture, this edifice will present India to you in a winsome light.

Jama Masjid

Encounter the epitome of bliss in the mayhem of Old Delhi. Jama Masjid, a Muslim worship place built at 10 m elevation in pure Mughal fashion will be a delight to witness.

Qutub Minar

A lofty afghan style victory tower built in 1193. It’s one of the highest brick minarets in the world that account for complete historical immersion within the vicinity of its complex.

India Gate

Giving ode to the martyrs of war, India Gate is a 42-meter high archway that hosts a carnival of people every day.

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Day 3: Agra

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Rise and Shine fellas!

Get ready for your early morning ride to the whimsical Taj Mahal.

Hop on your ride and travel for 230 km to the treasure trove of Mughal architecture: Agra.

Visiting the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, and the tomb of Itimad-Ud-Daulah

Taj Mahal

The epitome of love, the white marble enigma, and the ivory enchantress of the country witness the various shades of the Taj Mahal on a morning visit.

Agra Fort

Here in Agra, Mughal architecture brings to you a red sandstone fortress that reeks of valor and courage.

Located on the banks of River Yamuna, this fort will be the star of your Agra trip without a doubt.

Itimad-Ud-Daulah’s Tomb

For your evening pleasure, we’ll take you to baby Taj which is also known as the “jewel box” of Agra.

The very first of its kind, this miniature white marble mausoleum was the inspiration behind the wonder we know today as the Taj Mahal

Day 4: En Route Jaipur Via Fatehpur Sikri

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Today you’ll be hitting the road to Jaipur.

However, this ride will be far from usual as you’ll make a pit stop at the ghost city of Fatehpur Sikri.

Fatehpur Sikri

An edifice sprouted from the imagination of Akbar. The glorious stories of the Mughals scream loud and clear in the air of this town.

But what will cease to amaze you will be the 80m high door that welcomes travelers every day even from far away.

Day 5: Jaipur

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The fun begins right after morning breakfast. Visiting the Hawa Mahal and the City Palace

Hawa Mahal

Located in the heart of Jaipur is the pink labyrinth of Jaipur, a five-story structure constructed in the shape of a crown.

It will grow on you and we aren’t kidding.

City Palace

Learn what it’s like to turn back time in the courtyards and complexes of the city place.

Experience the opulence and royalty of the past and brace the royalty that you are.

In the evening, explore the local markets for some quintessential Rajasthani Souvenirs from the top places to shop in Jaipur.

Day 6: Jaipur

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Ascending to Amer fort. Spending the evening at Chokhi Dhani

Amer Fort

Catch the bird-eye view of Jaipur while you make it your muse at Amer Fort.

Hop on a decked-out elephant and enjoy the beauty that this fort offers.

There are tints of Mughal influences on the Rajasthani architectural style here. Let’s see if you can catch it on camera.

Chokhi Dhani

Learn what it’s like to be in the presence of Rajasthani hospitality at the heritage restaurant Chokhi Dhani.

Eat from the royal platter, hum to the soothing folk music, and treat your eyes to quintessential folk dances. Can it be any better?

Day 7: Enroute Udaipur

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Fasten your seat belts fellas because today’s ride will be long but not tiring. You’ll cover approximately 395 km today to reach Udaipur.

Boating on Lake Pichola and visiting Jag Mandir Isla

Lake Pichola

Udaipur’s most famous lake calls out for you to pay a visit. Take a boat ride to Lake Pichola to look over the serene lake and the floating palace on it.

Jag Mandir Isla

Make your India and Maldives holiday memories merrier with Jag Mandir, an island palace that is more commonly known as “Lake Garden Palace”.

With many history tokens attached to its name, visiting this three-storied palace is among the top things to do in Udaipur.

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Day 8: Udaipur

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Visiting City Palace, Jagdish Temple, and Bagore ki Haveli.

City Palace

City Palace is the heart and soul of Udaipur and it does NOT disappoint.

It’s beautiful, breathtaking, and built by taking a lot of architectural styles into consideration. Every inch of this palace is incredible and if you are into photography then you might have hit a jackpot!

Jagdish Temple

Get awestruck with the taste of spiritual India at Jagdish Temple.

Built right outside the City Palace Complex, this too is another photo-worthy hotspot that will grab your attention.


A haveli turned museum, Bagore ki Havel is an architectural masterpiece that will adorn your trip.

Upfront the serene Lake Pichola, this museum is famous for speaking lengths about the lavish life in the desert.

Day 9: Castle Bera – The Heritage Hotel

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As we promised, your India and Maldives holiday itinerary will take a turn from here to the road less traveled.

It will take you right at the center of the famous Udaipur to the Jodhpur road trip where leopards and people share the same ground.

For that, check in to a wonderful rural heritage experience at Castle Bera.

Revel in the company of real-life royalties while enjoying the interiors of this beautiful resort.

Sit back and relax for a while because in the evening you’ll be on a leopard-spotting escapade.

After which you’ll dig right into the quintessential Rajasthani meal from the royal kitchen and call it a day.

Day 10: Castle Bera – The Leopard Capital

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Morning Leopard Sightings, village walks, and evening tea at Jawai Lake.

On this day of the India and Maldives holiday, the morning will be a little earlier than usual because you’ll set off for a morning safari with the resort’s representative.

Later, that afternoon you’ll visit the nearby village to interact with the folks and learn a thing or two from them.

An evening here at Castle Bera will be spent watching birds and crocodiles at Jawai Dam. Don’t worry, a perfect cup of masala tea will accompany you on this experience.

Day 11: To Udaipur And Afterwards Delhi

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Brace yourself, friends. Today’s journey will be on land and air!

Drive back to Udaipur on your four-wheelers and then fly to Delhi.

Take this time to relax as tomorrow will again involve a lot of traveling where you will be heading to the last pit stop of your journey.

Day 12: Delhi To The Maldives

This morning you will be privately transferred to Delhi Airport to board the five-hour flight to the Maldives.

Land in Male and meet with our representative who will escort you to your hotel. After a tiresome day, savor the moment and bask in its glory. Saunter around and absorb the beauty that surrounds you.

Day 13-15: Maldives

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After numerous days of adventuring, sightseeing, and safari-ing in India, these next four days are yours to relax and reflect.

Your time in the Maldives will be all about dipping in and out of the crystal clear sea, leaving footprints on the soft white sand, and enjoying the sound of waves.

However, if you want some adrenaline pumps, then there will be a lot of activities for you to enjoy. Just mention it while booking your trip.

Day 16: Departure

Hey there, you travel buffs! It’s been an amazing journey with you all. Today you’ll be departing back with all these wonderful memories.

See us again soon!


What Is The Best Time To Take India And Maldives Holiday?

October – November and Feb – April are the best times to be in India and Maldives for a fuss-free holiday.

On a side note: If you are interested in traveling in peak season, then the Christmas – New Year seasons of December and January are also wonderful.

What Are The Few Things You Need To Know About India And Maldives?
  • Indian currency is not used in Maldives. Maldives use USD for payments.
  • Although all resorts in Maldives and India have wifi availability, it’s advisable to buy sim cards (Airtel in India and Dhiraagu in Maldives) to stay connected. You can purchase them at the airport itself.
  • Alcohol is available in most parts of India but is prohibited in Maldives. You can drink only within the vicinity of your resort where it is legal to drink.
  • Water is expensive in Maldives as compared to India.
  • Maldives offers on-arrival visas, unlike India where a pre-arrival visa is required.

Now that you reached the very end of the itinerary we are sure you are intrigued by it. So, why waste time? Request a quote now!

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