Do you want to explore your boundaries as a spiritual being?Does the idea of rekindling with your inner-self give you chills? Do you spend most of your time searching for peace? Well, in that case, let Yoga be the fuel for your soul. Still thinking How? When? Where? Hmmmm… give your notion spree a break and let the excitement stream going. Because it’s time to learn this art from the experts at its very origin.Come meet the greater roots of Yoga in India.Find the purpose of your existence with the art of living. Learn how to align the ‘Chakras’ of your body and let the alchemy of piousness do the job for you.Your journey to becoming a true Yogi/Yogini will begin here.So, leave all the western influences aside and bash in the harmony of postures, meditation and breathing patterns. Listen to your body and assist your mind while striking a balance between your fluctuating emotions at the ‘Yoga paradise of the East’.


 Take a trip to the mainspring of all the beetle melodies. Learn how yoga found them at the meditation cave ‘Chaurasi Kutiya’ in Rishikesh.
Get your inner elements in sync with the elements of nature at Yoga retreat India. Camp around and find your spot of motivation to practice with the symphonies of nature. Do it all and Do it right at Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ahram, Kerela.
Embrace your existence on the earth by practicing the victorious ‘Ujjayi’ breath. Calm the mind and increases the psychic sensitivity. Master this art to unleash the source of vital energy in you. So, Don’t fear just let it out here at Ananda in Himalayas, Uttrakhand.
Yoga isn’t all about asanas! Get acquainted with the eight pillars of its foundation. Learn it and cherish it by understanding how every little thing makes up your well being.
Contemplate the soothing presence of the Gurus (Teachers) who have dedicated their lives to Yoga. Be the guest of these temples of salvation which are run by the top Yogis themselves.
Practice amidst the most placid settings onto the laps of Nature.
Visit the memorial of the Yoga-bearer of the East. Practice and calm your mind amidst the sounds of crashing waves.

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Add finesse to your Yoga experience at the Yoga capital of the world. Learn from dedicated Yogis and get the privilege to meditate on your happy place. Practice ‘Suryanamaskaram’ in the pure, warm sun or lay in ‘Shavasana’ under the twinkling sky. Yoga retreat in Rishikesh helps you revive your bond with your inner self.

Do you lack discipline in your life? If yes, then stay put as the tables will turn after your visit to Yoga Retreat India in Rishikesh. Your Yoga journey here will be flooded with the simplest of pleasures under the patronage of nature’s very best. It will turn you into an early riser with Yoga practices as gentle as the touch of a feather. So, why wait? Experience it all by just syncing your breath with the sounds of gushing water from the Holy Ganges.

This trip will alter many Yoga stereotypes and will render the knowledge that you’ve been deprived of until now. So, make your way onto the lap of the Himalayas to open up some new horizons for your life. Are you ready for it?


Yoga Retreat India takes you on a trip to God’s own land Kerela. Here you can practice yoga at the tranquil backwaters in the company of the floating clouds and majestic elephants. The coastlines offer amazing dawn-dusk views. So, whether you love the beaches or hear the hill calls, Kerala has it all sorted for you. Are you up for taking in the delights of this natural enchantress? We bet your subliminal self is.

Kerela is home to the very famous Dandapani-style yoga.

A visit here will certainly make you explore its horizon because why not? On the contrary, if you wish to try something unique then be our guest. Enroll yourself for a new blooming yoga culture on the islands nearby. Come and learn this imperial form of body and mind control in Kerela. Yes, you’ve guessed it right! It is Kalari. It is a Tantric form of Yoga, which combines the traditional Hath Yoga with the local martial art ‘Kalaripayattu’. So, get ready for an experience that is nothing like your easy-peasy lay on the yoga mat. Pumped up already?

Fly to India and get a little piece of history pie in none other than Agra.


When it is about spiritual adventures, it surely is about Tamil Nadu. Come become an acquaintance with the concepts of dynamic life. Lap up to the tint of religion that defines the Yoga culture here. The Yoga retreat in Tamil Nadu embraces the beauty of mystic temples and serene seas. Are you a big-time foodie? Then, a Yoga expedition in this state will turn out to be a blessing for you. If not, then, planning a homestay at its rustic yet beautiful villages seals the deal. Still not done? Then, visit the coastline to get bundled up with joy.

Watch the sun rise and fall as you practice all your asanas on the coastline. Do you know some ancient institutions also sit on the coastline in Tamil Nadu? Wonder how perfect it would be to practice yoga here. Isn’t it? This state is the most sacred land among all others that culture a legacy of yoga. As a result of which the rumor mill believes that it might have some hidden secrets to it. Spooky yet interesting!


Do you want to be audible enough for the universe? If yes, then do it by versing some of the powerful mantras.

Do you know mantras or enchantments bond Yoga and meditation together? Yes and apparently it is the force that in collaboration with breath causes vibrations inside our bodies. Do you want to experience the power too? You can but only when your pronunciations are on point. This is where the Yoga Retreat India comes into play. It helps you understand and recite the right word in harmony with your breath. So take control, and unite your body and soul by chanting the most powerful words in the entire universe.



Come to fabricate a passage towards the outgrowth of your holistic health at the daily Yoga sessions. Here, you will get the best of Yoga lingos even before the sun rises. Give life to all your asanas by breathing correctly during Pranayama. After which you might just want to seize the moment. We mean literally by controlling the life force, ‘Swasa’.

So, upgrade yourself every day on the route to spiritual salvation. You can do it while learning some of the famous yoga styles like Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Ayurveda, and Nidra yoga at the Yoga retreat in India.


Yoga retreat India does not only take you on a spiritual sprint but also, immerses you in its culture pool. While you are on your route to salvation, the retreats in India take care that you live your time here to the fullest. In the same spirit, Yoga Retreat India plans the best excursion tours for their budding Yogi/Yoginis. These cultural trips primarily include heritage walks spruced up with a little chat with the locals. In addition to this, you’ll enjoy the perks of local sightseeing, trekking, safari, and everything else that helps you connect.

Yoga Retreat India Helps You Find The Ecstasy Of Energy Within Yourself. Feel It, Escalate It To Discover The True Meaning Of Life.

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