How South And North India Different?- A Complete Breakdown


Venture into the land of colors, fragrances, and flavors. Visit India to dive deep into the paradox of life. Confused? Strangely enough, you’ll find a sultry concoction of north and south when you visit India. With the bigger-than-life feels in the north and elegance of the south, the journey to the melange of these polar opposites will leave you stunned and wanting for more. North or south India? Isn’t that a question you keep asking yourself?

As a matter of fact, we know you must be wondering where you should travel to have a taste of the best of India. Should it be North or the South? Well, we got your back, peeps.

Not only we’ll help you decide the best India holiday destinations for yourself when you visit India but we’ll also let you in on India’s golden secret behind the plethora of cultures and heritage from Kashmir in the North to Kanyakumari in the South!

Let us ask you something before we leave you astounded with so much information that you can’t help but be a part of it for real.

Are you ready to find yourself and go back a changed person after you’ve taken a deep end dip in the way of life that we call – India?

The Northern heritage vs The Southern grandiosity


Ever wondered about the contrast that Northern India and Southern India put on a platter for you to indulge in?
Umm… where to go in India?

Be that as it may, Northern India takes pride in being the very reflection of the opulent Indian history and heritage. From ghats in Varanasi to the forts in Rajasthan and from Taj Mahal in Agra to the Parliament House in Delhi it doesn’t get tired of leaving the travelers speechless.

Well, we are the testimony to all of it. Consider yourself drowned in colors and vibrant lifestyle if you happen to touch Northern India.

Furthermore, it will be an understatement to say that the South is just beautiful.

Be that as it may, Southern India is paradise for all nature lovers and adventure freaks. Did you know there are some of the best wildlife safaris in south India?

Care to nurture your inner wildling?

Visit India to do just that.

From surreal backwaters to spice and coffee plantations, the grandeur of nature is best felt in Southern India. Walk into massive houseboats to float in the backwaters amidst the verdure of lush nature when you visit India.

You think that’s all to Southern India? Buy our south India temple tour packages with prices on display and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

As a matter of fact, we’d like you to brace yourself for a whole lot more!

It’s always about food.

Indian Food Served on dining table

You’d be lying if you say food doesn’t pull you towards itself.

You’d definitely be lying if you say the food is nothing but a complimentary thing while you travel.

People, visit India and tell us if it’s the same thought later.

Places to visit in North India take immense pride in being the best gastronomic Hub in the country. From creamy sweet curries to butter-laden lip-smacking chicken, Northern India will give it all to you and some more.

Sit down and roll up your sleeves to relish the incredibly delicious North Indian cuisine prepared with love for you.

Coming to Southern India. Do you really think South India tourist places list would lag behind anyway in the culinary department?

Visit India to find the trust of your love in Southern cuisine. There are reasons why we called India a paradox of life. Strangely enough, the food is one of those reasons.

Indulge in curries and rice dishes in Southern India served garnished with curry leaves, mustard, and aromatic coconut.

The total country feels, eh? Oh, how can we even forget tamarind Paste!

Also, seafood can’t really wait to be devoured by you.

Indulge some more, maybe?
Moreover, a satisfying presentation of food laid on banana leaves will only make you crave for more.
Don’t believe us? You will.

Beach baby come here!

Boy in Beach

Alright, if there’s one thing that India is famous for, it’s the fact that it is a peninsula!

Be that as it may, it is the beaches that beckon you.

Don’t you hear them calling? We do!

Visit India to get the beach baby in you out to the world. Furthermore, our low-cost India tour packages will help you for sure.

Southern India gives you an unforgettable luxury to indulge in some of the most exotic beaches in the world.

And, if that wasn’t enough, the wage sports are there to give that extra pump to your adrenaline.So, go ahead, get that blood pumping.

Nature at its best, right?

Drown in the divine presence

Lord Ganesh

Southern India is nothing short of a divine miracle when it comes to having some of the most spectacular holy temples.

South India temple tour is a must to gain a spiritual momentum along with some divine intervention. And, do you know what makes it different from Northern India?

Strangely enough, the Dravidian architecture dating back to centuries in the history of the temples and the stunning rock cuts and colors make the temples of Southern India more than just someplace to pray to the god.

Visit India to witness these wonder of the temples and drown in their beauty and spirituality.

The Himalayan marvel

The Himalayan marvel

If you need one more reason to visit India then North India tour places will give you a massive one.

The Himalayas. Need we say more?

The snow-clad wonder of a range blesses the crown of Northern India. The Himalayas stretch across Northern India in a beautiful fashion. Have we lured you into buying the north India tour packages? Not yet? Wait a bit.

All the year around a massive footfall is observed where the Himalayas reside. The rugged terrains and the people around with simple yet hard-working lifestyle influence the travelers.

So, if you plan on trekking, bike riding, or just camping for that matter then there’s nothing better or more beautiful than waking up to a gorgeous sunrise within the embrace of the Himalayas.

We can already picture the beauty in our minds.
Can you? We think a 5 day north India tour will make it even more real for you.

Don’t you too?

Wildlings in the South

Wildlings in the South

Are you an elephant lover or a wildling to the core?

Be that as it may, visit India and visit its southern home to get lost in the wilderness of nature. Experience the best wildlife safaris in south India.

Wonder what makes Southern India the best destination for wild heads and adrenaline junkies?
The natural reserves and the abundance of elephants in the south of India make it the perfect place to explore nature at its best.

Let out your inner wildling while you head for a ride on an elephant or a safari.

Tropical or extreme?

Tropical or extreme?

Is it the wind of the place that we’re talking about?

Damn right, we are.

North India and south India are polar opposites when it comes to the kind of climate they wrap you up in.

Are you a tropical beach baby?

Do you like a pleasant, yet humid time with sunbathing sessions?
Needless to say, south India will be your muse. Worry not, we’re here with the best South India tour packages.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for extremes. Be it snow clad icy mountains or fiery hot rugged deserts, north India will welcome you with a tight embrace. Again, we have some very cheap north India tour packages too.

Did we make it any easier for you to decide between the two now?

You can thank us later, peeps.

Ayurveda and let’s heal

Ayurveda and let’s heal

If there’s one thing that the Southern part of India takes pride in, it is the Ayurveda and Yoga.

Visit India to indulge in the therapeutic sessions of yoga and meditation. With so many luxury and offbeat Yoga and Ayurveda retreats in South India, it is only natural for you to want to be a part of it.

Do you want to?

Book your seats in some of the best yoga retreats in south India and take a break from the world while you indulge in healing sessions and massages too. Southern India tour packages coming right up at your doorsteps, folks.

Moreover, all within the arms of lush nature is like a cherry on top of the cake.

Under the guidance of some world famous yoga gurus and Ayurvedic luxuries, you’ll eventually find the inner peace with our Yoga and Ayurveda tour packages.

Yes, we care about you. Therefore, we have a few short tour packages for India for you.

First timers, are we? North or South?

First timers, are we? North or South

Now, if you’re a first timer who’s here to visit India for its incredibly sweet and vibrant aura it begs a question. One very important, as a matter of fact.

Time paucity? Which one to visit? North or the South?

In an attempt to make it easier for you to put your finger on, let us summarise both of these for you.

Well, you are the better judge, aren’t you?

North India

Man riding Horses

North India is home to a very colorful and vibrant being of India.

If you’re looking out to witness the golden heritage, war history, and the bend of silver peaks, this one should be your muse when you visit India.

With desert in the hot department, the Himalayas in the cold peaceful department, and the lofty forts and royal palaces in the golden department North takes an oath to never disappoint you.

Moreover, the north of India is spiritually so strong that you’ll find yourself drowning in the colors and peace of its spirituality.

Take a dip in the holy river of Ganges, maybe? North India temple tour is on some next level. Brimming with spirituality and positive vibes, it is a must try.

Strangely enough, you’ll understand what we’re trying to say. Influenced a little by the Tibetan spirit in the northernmost part of itself, north India will unabashedly bring you an exotic blend of various cultures and ethnicity.

Yes, an oasis of India’s pride it is.

South India

Elephant Ride

Be that as it may, if you plan to visit India with the motive of covering the widest range of a myriad of travel luxuries that it has for you, South India is undoubtedly your muse. Keep the best south India tour packages aside for a moment, we’ll come back to them later.

With the size a little smaller than the north but the contrast just as evident, It comes with a vibrant variety of languages, ethnicity, and cultures and traditions.

From the surreal mountains of the god’s own country, spice and coffee plantation emanating positivity, beaches perfect for adventure and nature-loving, incredibly built spectacular temples by the beaches or by the coastal towns, and a plethora of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, south India steps up its game in the department of exotic and rooted traveling.

You know what are the added perks?

The quest for healing, well-being, and finding your inner peace ends here.

Visit India to indulge in its southern chivalry and luxury that cares about your mental and physical well being through its world-class Ayurveda, Yoga and, Meditation retreats.

We promised to help you with this ever pricking confusion, didn’t we?

I hope we made it a little easier for you to decide where to end up when you visit India in all its glory.

North or the South, incredible India will change you forever once you’re done having the taste of the life that it gives you.

A for atmosphere


Northern India is home to the vibrancy and chaos that India is famous for. In Fact, here is always something happening that will compel you to stop and observe. The streets are chaotic and life pretty much moves really fast here. Furthermore, the fresco of crazy music, car honking, people chatting and myriad of colours in shops will be the highlight of your trip in Northen India.

Contrastingly, Southern India is much more relaxed and slow-paced. Although we cannot guarantee that for the developing cities, the countryside is quite peaceful and very traditionally driven. Moreover, in states like Kerala, you won’t be able to spot any beggars. It will be refreshing to you as in North India the struggle to deal with these beggars is real. In fact, you won’t be able to hold yourself from noticing that the car honks aren’t as aggressive as in the North.

Additional Info

Random facts about north india and south india

Largest city Delhi Chennai
Area 1,421 million km² 635,780 km²
Language Hindi, English, Urdu, Punjabi; Kashmiri, Dogri Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Urdu, Sourashtra
Landscape Mountains, deserts, cities and villages, with loads of open, fertile space in between Beaches, tropical forests
Known for Himalayas, Jaipur, Taj Mahal, Varanasi on the banks of the Northern Ganges River Kerala, Goa, Chennai, Tamil Naidu
Top Attraction River Ganges, Taj Mahal, Ranthambore National Park. Alleppey backwaters, Meenakshi Amman Temple and Hampi.

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