Own your story by travelling off the beaten path. Unfollow the travel benchmarks and explore the real India – the rugged, the beautiful, and sometimes overcrowded India.
Be open for surprises, try something different and bid goodbye to the over-hyped tourist Meccas for something unique and something you.If that sounds too much work, know that we are in this together!Explore off-beat India with us. Fall in love with this country from a whole different tangent while making long-lasting memories and unique conversations.While you are at it, know that there will be no stop to your photo-gramming as you will have so many new places to explore. The best part is, you will get to set your own travel benchmarks. Wasn’t that the whole purpose of travelling in the first place?


Traveling to off-road India takes you to destinations that are poles apart from being crowded. An experience like this in India well that’s something you should never miss.
 Traveling to off-road India takes you to destinations that are poles apart from being crowded. An experience like this in India well that’s something you should never miss.
 Lap up to nature’s architectural excellence. The forests and meadows here are all beautiful but even real nature-architecture exists! Root bridge? Rings a bell?
 Villages and towns with artistry running in every generation. Just imagine how amazing it will be to be surrounded by pieces of art at every sight. Priceless isn’t it?
Be the better version of yourself amidst the tribal tunes and village walks. Eat, dance and live with them to acknowledge their lives. So, detach yourself from the materialistic pleasures to connect with your wilder roots.
 Contemplate the soothing presence of the Gurus (Teachers) who have dedicated their lives to Yoga. Be the guest of these temples of salvation which are run by the top Yogis themselves.
 Practice amidst the most placid settings onto the laps of Nature.
 Visit the memorial of the Yoga-bearer of the East. Practice and calm your mind amidst the sounds of crashing waves.
 Offbeat nature excursions folded in history. That certainly is the zest of the road less traveled. Come, become its acquaintance and finally its lover on your trip to untainted India.
 Be rebellious by getting religious at the off-beat shrines. Find yourself by losing into total devotion at off-road India.

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Travel larger than life to the cold desert of India. Trust us, when we tell you that there actually exists one in off-road India.

The high-end roads here will be your guide to this beautiful desert valley with the gifts of nature. Here, you will be stunned by the architecture and somberness of the Tabo village where the oldest Buddhist monastery resides. But that’s not all; Visit Kaza for some of the most amazing bonuses of all time.

Hike or camp at Chandra Taal Lake for the delights of the chilling winds from the Himalayas in the background. A homestay at Mummy Village Giu or Nature spotting at the Pin Valley National Park will also add a wow factor to your travel. We know that treasures like these are too hard to find but we got your back here. So, fall head over heels for it at off-road India.


Trekking and wildlife excursion on the same run hmm sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? Do you know the pleasure and thrills of all this are wrapped up on a trip to Manali? No? Then, follow our lead and hold your heartbeats. Why? Because they are going to accelerate like crazy at the Great Himalayan National Park.

Come closer to the much-exotic species of the Himalayan belt. Believe us! The pleasures of spotting them on the foothills will make your heart go wild. Take full-fledged advantage of their ecotourism facility here because it’s amazing! Indulge yourself with the pleasures of bird watching and photography to turn into a photo berg with some superbly amazing shots.

Did we hear you say hill adventures? Aha! Then you have booked yourself for some great treks. To name a few how about some trekking to the popular Lambri Top, Marahni, Rakhundi Top, and Nada Thach? Yes? Way to go!


Heaven exists! Want to have a fair share of it? Then, trek through the clouds to the meadows of wonders. Here, you will get the sight of colorful drops of heaven on a lush green canvas. Its seclusion will drive you nuts and we have no doubts about it.

The valley of flowers is magical and is home to many rare animals including the Asiatic black bear, snow leopard, musk deer, and many more. Are you more inclined to scenic pleasures? Then the floral pasture here with the Himalayas in the background will certainly meet your expectations.

A winter wonderland and a summer paradise, there is much more to this place than anyone can ever realize. Are you a seeker with magic in your eyes? Then you might spot some fairies that reside here. Believe it or not but that is the folklore of this place for you.


Want to ditch the rush at the palace hunt? Yes? Then, come along with us off-road India to a town which is known as the ‘open art gallery’ of Rajasthan. Mad for ancient architecture?

Then, Witness the sights of refined artistry at the very famous Mandawa fort here. Don’t put your cameras on hold so soon! The colorful streets and beautiful Haveli still await to shower its beauty.

The haveli’s here are no less than an extravagant movie set. Want to hear a fun fact? Some of the biggest Indian blockbusters have been shot here too! Star in your Bollywood movie while strolling through the corridors of these palaces and mansions. Holy Moly! Don’t even get us started with the food here. It is way too yummy to discuss.

So, meet the showstopper of Rajasthan. You might not need roadmaps because the festivity in the air will automatically drive you here.


Stroking sun peeking from sky-high mountains will lead you to the green meadows of the Nubra valley. Mark our words; it will catch your attention unexpectedly and very strongly. The changing terrains experienced here will surely be a bookmark on your memory journals. It is rustic and it is damn beautiful, no doubt about that.

This Tinsey winsey town has truckloads of stories to share with its admirers. If you want to learn them then start off by getting acquainted with the origins of the super unique language Balti. Yes! The people of this town speak a language that you’ll find now on the map of this Nation. The cherry on top is that it is also the apricot paradise of the nation. Keep that in mind.

Are you ready to exchange your luxury with absolute bliss for a day? If yes then Turtuk is waiting for you unaltered and raw.



The high terrain of India invites you to be their guests but do you have the nerves to get there? Yes? Then, stay at Langaza to go on a fossil frenzy. More of a nature person? Then take your backpack and trek to the lakes nearby while gazing at the Chau Chau Kang Nelda peak or the 1000-year-old Buddha statue here. A stay in Hikkim is altogether a different experience.

How? Well, more people, more cultural influence, more monasteries and a post office that claims to be on the highest elevation in India. Isn’t that enough to get you here?


Okay close your eyes and imagine yourself in the middle of three terrains that are hella contrasting. Didn’t that bring a huge smile to your face? If yes then get ready to extend it a lot more at the jeep safari in Turtuk village of Ladakh.

Where will it take you? Well, long story short you will be traveling by tearing the chilly breezes while admiring every inch of its beauty. The jeep safari will take you to the apricot paradise and village lanes after crossing the hanging bridge. Also, the local food here will increase your hunger and appetite.


Do you love camping? Are you an avid trekker? If yes, then what are you still doing in the populous trek destinations? Come and be a patron of the very secluded Chandra Taal Lake. Here you can retrieve your inner trekker with a camping spirit that will stay in your heart forever.

The calm of the lake will take your breath away and the reflections of the sky at night in its water will make you scream ‘Wow’. So, enjoy the chase of the gazing sun and the tease of the snow-laden mountain while you indulge in the camp fun and games.

Venture down the path less trodden, where discovery awaits at every turn, revealing hidden treasures and profound insights along the way.

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