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How to Celebrate Christmas & New Year 2024 in India!

It is that time of the year again when everyone wants to go all out for their loved ones. And, if you have similar plans, then give them something that they won’t forget for a lifetime. By the title, you might have guessed what we are talking about; a trip to India!

Travel in India comes with a plethora of options to choose from. It is the only place in the world where you can plan a white Christmas in the cradle of the Himalayas and can go for a warm New Year in the tropical states on the same trip.

These top destinations in India bring you the best of travel themes wrapped in the cultural facets of the country. It gives you an experience that is unrivaled yet very authentic to it. And, if you have it in you to give it a shot, then we promise you that you’ll have a blast.

Here Are Our Top 10 Picks For The Same.


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If you are remotely familiar with the culture of India, you know for a fact that Goa is a paradise for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Even after keeping the amazing beaches of India out of the picture, there is so much to do in Goa during the holiday season. Much of which includes enjoying the vibrant and less explored culture of the state.

Christmas in Goa means midnight masses, crib hopping, carols, and amazing desserts. Best out of which is Goa’s Christmas treats “Neureos” (half-moon pastries filled with coconut and semolina), Mandares, and Kulkul.

However, if you are a little less traditional and a little wilder, you can even go for special Christmas parties in Panjim, Madgaon and Mapusa.

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Contrastingly, New Year celebrations come with an entirely different plot and my…oh… my! It turns borderline crazy.

On New Year’s Eve and even a few days before that, the state turns into a big party. Some of the popular beaches throw impromptu dance parties which can be enjoyed by anyone. Even if you aren’t “dancing like no-one’s watching” kind of person, the event is genuinely a great place to socialize.

However, if you are a sucker for culture, then, spending New Year’s Eve in the company of music at Serendipity Art Festival is also an amazing option. And, even after that if you aren’t satisfied, you can always enjoy unique traditions like the “burning man tradition”.

Side note: They don’t burn a man but a caricature of it to bid adieu to the past year.

Do you want to spend your holiday relaxing on the beach? Then grab a blanket and have your party on the beach, picnicking and watching fireworks. It is going to be a blast!

Other Attractions: Goa Velha Palolem
Climate: Tropical


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Jaipur is the treasure trove of India when it comes to celebrating festivals. And, Christmas and New Years are no different.

It is one of the plushest and regal destinations to put your money on while planning a trip to India. Why? Well, that’s because there are many ways you can spend your holidays in the pink city of Rajasthan.

Top places to visit in Jaipur drape the city in such fervour that one cannot get over it. Places like Nahargarh Fort throw a massive party, for tourists and locals alike, to invite the New Year in all its glory. Other than that, there are many other places and clubs in Jaipur that can accord you a similar experience.

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If you are someone who prefers staying away from the bling, you should take a trip to the nearby villages of Rusirani and Bishnoi to spend the night in the company of nature away from the tentacles of technology.

Not willing to go to such extremes? Then, a cultural night at ChokhiDhani, eating and enjoying Rajasthani facets is another brilliant way to spend your New Year or Christmas Eve.

Go on a hot air balloon ride, take a heritage walk to the city, or spend your time shopping, do whatever your heart pleases and make your holidays a big success.

Other Attractions:
JalMahal, Amber Fort, HawaMahal
Climate: Cool and dry with pleasant afternoons


The never-ending process of finding oneself, tracing back your roots in the arms of nature is always beneficial. And, what better place than Alleppey can give you the same pleasures bundled with peace when every other destination is brimming with tourists?

Alleppey or Alappuzha in Christmas and New Year becomes a paradise for travelers who wish to kick start the year with the knowledge of the ancient art and science of living. It is for everyone who seeks a tranquil getaway far from the hubbub of city life.

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This tinsel town is one of the most loved warm places to visit in December in India. That is because this place offers a unique backwater cruise in traditional houseboats. These houseboats with top-notch amenities and personal chef services add extra oomph to the whole holiday travel experience, which is great.

Alleppey travel also comes with a brilliant concoction of scenic and rural travel. Here you get the opportunity to rejoice in nature’s bounty while indulging in conversations with local farmers.

Other than that, this place too has a palace and an ancient church to make your Christmas merrier.

Other attractions:
Alleppey Beach, Pathiramanal, Kuttanad
Climate: Tropical and pleasant


If you want to slide away from destinations flooded with tourists and spend your holidays exploring yourself, then, heading to the spiritual capital of India makes absolute sense. Varanasi during Christmas and New Year’s paints the picture of foggy skies with quaint undertones. The city experiences less rush during this time of the year making it perfect for anyone seeking solitude.

Even during Christmas and New Year’s Eve, the city hums the same prayers it hummed centuries back.

The buzz of theGhat-life, the line of unbroken traditions and everything we love about Varanasi stays the same during this time.

The best part about this travel destination in India is that you don’t have to do much to enjoy the place. Sitting by the Ghats and absorbing the ambience alone can seal the deal here.

But if you wish to be a part of the ongoing Christmas festivities, there are churches nearby that can offer you the Christmas magic. Do you know a little secret? The carols you’ll hear here will be a lot different as they will incorporate Indian instruments like Tabla.

Other Attractions of Varanasi:

Ganga Arti (a dramatic yet beautiful prayer performed every evening and morning on the banks of Ganges).

Boat cruise along the Ganges to get a good view of the Ganga Arti and Ghats OF Varanasi.

Climate: Generally Cold with pleasant afternoons


Udaipur accounts for one of the most beautiful landscapes in India. You’ll never see a place embracing both heritage and nature in such high spirits. And, my friend, that is a fact.

This city is perfect as a holiday getaway as it will treat you like royalty that you already are. Although there aren’t any special ways of celebrating Christmas in Udaipur, there are many clubs that can spice up your time here.

Needless to say, Udaipur has the best of both worlds. It can make you gasp in awe with its architecture but can simultaneously make you feel at home with its comfort food.

It is one of the most romantic destinations in India. However, it is still the flag bearer for the culture of Rajasthan. That is why with spa on boats and palace hunts, you’ll also see the arts and crafts flourishing in this region.

So, go bicycle around this wonderful town or learn a thing or two about “Shilpgram”. Whatever you do, make sure you take back a new skill home for the “New Year New Me” resolution.

Other attractions in Udaipur: City Palace Jag Mahal

Climate: Cool and dry with pleasant afternoons


Are you obsessing over a white Christmas? Then, making your way into the arms of Himalayas would be worth it. And, with all the snow-related activities added to its list, it might as well turn out to be the best among the best. Manali is the adventure capital of North India and a town with a bounty of natural charms. It is a perfect place for anyone who is looking for a holiday getaway that involves both.

For people wanting to spend Christmas and New Years here, Manali has a lot to offer. From treks to parties at mod cafes, to laid-back holidays to everything you expect from a hill station, Manali has it all.

To be honest, what resonates with travellers is the cultural fusion that the town flaunts. Other than that, the seclusion it offers in places like Tosh and Malana also makes travellers dance in glee.

So, if you love to be a part of its culture and try some snow sports at the winter carnival of SolangNala, then make sure you book your trip to Manali right away.

Other attractions: Hidimba Devi Temple Semi Frozen Parvati lake
Climate: Extremely cold around 5 degrees during the day.


If you love chaos and perks of the city lights, then spending your holidays in the financial capital of the country will be amazing with an A. Believe us, here you’ll forget about all the holiday traditions in India and will want to go all out. There is so much you can do here from shopping, sightseeing, to spending time on beaches to what not. However, the best way to spend your time here is to absorb everything the city has to offer.

Go sightseeing in the Colaba area to find yourself amid high skyscrapers and the infinite sea. Click a photo or two while looking at the magnanimous Gateway of India and Taj Hotel.

Sail on a ferry to a nearby island to catch a glimpse of the very famous Elephanta Cave.

If you crave some Bollywood flavour, go to Maratha Mandir that even after 25 years plays India’s favourite Rom-Com.

Are you an art lover? Then, visit the Kala Ghoda for some great artistic insights.

Stroll along the ocean in the Marine drive and eat the very famous VadaPav at a local joint. However, if nothing works for you, the nightlife of this city will surely press all the right buttons. Just take the chance of adding Mumbai to your travel checklist and you’ll be thanking us later. So, what are you waiting for?

Other attractions: Colaba Causeway Juhu Beach
Climate: Cool and Humid


Jodhpur is one of the most popular places to enjoy the holiday season. That’s because this blue enigma offers every royal shade to travellers travelling here from around the globe.

During this time, the very magnificent Mehrangarh Fort decks up like a bride and illuminate the city with the shades of festivity. Every year a New Year bash takes place here that turns the tables around for this traditional destination.

Even if you prefer spending time in the company of culture without having to deal with the rush, the city has you covered. For which you can head to a small market town near the Thar Desert named Osian. Find a few camps here and go for a camelback ride during sunset in the desert. Come back for dinner and spend the rest of your night revelling in folk music and dance.

Take homage at the desert resorts to get a little more into the festive mood. Interact with folk and eat delicious food around bonfires. Furthermore, if this isn’t the best way to celebrate the holiday, we don’t know anything anymore.

Other attractions:
UmaidBhawan Palace JaswantThada


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Jaisalmer is hands down the best place to visit in December with family. With golden gleaming sands, numerous camel safaris and rich cultural heritage, this city is a promising destination that can make your Christmas merrier.

December is the best time to be here. It is during this time that you can enjoy camel safaris and desert camping without having to fear the scorching sun.

Here, you can go on n-number of palace hunts in the afternoon while night-time can be dedicated to cultural immersion. Sleep under the twinkling stars and discover the unspoiled places of the Thar Desert. Wait! The list doesn’t end, you can also catch some beautiful sunsets while venturing into the wilderness.

During the holiday season, a special tradition surprise is planned for the tourists by respective resorts that involve traditional buffets and performances to keep you entertained.

So, if you love going a little offbeat on your vacations, getting yourself in the literal middle of nowhere can be a jackpot.

Other attractions:
Jaisalmer Fort Patwonki Haveli
Climate: Cool and dry with pleasant afternoons


We’ve saved the best for last!

Pondicherry Christmas is the best thing that can happen to your vacation in India.

The town has deep-rooted ties with Christianity. Moreover, even the city’s architectural heritage inclines more to the religion, making the locals walk an extra mile for this holiday.

This French capital of India brims with the Christmas fever with everything red and white. Even the most extravagant churches like Basilica of the Sacred Heart get decked in the heftiest way possible. Beautiful midnight masses, carols enunciating in the air and markets flooded with locals are some highlights of the insane amount of love people give to this festival.

Even the New Year is welcomed with open arms here. Moreover, being a town that flaunts its cultural fusion, it is amazing to see how beautifully people of different communities work for making travellers at home.

The town gives everything that Goa offers, minus the rush, which is probably the best thing ever. However, the beach fun it offers is exemplary. So, if you get a chance to add this destination to your India travel bucket list, do it.

Other attractions:
Sri Aurobindo Ashram Promenade Beach
Climate: Tropical and pleasant

For how long are you thinking of celebrating your holidays in the same manner? It’s time to spice things up and weave some travel memories. We have some great deals for you. So, book your trips already. Happy Holidays you guys!

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