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Do you think you can very well connect with the wild? Does the aroma of moist soil make you go crazy more than any pricey perfume? Does your heart scream ‘Oh my God!’ every time you watch a wildlife episode on TV?Well then, give us a high-five because you are a fellow green-panther! Your love for green-estates is no doubt more than that for concrete forests, isn’t it? Then, why not explore the wild for a ripping jungle adventure? Isn’t it music to your ears? We know it isCome walk with us through the nutty trails of Incredible India. Prepare yourself for a little jungle frenzy with the sight of roaring tigers and happy elephants. Revel in the sounds chirping birds and jump on your safari rides to adore the wildlife in India. Enjoy to fullest. You can thank us later!


There will be no limit to your exploration. Trust us! You will turn in any direction and boom! There will be nature shedding it’s very best. How do we know? Well, there are 89 National parks, 13 Bio-reserves and 400+ wildlife sanctuaries in India. You can do the math yourself!
Exotica at its very best! Watch the finesse of the One-horned rhino or take a selfie with the Lion-tailed-Macaque. Doesn’t this press you excitement buttons like crazy?
Bask in the pleasures of the adventures in the wild because there are too many! Do everything you aspire, but without losing your binocular or for that matter your patience.
You can heal yourself for future here. Yes, that’s true. This spiritual healing does look beyond time and determines what problems you might have and heals accordingly.
It’s not just about wildlife! Have you heard of the amazing numbers in which flora exist here? Well, in a nutshell, it is huge! We assume you don’t want to miss that, isn’t it?
The stomping ground of wildlife in India is the shutterbug high-alert area. You can bring your lenses and turn into a pro in seconds. So, get ready to extend your horizon amidst its unrivaled beauty. Thank us later, maybe?

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New Delhi-Mandawa-Jaipur-Ranthambore-Agra-New Delhi



Usher into the sun-kissed estate blessed with the jewel dust of nature. Here the imperial predator waits for you to roll down the red carpet. Watch the tigers live in action while listening to stellar tales. Don’t let your shutter stop! Because you never know what mood and moments you might miss. Do you feel your heart pounding out of your chest already? Just imagine the intensity there!

This perfect date of the golden sands with the wild calls for bird watching and tiger tracking. Drained from the tiger hunt? Then, think no more and head to the ruins at Raj Bagh to click pictures for some bragging rights. Still, some time to spare? Well, then show your way to the five lakes and Kachida Valley. Their aesthetic treats in the middle of the forest will certainly leave you gasping in awe.


Gear up for the sights of tantalizing sceneries on the foothills of the Himalayas. Here, the calm of the woods is broken by the roar of another royalty of the jungle, The Royal Bengal Tiger.

This plush paradise is home to many animals along with leopards and crocodiles. Here, you can please your adventure appetite, while lapping up with perks of wildlife in India. Jeep, elephant, or horse safari, you name it and we will make it happen in this very first wildlife reserve of Asia.

Still, craving for more? Then, let us be your guide while you try some adventure sports! Yes, you can have the perks of climbing the mountains and zorbing through the woods here. Too good to be true! Isn’t it?



Make minimal sounds because you are in the territory of the Great One-Horned Rhinoceros.Yes, they do exist, and that too in huge numbers in India. This gem of wildlife in India is surely the one to cherish. Why? Well, where else you’ll find, elephant grasses, swampy marshes, and loads and loads of Rhinos? Nowhere right?The slow-paced and blissful Elephant-back Safari here, on one hand, takes you on a joyride to sky-high grasses and multiple water bodies. Whereas on the other the jeep safari covers a larger area with more animal spotting.Do you know wildlife in India is not just about animals anymore? Yes, you can also enjoy the avid bird watching that awaits you on its premises. And that’s not all! We guarantee a wide variety of flora too. If that’s not the deal to steal we wonder what is?


Want to hear the breeze murmuring the songs of nature? If yes, then the shimmering trails of the bamboo and sal will take you to the naturally painted paradise, Kanha National Park.

Here, the grassy meadows welcome visitors to get a sneak peek of the magnetic wildlife. So, travel to the heart of the country to witness the scenery that inspired Rudyard Kipling to write ‘The Jungle Book’.

Kanha can give anybody chills because spotting a tiger is no task here. And don’t even get us started on the aesthetic treat in its premises. But besides all the tiger tracing it is still the Swamp Deer here that takes away the spotlight.

Are you up, to experience absolute bliss? Then, visit the sunset point at dawn to spot the sight of Sambhar and Gaus grazing with the backdrop of the orange-streaked sky.


Is your inner history buff and nature lover competing for your travel theme? If that’s the case then, a trip to Bandhavgarh will be the wisest choice. Why? Well, here you can ride along the luscious wood while taking in the vibes of the lofty forts. The combination of the soothing sprees and nerve-wrecks here is one of a kind.

Hush towards the land of tigers which is blessed by the powers of the Almighty. Looking deeper into its history you will find that it has a timeline of its own! Yes, this park was a former hunting ground of Maharajas and just look at it now. You might not know, but this estate is the highest tiger-density nature park in India. This is indeed an incredible transformation! So, cherish it by following the paw trails to land in the company of the Eden-green mystic woods.



We won’t be exaggerating when we say that it’s like putting your heart in your mouth when you trace tigers in the wild. Trust us the chills in your whole body when you see a tiger walk beside your open jeeps is on another level.

Want to experience it? Well, then some tiger tracing will certainly help.

Why only Ranthambore and Corbett? It is because you can trace tigers without much of a hassle here.

So, get your heart ready to skip a beat every time you hear a roar.


Have you ever done a safari on a cycle rickshaw? Sounds weird? It won’t be, once you visit the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. Here, you can spot exotic and endangered bird species right on the back seat of a cycle rickshaw.

Require any information about the site? Don’t worry! The rickshaw bearers cum guides are there for your rescue. Trust us! They will provide you with in-depth information.

Watch out for 300+ bird species on this man-made wetland and prepare yourself to be mesmerized by the beauty in the air.


Chasing rhinos sounds fun, but doing it on an elephant’s back sounds super fun to us. Come, track these splendid creatures while they play with Mother Nature in the wild. Do you have any idea of how many unique sizes they exist? No? Well, you’ll crack the answer as you will get here.

Done with the rhino-spotting? Then, try some boating inside the premises. It comes with the added benefit of clicking some water birds. So, come meet them face to face on your excursion to explore the wildlife in India.


Let your inner adventure junkie and nature lover unite.

This trip will quietly knock on your doors when you are busy adoring Ladakh.

Trust us! A trek here will certainly be an emotional roller coaster. The excitement of trekking through the Himalayas will be replaced by a wave of placidity on your way up. Walking through the rocky terrains and fighting the chilled Himalayan breezes will surely help you catch up with your temperature.

So, pack your best lenses and get ready to visit an unmotorable national park.

Embark on a thrilling safari through India's untamed wilderness, where majestic wildlife roams freely amidst lush jungles, offering unforgettable encounters with nature's wonders.

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