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Rusirani Village in Rajasthan

There is nothing like knowing a culture. And, if you are into cultural trips, you will agree with us. That’s because an empty castle, a magnificent palace, or even alluring architecture cannot give you the same amount of fervor as a day in the company of culture can.

Turn back time and detach yourself from the tentacles of technology just to live more opulently in the aura of the rich culture of Rajasthan. Learn to cook Rajasthani delicacies or just enjoy a wholesome conversation with the community.

Believe us; there is such simplicity and warmth in their services that no high-end hotel can compete with them. And, if you are on a golden triangle trip, then adding this amazing travel destination to your list will add the tang of rural travel to your India travel journal. And, who wouldn’t want that, right?

What Is Rusirani?

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Credits & Courtesy for the images by -Giriraj from Rusirani Village Community.

Russian Village is a small hamlet located at a distance of 56 miles (90 km) from the pink city and the capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur.

This village is nestled amidst the Aravali range near Sariska National Park. And, due to the surrounding hills, the village is isolated, even from its neighbors. It is unheard of and untouched by tourism or even people. This makes the village a time capsule for age-old heritage and early-civilization-like lifestyle.

Do you know that this village is 2000 years old and is laden with panoramic views? But that’s not the reason why we love this place so much. We love it because of its warm community and real representation of Indian culture, which by the way, still lives in the villages of India.

Russian Village takes you back in time. And, we mean in every way possible! Take that from no supply of electricity, no communication services, and weak transportation. It is mind-boggling how in the 21st century, the people of this village are still living ages behind. If this isn’t a unique experience worth vouching for, then, we rest our case.

History alert! Do you know this place has religious importance too? Yes, this village is famous for its mentions in the Hindu epic ‘Mahabharata’. People believe that ‘Pandavas’ called this place their humble abode before venturing for the war of ‘Mahabharata’. The gist of which, they constructed many temples to worship Lord ‘Shiva’ to take the blessing of the destroyer for the ultimate war. Although they also built step wells and palaces, the temple that is in ruins is the most popular here.

The narrative of the village’s history also revolves around the Queen of Alwar who found it as her new home. Maybe that’s why the name of the village translates to Upset Queen (“Rusi”- Upset |“Rani” – Queen).

Where It All Started?

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The Rusirani community gained popularity after becoming one of the revered destinations in Rajasthan. All thanks to the NGO- INSPIRE. This NGO by the youthful locals saw the potential of rural tourism in the village. That’s because, unlike the blingy cities and towns of Rajasthan, this little village had something unique to offer to travelers who come to India to understand the cultural roots. And, the idea blossomed!

The NGO worked in harmony with the villagers, brought prosperity to the village, and helped out the girls of this hamlet with access to higher education. They are now working on the infrastructure of the village and are even installing solar panels, which is amazing. So, if you are a sucker for experiences, don’t miss this destination on your Golden Triangle itinerary.

Top Reasons To Visit Rusirani Village

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1. Have a knack for history and rural tourism? Then, Rusirani village is the best of both worlds.

2. There are a plethora of ancient ruins to witness in the village. Be among a lot of first few travelers who get to witness heritage in Rajasthan via a village, not by a city.

3. Rusirani is home to age-old and untouched heritage. Just imagine how many bizarre facts you’ll come across while paying a visit here. And, the bonus of learning about early Indian culture is another addition to its pros.

4. Rusirani village works in collaboration with various committees of the village. Every person of the village is an integral part of the whole process; so, management here will be top-notch. Plus, these locals welcome you with wide-open arms in their homes, which is not an everyday affair.

5. Rusirani Village is no cultural park. It is an authentic cultural experience that’s true to its roots at every level.

Still reading? So, now you are more inclined towards paying this village a visit. So, let us talk about the perfect itinerary for the same. Thank us later!

The Perfect Itinerary For Rusirani Village

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Departure From Jaipur

Preferably depart right in the morning at about 8-9 am. It’s a long ride to the village but the scenic pleasures are worth it.

Make sure you take your tour agency’s vehicle right till the end spot as you will have to change vehicles once the terrain gets tricky.

What? Don’t have a tour agency yet? Then, how about giving us a chance? Sounds, like a plan? So, request a quote here

Arrival At Narayani Mata Temple

Upon arrival, later in the journey, you will reach the Narayani Mata Temple. Here you will change your vehicles and stop for fantastic views. But don’t get so comfortable…Fasten your seat belts and hold your hearts as the trip from here will get bumpy and loaded with off-roading pleasures.

To be honest, the village is just 3 km uphill from this pit stop. But due to the terrain, it will be 30 full minutes of adrenaline pump. We aren’t complaining, are you?

About Narayani Mata Temple

Narayani Mata temple is the site of a holy spring en route to Rusirani. It’s been amplified as it is an unusual source of water in semi-desert land. A perfect example of how God works in mysterious ways! Stop here for freshening up and clicking some jarring shots.

Arrival At Rusirani Village

Reach Rusirani, the ideal place to experience every charm of rural tourism in India. The culture here is around every nook and cranny and within every beautiful little household.

This place is not special but distinct, which is why people love it. It is so real… So simple… Just like life, minimalistic and fun.

As soon as you step into the village, the warm smiles of the villagers greet you.

These extremely friendly peeps will open up their homes and hearts to you. They will pose for your cameras, and share laughs and giggle while trying to converse with you.

Tired much? Then, take a sip of their tea or refreshing drink and forget about your tiring journey. Frankly, we bet it would already be gone by seeing the bright faces here but if in case there remains any tiredness; the drink will help you cope with it.

Enjoy the village’s entourage. Believe us; just loitering around and seeing them live a life that’s hundreds of years behind the city life is amaze-balls.

Once you are in their households, doing everything that pleases you is apparently the best way to go.

Join the ladies for a cooking lesson, learn how to use a chulha, eat, drink, and dance to their absolutely awe-striking music.

Fancy something different? Then try their hookahs (a single multi-stemmed instrument for vaporizing) and flavored tobacco called shisha. Do you know what’s even greater? That you can use their homemade tobacco too!

Longing to buy some souvenirs? Then, visit the local market for some cutesy handicrafts and regional tokens. And, if you are in no mood for taking any effort, just soak in the ambiance and cultural ecstasies.


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As a cherry on top, Rusirani is home to amazing sightseeing experiences too. One of which will take you to a 9th-century temple amid the canopy of lush green trees.

Neelkanth Temple, the abode of the destroyer, Lord Shiva is among those few sights in Rusirani that are worth your time after the superb cultural immersion.

Lurk around the temple, click a photo or two, and call it a day!


Once you are done indulging with the locals and conversing with them heart-to-heart, you will depart with some sweet memories and a pagdi (Rajasthani Headgear)

Night Plan: For Star Gazers And Rural Tourism Lovers

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Planning on staying for the night? Wondering about the arrangement for a night stay in Rusirani village? Then let us tell you, there are arrangements if you are planning to stay here for the night. The family that will host you for the day will host you for the night as well if you wish to stay.

Night stays in Rusirani means watching the sunset from the fort walls and gasping in awe while the village lights up with life. Although the experience is different for every traveler, an endless conversation around the fire pit at night is constant for everyone.

Above all, you will get to spend the night in a rural household cutting all ties with the outside world, which is amazing in its own way.

Morning comes here with more deep conversations with the host family, views from the rooftops, and witnessing all morning village chores. After which, you can enjoy a hearty breakfast and take advantage of the local landscape. Do you know that there are about 352 beautiful heritage sites in and around the village? So, it’s time to view some.

Once you are done enjoying a few, you will be brimming with experiences. So, it will be the perfect time to bid adieu to this wonderful place. Departure will be done in the same way.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rusirani Village

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What Is The Process Of Tourism Here?

Each family of this community hosts a single guest each day. Upon arrival, they welcome the guest in proper Rajasthani fashion and accord them refreshing welcome drinks. After which the travelers are free to roam around the village while the host family prepares a wholesome meal for them.

Elders of the community also join the travelers in their venture and wholeheartedly interact with the culture buff giving them all the information they need.

Once the travelers have spent an ample amount of time enjoying the company of these warm villagers, they can enjoy the famous ruins of this place.

Is It Hygienic?

Everything in Rusirani is 100 percent hygienic. The food items are made from fresh ingredients and clean water.

If you are planning to stay at night, the locals will arrange the best room in the house.

You’ll get absolute privacy in the room with new bedding, pillows, and a water filter. It’s all sorted, don’t you worry!

What Is The Ideal Time To Be Here?

Like every other destination in Rajasthan, the best time to be in Rusirani Village is September-November.

While on a visit to the village, try to reach the premises by 12:00 or 1:00 pm for making the most of your time. The later you start, the more you miss so make sure you depart from Jaipur early in the morning.

Now that you’ve learned all about Rusirani, how about paying it a visit? Interested? Then, request a quote here.

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