A home outside of the home, this is what India feels like. It has brisk, rugged alleyways, infinite languages and a culture that is far from ordinary. However, what shines on its travel map is a structure that is known globally for its amazing architecture and limitless beauty. Yes, it’s Taj Mahal in Agra we are talking about here.

Taj Mahal is the most surreal creation of mankind in Uttar Pradesh. Moreover, every inch of its existence exudes the vibrancy of Indian history making it a landmark on any travel bucket list. And, if it’s on yours too, then taking the following tailor-made Taj Mahal India trip in 2020 will help you big time. It’s the best out of the lot and will make you fall in love with India. Thank us later, maybe?


India Gate
Delhi-Agra-Fatehpur Sikri-Jaipur-Delhi [8 DAYS/7 NIGHTS]


  • 1. Get your initial dose of history in the most developed city of the country. Moreover, enjoy the best of both worlds from the lightning fast metro rails to the slow and chaotic rickshaw ride. Furthermore, no city in the world has this many vibrant shades, trust us on that.
  • 2. Make your Golden Triangle India trip a success by visiting the most beautiful edifice made in history.
  • 3. Relish the sights of a Mughal marvel at the arena of fortitude, Fatehpur Sikri.
  • 4. From Mughal to Rajasthani architecture, luxuriate in a city that is surrounded by palaces at all four corners.


Foreign Lady Posing infront of camera
New Delhi-Mandawa-Jaipur-Ranthambore-Agra-New Delhi [8 DAYS/ 7 NIGHTS]


  • 1. Adapt yourself with the beauty of India at its surreal capital. Enjoy the craziness that exists in every nook and cranny here whilst basking in urban treasures.
  • 2. Turn your golden triangle with wildlife trip around at Mandawa, the royal village of Rajasthan. Go crazy for the Rajasthani motifs on the buildings here. Aalo, go shopping for the perfect ethnic souvenirs.
  • 3. Hit the road to the pink city of India. And, discover a whole new world from Amber Fort.
  • 4. Follow the pugmarks and spot the Great Bengal tiger at the Ranthambore National Park.
  • 5. Witness the tenacity of love at Taj Mahal. Find your heart overwhelmed with glee amidst its intricately decorated corridors and archways.


Fort In India
Delhi-Pushkar-Jaipur-Agra-Varanasi-Kolkata [12 DAYS/11 Nights]


  • 1. Capture the essence of India in a nutshell. Enjoy the colors on the streets and the monochrome of grand structures all at once.
  • 2. Pushkar is an enigma in itself. Discover it in North India trip by the virtue of this cultural hamlet. Camels, rituals and much more!
  • 3. Add some royal hues to make your amazing places to visit in India list. Join forces with the Rajasthani culture and travel back in time.
  • 4. Meet the ivory marbled beauty Taj Mahal on a foggy morning. Furthermore, capture it at its best while rekindling withth history.
  • 5. Encounter the spiritual capital of India that dances to the rhythm of Hinduism. Moreover, experience bliss and peace by the Varanasi Ghats.
  • 6. Have a blast at the cultural capital of India kolkata. Enjoy the spectrum of life here tht ranges from plush lifestyles to literature.


Taj Mahal
Delhi-Pushkar-Jaipur-Agra-Varanasi-Madurai-Periyar-Kochi-Kovalam [17 DAYS/16 NIGHTS]


  • 1. Experience the best of North and South India with an itinerary that is second to none.
  • 2. Chill and relax with the laid back vibes of Delhi. Enjoy the nightlife of this city while still breathing in history.
  • 3. Let Rajasthani folk music guide you to the cultural escape that blooms in the company of its palaces. Switch travel themes whenever you like whilst enjoying the magnificence of Rajasthani culture.
  • 4. Land on the spiritual haven of India that drenches in the holy water of the Ganges. Enunciate prayer and accord positivity into the universe.
  • 5. Visit the magical temples of Madurai covered in numerous murals of Hinduism. Experience magic at its very best against a bewitching backdrop.
  • 6. Meet with the very friendly elephants at Periyar. Catch glimpse of it and many endemic species at an emerald wonderland in Kerala.
  • 7. Enjoy the beautiful sunset of Kochi while enjoying the seafood of the estate on your iconic trip to India.
  • 8. Feel at home with the scenic treasures of Kovalam. There is a reason why Kerala is called God’s own country you all.


Delhi-Agra-Jaipur-Bikaner-Jodhpur-Jaisalmer-Udaipur [17 DAYS/16 NIGHTS]


  • 1. Enjoy the endless gastronomic fiestas in the capital of India. Witness the most iconic structures on the Indian monument map.
  • 2. Root for the World Heritage site Taj Mahal that is known to many as the epitome of eternal love in Agra.
  • 3. Speak to the rustic charms of Bikaner and Jaipur. Its pristine palaces and lofty forts will definitely make your trip a memorable one.
  • 4. Ride on the ship of the desert on the golden soils of Jaisalmer. Live in tents and visit palaces, it cannot get any better than this
  • 5. Enjoy the charms of the blue city Jodhpur. This blue paradise is a treasure of cultural assortments. So, explore every inch of it.
  • 6. Encounter the most dreamy landscapes of India. Go on a bicycle ride at Udaipur, the city of lakes while rejoicing in the charisma of its palaces.


Delhi-Agra-Jaipur-Jodhpur-Udaipur [11 DAYS/ 10 NIGHTS]


  • 1. Vibe with the urban hub Delhi. Moreover, enjoy the amazing shopping perks while visiting edifices of the yesteryears.
  • 2. Experience the sheer bliss of standing in front of the most beautiful structure in the world. Furthermore, witness Mughal architecture a little closer while enjoying the sights of River Yamuna.
  • 3. Turn your travel heart pink at the most beguiling city of Rajasthan. Enjoy the company of palaces, museums and what not!
  • 4. Experience the enigma of the blue city Jodhpur. Also, go on palace hunts and gorge on to the scrumptious flavor food of Rajasthan.
  • 5. Fill your heart with romance in the Lake city of India on your Delhi to Rajasthan adventure.


DELHI- India in a nutshell


New Delhi is the window to the lives of urban India. Although drenched in history hues, the city manages to treat its visitors with a heartwarming amount of urban pleasures.

Delhi is a shopper’s paradise that houses every single cultural assortment from the diverse land of India. Moreover, it’s a mini model of the country that teaches you how similar yet diverse India can be. So, mind it, not availing it perks is a complete bummer.

AGRA- A Mughal asset


If there is one place that is capable of giving you the right representation of the Mughal era in India, hands down it has to be Agra. This age-old capital of the Mughal Empire shines in the glory of its reminiscence.

Agra is chaotic and very crowded. However, between the hustle and bustle there is a sense of belonging which only a few destinations have. Nonetheless, it is what it is, raw, simple yet very alluring. Well, that calls out for a visit, doesn’t it?

FATEHPUR SIKRI- The winning shrine

Another World Heritage Site on the Taj Mahal Trip for you all!

Fatehpur Sikri is a palace-city-complex not that far away from Agra. To your surprise, it is the only Mughal structure that takes inspirations from Hindu and Jain architectural sites. From eye-popping murals and paintings to intricate pieces of craftsmanship, Fatehpur Sikri is a blessing in no disguise. Moreover, some of its attractions include famous structures like Buland Darwaza, Jama Masjid, and the tomb of Salim Chisti

JAIPUR- Prestigious and pink!


Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan is one sole destination worth traveling for its amusing palace hunts. Although it’s known to the world as the city painted in the tones of pink, its royal hues aren’t that far behind the top spot.

Palace jaunts in Jaipur are never-ending. Moreover, the best part is that none of these palaces is any way similar to the others. Excitingly enough, you will find them in places where you will expect them the least. That includes locations like a lake or a hill for instance.

Jaipur basks in the glory of the plush Rajputana culture. So, it is obvious that it proudly flaunts its heritage and flavorsome food. So, look out for them on a trip there, okay?



Rolling down the red carpet for the globally renowned Bengal Tiger is Ranthambore, a wild calling that appeals to every travel loving heart. But can we talk about places to visit Rajasthan without mentioning its forts? No, right? That’s why you will find fort ruins and temples in the vicinity of this national park too.

Ranthambore National park is a paradise for every thriving shutterbug and why wouldn’t it be? There are over 300 species of birds and over 150 species of animal here after all. Moreover, this makes this wildlife sanctuary of India a perfect hotspot for bird watching fiestas under the desert sun. Sounds music to the ears, doesn’t it?

MANDAWA- A Bollywood saga


If you are following the pop-culture of India, then, we are sure you must be acquainted with Mandawa. Why? Well, that’s because this royal village is known as the filming grounds for many Bollywood masterpieces even including those nominated for Oscars.

Mandawa is famous in the world as the perfect ethnic village where you will find intricately carved and painted Havelis. Furthermore, the rural folk here ace the Rajasthani arts and crafts. So, buying a thing or two from here as a souvenir of your Taj Mahal India trip 2019 is mandatory.

Mandawa is home to another lofty fort in Rajasthan but what will make your jaw drop here will be the vibrantly painted temples. Nonetheless, it’s the destination for people who want to reach the roots of India. Well, that makes sense because the real India still lives in its villages.

JAISALMER- Castles in the sand


Jaisalmer is the famous desert city of Rajasthan. Living in tents, riding on camels and eating the lip-smacking delicacies the state are just some of its most revered pleasures.

Despite the extremity of the climate here, the enthusiasm of its people never fades. So, why not revel in its magic that also exists in the cave hills within the boundaries of this sun city?

PUSHKAR- The desert town


Have you ever imagined how jumping on a camel in the middle of a desert for a safari feels like? No? Then, in Pushkar, you have this golden opportunity banging your tent doors.

Pushkar is known to the world as the religious hotspot of Rajasthan with 53 Ghats in its vicinity. However, what excites its patrons the most are the iconic hills that narrate stories if the past. Moreover, there are temples, palaces, camel rides and whatnot bejeweling its identity. So, it makes absolute sense for every travel buff to pay it a visit.

VARANASI– The shrine sanctuary

Hit the high notes of spirituality in Varanasi. This destination is probably one of those few cities that is capable of pulling all the right strings of human emotions. The beguiling irony is that strolling through its chaotic alleyways always feels serene. The Ghats, the temples and of course the Ganga Arti are the major factors contributing to it. There are enunciations in the air that you will hear as the background score. Still, it will always be the creased smile of its people and their dedication towards their deity that will move your inner spiritual being leaps and bounds on your Taj Mahal India trip.

UDAIPUR- The Lake city


Udaipur, the city of Lakes is one of Rajasthan’s best keeps. This beautiful city shines with the reflection of the sparkling waters of Lake Pichola and rejoices in the nobility of its past. Here in Udaipur, tracing the historic trails on a cycle to track down forts and palaces is probably the best thing to do.

Udaipur travel is a blend of various historic architectural pieces. Moreover, it is here that you will acquaint yourself with the terms like Dudh Talai (the pond of milk) and Saheliyon ki Bari.

Are you a wildlife enthusiast? Then, you will love Udaipur on your Indian visit for its wildlife safari at Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary too.

In Udaipur, you can tantalize your taste buds with masala tea amidst Aravali hills and enjoy the wholesome Ayurvedic massages at the same time. Where else you will get to that together?

JODHPUR- The blue beauty

Colored in the shades of blue, Jodhpur is a grandee on any trip to Rajasthan. There is beauty in its ruins and bliss in its spiritual shrines.

A trip to Jodhpur is a tribute to the extravagant cultural beauty that exists in the state. Furthermore, the delicious royal platter it accords to its visitors to taste from redefines the meaning of appetizing for many.

KOCHI- The southern delight

KOCHI Fisherman

Enjoy the tropical treasures of India in Cochin. Famous for its golden beaches and Ayurveda, Cochin comes as no surprise to the amazing places to travel in India list.

Romanticizing the serene backwaters, a houseboat ride is mandatory here. Furthermore, enjoying the treasures of wildlife is another highlight of this South India trip.

MADURAI- the blessing of the goddess


Welcome to the oldest continuously inhabited city across the globe on your Trip to India. Madurai is one travel gem of India that needs no introduction. Decked up in stunning Dravidian-style temples, castles, and aromatic jasmines, the aura of Madurai is electrifying.

Madurai is a spiritual awakening that also rejoices in its pristine palaces, hill carving and museums. This quaint sanctuary is a wholesome treat of a south India trip that will make you dance with all your heart. So, why not lap up to its pleasures?

KOVALAM- The beach town

Water sports and spiritual salvation, well, that’s a combination worth everything in the world don’t you think? If you agree with this a hundred percent, then, you will love Kovalam with your heart and soul.

Kovalam has its travelers wrapped around its travel assortments. Furthermore, here taking a piece of history after enjoying spine-tingling surf is what all it takes to gel in its culture. So, just get completely into it and think about nothing else. Enjoy!

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