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Travelers travel for many reasons. Some travel in search of themselves, some to rejoice in the beauty of the world and many are only in it for the mere leisure of this entire facade.

When the sights are not familiar and every turn makes you gasp in awe, that’s when you are living your life to the fullest.

Experiences unadulterated by the tentacles of technology and the farfetched sky speaking the language of the divine, that’s leisure traveling at its best.

For every leisure traveler who is footloose and fancy-free, Indian travel is a feast for the heart and soul.

Here, from turning into a sage in Varanasi to strolling nomadically in the company of Thar is possible. It is the only place on the planet that showcases romance and mysticism on the same stage.

And, that’s what leisure trips are all about, to travel outside the usual environment and seek fun and relaxation it.

So, if you fancy a trip to this la-la-land where worries take the backseat, you need to learn about the best leisure trips in India. Ready?


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Have you ever been so flabbergasted by a landscape that all you wished was to stop and stare? If not, you will definitely get this chance on the very serene Rajasthan Road Trip.

The Rajasthan road trip is one such leisure tour where you can be in your true element. Moreover, for all you leisure-loving souls, what’s in-store is what you love the most – laid-back escapades.

Here on this tour, you’ll get to experience the lifestyle of the desert. And believe us; it will beckon you to a trip that will be your awakening on so many levels.

The tour will start right from the heart and soul of India, Delhi. This city will treat you with all the glitter and shine.

Pacing with its forever-moving traffic and learning the language of silence with age monuments, the horizons of life will be wide and free for you here.

You won’t even realize how quickly you’ll paint your heart in the color of its ambiance and once you’ll do, there will be no looking back.

As you move further, treating yourself to the sights of the very famous Taj Mahal will be a blessing. However, if you’ll add a dive into its rich culture to your schema, the pleasures of it will become impalpable.

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Owais Khan

Later, cover this desert state under the patronage of Rajasthani hospitality. Fly in a hot air balloon or live like a local for a day. Or for that matter, introduce yourself to the royal land while you take care-free timeouts at the palaces of Jaipur.

Once done figuring out the fun things to do in Jaipur, it’s time to put your inner artist at ease. For that, walk the decked alleyways of Bikaner as you pamper the art lover in you.

Missing the element of an enigma in your travel? How about turning it all blue but definitely not boring at Jodhpur? And, once you are done with all its fort jaunts, sleeping under the stars at Jaisalmer Desert Camps will indeed be a godsend pleasure.

Done redefining “leisure”? Then add a little romance to this whole ball game. And, what else will be more perfect for it than the city of Lakes that shines brighter than a diamond, isn’t it?

Best time to take Rajasthan Adventure: October-February

Minimum time required for this tour: 15 days


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It’s a no-brainer that spiritual leisure is unrivaled. It enables you to feed your soul with the energy it needs.

However, rekindling your inner self isn’t that easy. Yet, if you are keen on achieving it, there is always room for you at the Yoga retreats of India.

Come, become a part of the India Yoga tour, and learn this art of life at some of the most beautiful landscapes of India.

Start this spiritual journey by nourishing your soul with the leisure of culture in Kochi. Fishnets, dance dramas, and urban chaos will welcome you here.

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Nandhu Kumar

Once you are done vibing with the city and getting a knack out of its finger-licking food, moving forward to the emerald paradise Munnar will be a treat to your trip.

Practicing yoga in the company of aromatic tea leaves and finding oneself while riding an elephant in this quaint town will be gratifying.

However, once you move further on the journey, the sights of wildlife living their best life in Thekkady will change the meaning of leisure for you altogether.

Add a pinch of Ayurveda to your travel now and see how this perfect recipe of ancient living brings out the best in you in Kumarakom.

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Sreehari Devadas

Set your mind on peace and attain its pinnacle at the backwaters of Kumarakom. Once done reveling in its magic, head to Kovalam to align the element of water in you.

Walk barefoot on the beaches here and feel the force of life flowing through your body.

Just let the leisure of existing seep into your soul and make this tour a success by feeding it what it needs the most: peace.

Best time to take the Yoga India Tour: November-March

Minimum days required for this trip: 10


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Madhushree Narayan

Delhi- Kanha-Bandhavgarh-Ranthambore-Bharatpur-Delhi

If you seek leisure in spotting wildlife, then, Wildlife India Tour will be your oyster.

India is already home to many endemic species and getting to see them in the best of topography is what is most enjoyable about this experience.

The trip starts right from the capital of India and escalates into the wild very rapidly.

This tour in particular rolls down the red carpet for the king of the Indian jungle to walk down its empire.

You’ll start this tour following the pugmarks of the Bengal Tigers into the savanna tropics of Kanha National Park.

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Starting your biggest wildlife adventure you’ll land in the heart of India.

Here the greenery will overload the landscape and you’ll bloom with the joy of just being present in its company.

Nutty trails and emerald toppers will be your friend. And, they’ll be the ones guiding you through the thick and thins of this wild maze.

Take an open jeep ride through this inspiration of “Jungle Book” while grooving to the music of nature.

Once done, add joy to your journey while off-roading for 4 hours just to reach the tiger capital – Bandhavgarh. Find yourself surrounded by the land that was once the hunting grounds of Maharajas.

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Priyam Nandwana

Although the chances of spotting a tiger in its natural habitat are quite high here, if in case you get unlucky, you’ll have the best time exploring what else this place has to offer in terms of wildlife.

Do you know you have an equal chance of stumbling upon a white tiger here in Bandhavgarh? Well, now you do.

Once done detecting tigers early in the morning and late at night, move forward to the monochromatic beauty of Rajasthan for further investigation.

Land on Ranthambore to find the orange-striped beast amid the golden forests of Sawai Madhopur.

Find yourself lurking in the dry deciduous habitat that’s blessed with a wide variety of fauna.

Take a ride to the adjoining terrains with more than 539 blooming flowers and a serene lake that can be your next amazing photo spot.

However, make sure you are respectful of your surroundings because leisure comes with a sense of responsibility that you have to equally prioritize.

Finally, take yourself for some bird-watching expeditions on a rickshaw. Yah! That may sound bizarre but the effect of this decision to commute is exemplary.

Best time to take Wildlife India Tour: September to March

Minimum number of days: 10 days


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Siddharth Singh


Does your idea of leisure tourism in India revolve around gathering experiences yet enjoying the luxuries of life? Well then, signing up for Pushkar Camel Fair Trip will be the best thing you will do.

This trip is the paragon of opulence, tradition, and deeply rooted values. It is an overview of what India has to offer to the world and what it is capable of.

Pushkar Camel Fair Tour will start in Delhi. Perfectly screened as an appetizer for your travel appetite, Delhi will showcase the contrasting world of the past and present to you.

During your stay in Delhi, you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds.

Where on the one hand the city will overwhelm you with its super-fast pace on another it will time travel with you to the times when everything wasn’t this complicated.

Next up for the leisure of your history-loving heart, the trip will take you to the epitome of love. Famous as one of the Seven Wonders of the World- the Taj Mahal will surely caress the traveler in you.

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hananeh shafiel mehryar

You can both accept their invitation and bask in their glory or you can make your way to the bedazzling markets of Jaipur, the choice is for you to make.

Once you arrive at a decision going on a palace hunt will just be an understatement.

Although it will still be beyond your imagination yet it won’t be anything in front of the Camel trading festival you’ll be visiting in Pushkar.

Pushkar Camel Fair will be an extravaganza of all sorts.

There will be various events, a huge cultural fresco, and above all display of livestock and other animals.

This spiritual capital of Rajasthan will welcome you with open hands and quad bikes which you can really buzz around the city.

If you want to avoid the chaos, hot air ballooning over them will add more brownie points to your name on this trip.

Best time to take Pushkar Camel Fair Trip: Second week of November

Minimum number of days: 9 days


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at infinity


Learning about religions, cultures, and traditions has always been the most satisfying factor about traveling for leisure.

Kumbh Mela with the Golden triangle trip is the melting pot of such unique facets.

Here you gather the tokens of the very celebrated golden triangle trip while getting to unravel the layers of the Hindu religion.

This trip is filled with tales, sagas, and culture so alien that it will leave you stunned.

Helping you meddle in this world, Delhi will help you ease into the surrounding.

You’ll go around visiting the charms of the country’s treasure trove while getting to eat anything and everything here.

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 Mehul Sahu

Moving further, you’ll touch the royal soil at Jaipur. Reminiscing with the past, you’ll gather some great memories with humble hearts and magnificent palaces here.

Agra will be a different story altogether. Here you’ll revel in the past and enjoy the chaos the country is widely famous for.

Trying some street food and visiting some of the most iconic spots of the Mughal era will conclude your trip here.

Varanasi will reverberate with the spiritual spree. Here you’ll sit in Ghats, observe life in every form and bathe in the very tranquil Ganges.

As you ascend the spiritual stairs on this trip, you’ll visit yet another religious hotspot, Allahabad which is now known as Prayagraj.

Here you’ll get to see the mysterious Prayag Fort and will have the opportunity to take a dive into the very tranquil Sangam.

While you are at it, chances are that you’ll come across the very famous Kumbh Mela. Why chances?

Well, that’s because Kumbh Mela takes place in three cities alternatively. These include Haridwar, Allahabad, and Varanasi.

Note: Talk to your tour operator beforehand in order to get an overview of where Kumbh is taking place that year.

Oh! And for anyone who doesn’t know, the Kumbh Mela fair is the largest foreground of faith and one of the most auspicious events of Hinduism.

It is here that you’ll get to meet real-life sages that come out of their meditation after years in order to attend this event.

Bundled with Aghoris, Akharas, traditions, and religion, this trip is an overload of everything quintessential Indian. So, don’t miss it while you are planning your leisure trip to India.

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