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With sand breezing through your hair and your toes feeling hot and cold of the desert, it will be that and more on your Jaisalmer Desert Camp.

A hotspot for travellers all around the globe, Jaisalmer in Rajasthan sports the best of both worlds. From the wilderness to luxury, you’ll find it all. And what better way is there to live all of it than to go camping under the sky out in the Thar Desert where every oasis is nothing but a miracle.

Here’s a roundup of every golden experience on your Rajasthan adventure that will drench you in magic with every second that you spend in the golden city of Jaisalmer.




Take a sunset tour here; believe us it is as magnificent as it sounds. A drive to the desert is worth every second when the destination gives you memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Furthermore, this Indian landscape is even better with a two-hour long camel ride to best enjoy the authentic Jaisalmer.

While you please your eyes with the sweeping view of the rolling sand dunes, they ready themselves to welcome streaks of crimson that paint the sky with an absolutely breathtaking sunset.

Enjoy the sunset and end your day with some stargazing. The sky will be crystal clear and the stars will be beaming to grant you your wishes.



Well, there’s no beating the very experience of watching the sun come down in bouts of red and crimson is what we all thought, right? Guess what! It gets better. A dinner cooked over an open fire accompanied by a steaming hot cuppa tea sure makes up for an unforgettable time.

Moreover, if there’s a magical sunset with a sprawling vista, it is here amid the golden gleaming sands of Jaisalmer.

Your plan for the day would be to ride those camels until the end of the desert. (Well, not literally) and then fill your bellies with some mouthwatering dinner, while you watch a sunset and gaze at the night sky after that.

You have got to make the most of it.



This is one of the most beautiful experiences that you’ll have at the Great Indian Desert on your cultural trip. It combines the thrill of a jeep ride to the desert camp, a long and steady camel ride, a glimpse of the magical sundown, and a smorgasbord of some lip-smacking dinner, all into one.

If you thought that was all, you’re in for a treat. There’s more for your entertainment. Let yourself be blown away by the timeless beauty of traditional folk music and dance.

To remember your blissful journey to the Jaisalmer desert camp this performance will be just for you. After all, a cultural show can never go wrong.


Imagine yourself tucked under a blanket of stars while the air is fresh and weather – the right amount of nippy.

This is another luxurious thing to do that can take up for your time at Jaisalmer desert camp and make you feel like royalty. This will get you to ride camels while witnessing a sunset that will compel you to think about how beautiful life is.

Furthermore, you can even have a taste of the opulent Rajasthani culture through traditional folk music and dance that’ll be performed for you.

While all of this happens, gorge on the hot and filling dinner. Moreover, make yourself ready to spend the night in one of the most gorgeous Swiss tents smacked right in the middle of the Great Indian Desert.


zeep and mnan

Do you thrive on adventure and adrenaline? Then, your stay in Jaisalmer desert camp will be even better. Packed with a buffet dinner, a traditional folk dance and music show, a 2-hour long camel ride, this one will offer you a stay right in between the entire wilderness in a pup tent.

However, no matter how appealing luxury looks to anyone, there’s a special kind of charm felt with living unabashedly and experiencing places in their very raw and vulnerable state.

Folks, get ready to let your blood rush with excitement. You are spending an entire night out in the open in a desert, gazing at the sparkly sky.


Village walks: Down to the roots

Village walks

You thought that your time in Jaisalmer Safari camp was going to be all about deserts and sunsets? Well, you were wrong.

We believe in offering a rooted experience that

comes out of living like a locale. You’ll be exploring different villages in the desert only to halt during lunchtime for an exciting experience.

A sumptuous authentic Rajasthani lunch with a local family will be awaiting you. Take this opportunity to get to know about the local people and their lives. Make friends for life and thank us later.

Bird Watching Sagas


Are you nature’s baby? Do you like gazing and marvelling at the creations of God? Well then, say no more. You’re in for an incredibly interesting bird-watching session by a lake on your exploration of Jaisalmer desert camp.

Drive around some great bird watching hotspots. Later, there’ll be a picnic by a lake. It will satiate your hunger and keep you ready for the desert safari ahead.

Rekindling With History

Well, one of the experiences during your Jaisalmer desert camp that you’ll cherish for a lifetime will be exploring the historical places that adorn this city and its history. You’ll be taken to all and more from Bada Bagh to the abandoned village of Kuldhara.

Shake your senses and your curious mind, for there will be a treasure trove of stories and history with these places that will make you go amazeballs on your Jaisalmer desert camp.

Oh, and by the way, you’ll find time to relax and have a picnic lunch near a lake later. Woohoo!

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