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The cosmic universe is compelling, even the slightest touch of it is very much capable of pampering the spiritual being in all of us. It is liberating, soul-feeding and feels like an infinite pool of bliss that invites you for a tranquil dive. Despite that, the question stays the same. Do you really crave for the touch of its goodness? If that’s a yes, then the Stupas in India will pave your way so that you can enjoy your personal flavorsome portion of bliss. Intrigued much? Well, that’s the beauty of it.

You might be wondering what is a Stupa? Well for you to understand, Stupas in Buddhism refers to a dome-like structure that houses the relics of Buddhist monks and nuns. In fact, some old Stupas of ancient India still have the remains of Buddha in its very core. Meaning mound in Sanskrit, Stupas in India play an important part for anyone who wishes to walk strongly on the spiritual path. The history of these structures dates very far back in time. Still, their role as the Northern lights in Buddhism is impalpable even today. Be it the Largest Stupa in India, Kesaria Stupa or the spot of Mahaparnirvana, Buddhist circuit is an absolute bliss.

Do you wish to follow this aurora too? Then, there is nothing holding you back from a trip to the Buddhist circuit in India. Are you still confused about where to head on to? Don’t worry we have got you covered.

So, here you go! We are listing the top 12 must-visit Stupas in India that you cannot miss on your Buddhist circuit trip. Let’s get started.


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Krishna Kant

The glory of the Mauryan Empire and the devotion of King Ashoka wrapped in the treasures of Buddhism is what Sanchi Stupa is all about. Known for its magnificence, this Mauryan masterpiece rests proudly amidst panoramic views at the hilltop in Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh. Believe us whenever famous stupas in India are taken into account, The Great Stupa shines the brightest and why not? It’s the oldest Stupa in India peeps.

Sanchi Stupa tourist attraction comprises of a simple hemispherical stone structure built on the relics of Buddha. It is is the perfect place for anyone who finds home in peace and gives the answer to why were Stupas built in the first place. Uniquely, despite the minimalist design, the structure of Stupa Sanchi bedazzles with a ‘Chatra’ at its summit built to honor and shelter the relics of Buddha. It was later in history that the Sungas made a bigger structure circumscribing it.

Explaining the aura of Sanchi Stupa is a task. At one instance, you get overwhelmed with the sights of intricately carved stone structures on Sanchi Stupa Tour. On the other, you feel like making a home in its vicinity. Strolling through its peaceful pathways leaves you craving for more. Still, it is always the Ashokan pillar and many small structures in the complex that takes its rightful spotlight. Here, read about many such destinations in Madhya Pradesh. There is a chance that you will come across Lingaraj Stupa at Sanchi after reading this.


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Braj Kishor

Held in high regard is Dhamek Stupa Sarnath which was founded yet again by the Mauryan King Ashoka. With the yesteryear charms and mobile beauty, Dhamek Stupa makes jaws drop. The celebration of the visit of Lord Buddha is promisingly evident in every bit of its existence. Moreover, the fact that Lord Buddha preached the first-ever sermon for the eightfold path to Nirvana here makes the crowning stroke for it on the travel in India map.

Dhamek Stupa in India will feel like a breath of fresh air and we mean that literally! That’s because this very Buddha Stupa Sarnath rests in the Deer Park of Sarnath. Taking into consideration your love for Buddhism, we know that you will thoroughly enjoy the intricate and delicate carvings at Dhamek Stupa Stupas India. If still, your heart wants for more, then the glimpse of the inscription in Bhrami script will definitely make your day. Star-striking isn’t it? Well then, read more about such holy Buddhist sites here.


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ArtHouse Studio

Shanti Stupa is the most recent ventures of the followers of Buddhism. This white marvel resting on the laps of the Himalayas is one of the most shining names in the Travel-India map. Shanti Stupa is one of the most brilliant Stupas made in the 20th century. No, we don’t say that just because of the breathtaking views of Indian landscapes. We say that also because of the collaborative efforts put in by the Japanese and Ladakhi Buddhists to create this masterpiece.

The Shanti Stupa overlooks the city of Leh and adorns this silent valley with the songs of religious beliefs. The tranquil charms in its ambiance and illuminating sights at night make this Stupa, one of the most surreal places to visit in India. The colors of celebration and the fervor of 2500 glorious years of Buddhism are always in high spirits here. Do you want to capture these vibes too?

Then, read on and learn everything you can about many such places in Leh.


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Abhishek Royal

Taking you by no surprise, Chaukhandi Stupa in Sarnath will be the very first image of the Holy Sarnath that you will have throughout your lifetime. Dotted as the celebrated spot where Buddha met his companions, Chaukhandi Stupa has hit some hard notes on the symphony of time. As a result, this ruined structure just stands tall because of the astonishing stories attached to its name.

Trust us; this structure will not only hit your spiritual buttons right but will also make you realize how petrified the establishment of the Mughal era was in India. Do you enjoy a good dose of history with spiritual sagas? Then, this is the place that will not disappoint you.


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Rahul Srivastava

Are you traversing through the Buddhist circuit or want to explore it sometime soon? Then, your Buddhist trip to India will be incomplete without the magic that dots the spot of Mahaparinirvana – the ultimate spiritual salvation.

Ramabhar Stupa is revered in Buddhism as one of the most iconic Buddhist shrines in India. This mound that rises up to 50 feet in height sets a wonderful example for the world. That is, it doesn’t always take artistic pleasure to enjoy a structure, and sometimes even the existence of it is enough. Ramabhar Stupa is front to the universe and can be spotted miles away from the main road. The structure is dynamic and its location near a pond makes this Stupa a must-see attraction in Kushinagar.

Read about many such spiritual sagas in Uttar Pradesh here.


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Witness the ambiance of the ultimate gateway to the cosmic universe at Bodhgaya, Bihar. It is where your love for Buddhism will reach its very summit. Although the complex in itself is a treat to the senses, the Animesh lochan Stupa adds up to its charms.

The Animesh Lochan Stupa will cross your spiritual path on your visit to the Mahabodhi Temple complex in Bodhgaya. Located to the northeast of the complex, this beautiful edifice stands along with the statue of Buddha gazing towards the Mahabodhi tree. Do you know the most amazing thing about it? The path you will follow to reach the Stupa from the tree is the same that was used by Lord Buddha to travel back and forth.

Making the list of the most placid Stupas in India and ignoring this very spot of spiritual salvation? Well, that’s a bummer. So, trace the footsteps of Lord Buddha to land on the most serene Buddhist sites of all time. Trust us; the charms of its 3rd-century architecture will definitely get you all caught up.

Do heartfelt experiences like these comprise your travel dreams? Then, Bihar destination will be your ideal travel match.


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Arunmehar Gangaraju Kavikondala

Nestled in the valley of alluring visions is this gorgeous Stupa in India that pays homage to the fallen heroes of the Tibetian freedom struggle. Namgyalma Stupa in Himachal Pradesh feels like nature’s very own. It sits like a gem in the cradle of the Himalayas amidst luscious Cedar trees. The Stupa flabbergasts you and makes you its patron within seconds. It does that not just by jaw-dropping sceneries but also by the positivity it surrounds.

Are you seeking peaceful pleasures? Does your spiritual heart want to take control? Then, listen to it and follow it while reveling in the melodies of clinging prayer bells. We for a fact know that you will adore this structure. Why? That’s because it looks very similar to the one built by Emperor Ashoka in the 3rd Century. Furthermore, for everything else, here is your Dharamshala guide.


annoyinghero owN RYULlig unsplash


Are you a fan of carvings and inscriptions? Then, this next Stupa our list will come to you like a travel dream you’ve always wanted to live.

The Anathapindika Stupa is a creative masterpiece that was built by the Anathapindika to mark the arrival of Lord Buddha on his invitation. According to legends, this very structure was the abode of Buddha for 24 monsoons in Shravasti. Picturing it aura seems an easy task now, don’t you think?

The structure that you’ll see on your visit here will not be more than a plinth and a flight of stairs leading up to the Stupa. Although it’s only about one-fourth of the original structure, it’s enough to put it out to the world how fascinatingly beautiful this structure was during that era.


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Next up on our list is the Stupa which boasts the power of Buddhism. It was here where Lord Buddha turned the fiercest dacoit Angulimala into one of his dedicated disciplines. If you believe what the legends say, then the contribution of this dacoit-turned monk was exemplary in serving the world. Whoa! A miracle yet again!

Angulimala’s Stupa in Shravasti was built by himself in order to pay homage to his beloved Lord Buddha. Although the structure that you will see presently is in absolute ruins, its positive ambiance even today will hit you hard with tranquility. So, don’t miss it for the world.

For many more spiritual sagas like these, tune in to the charms temple tours India offers for a visit.


saradasish pradhan akrhl5rkBPE unsplash

Saradasish Pradhan

Have you ever been to a war site that has turned the wheel of its fortune around by becoming more placid than ever? Then, the supposedly Kalinga war site in Dhauli Hills will surprise you with what it has in-store for its admirers.

The Dhauli Giri Shanti Stupa, also known Peace Pagoda, is a Buddhist structure built jointly in 1972. It was built under the assistance of Fuji Guruji.

Here in Dhauli Shanti Stupa, you will find a number of Stupas and pillar founded by Emperor Ashoka himself while the intricately carved elephants will give you the glimpse of ancient rock-cut marvels of this state.

Furthermore, the footprints of Buddha and the Bodhi trees over the stone panels along with the images of Ashoka makes this place as dreamy as one can ever think of.

Don’t forget to gorge upon the very famous Khandagiri Caves, Udayagiri and Khandagiri Caves here.


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Ruined structures narrate the story of an era in a way that even the best history textbooks thrive to take notes.

One such ruined masterpiece of Buddhism is the Great Stupa or Maha chaitya at Amaravati. Known in history to be one of the biggest in Andhra Pradesh with a probable diameter of 50 meters and a height of 27 meters, it still stands strong as one of the most popular Stupas in the world. So, we give it to you to decide.

Revel in its charms, maybe?

Likewise, some similar and tantalizing Stupas in Gujarat too! Among them, the most celebrated names are Devnimori Stupa Gujarat, Etawah Stupa in Gujarat, Boriya Stupa Gujarat and Itva Stupa in Gujarat. Fancy a read? Well, here is everything on Gujarat tourism.


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Gaurav Bagdi

We have saved you the best for the last. Are you wondering how it is the best? Well, facts state that it is as it houses the largest Stupa in the world in its premise. Got you there!

The Clement Stupa is a recent venture which came to life in 2002.

It is now the only home to a 103 feet Buddha statue dedicated to Dalai Lama. Built-in almost three years, this beautiful shrine will amaze you with its beauty and Buddhist motifs that took almost 50 artists to craft.

This World Peace Stupa boggles with every mind with its architectural finesse. Moreover, lush green gardens, sky-scraping trees, and magnificent aura just add more to it. So, if you aren’t already, then get ready to pamper your inner theist.

Did you think that was it about Uttarakhand? Well, think again! Also, read more on it and many more Stupas in India here.

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