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A Guide on The Top Luxury Tours to India

Picture yourself drowned in the best of luxury tours to India while you splurge reasonably and get ten folds in return.

From the icy cold Himalayas to tropical beaches, from the vibrant north to the majestic south, and from the luxury on wheels to the luxury in the wilderness, luxury travels in India has it all covered for you.

Speaking of which, it is unbelievable how one country can so effortlessly offer everything in extreme and is yet so opulent in its aura.

We at The Grand Indian Route have listed some of the top luxury experiences in India that will cater to your all kinds of needs. Spa, wildlife, beaches, Ayurveda, and you make it!

Royalty On A Chariot – Rail Romance With Luxury Train Holidays In India


Are you on a hunt for luxury? Does your inner soul crave to be pampered and drowned in royalty?

Do you think you’d like to cover a plethora of destinations while resting in a golden chariot running on wheels?

If the answer to these questions is yes then you’re in for a genuinely luxurious time in India. Kudos! Our luxury Rajasthan tours are there for your rescue.

Drown yourself in the luxury of luxury trains in India. Allow yourself to drench into its mesmerism at the best luxury train holidays in India. With their aura so grand and hospitality so good, it’s highly unlikely for you to be disappointed.

And guess what! The opulent culture and heritage of India seep through and through in the ambiance and facilities that these royal chariots on wheels grant you.

Covering most of north India, Maharajas express is decked up with world class state of the art amenities. From a bar to a king size bed, you’ll find it all. There are other luxury trains proudly set in the list too.

The golden chariot covers the southern part of India namely Karnataka and Kerala.


Well, talking about the palace of wheels, this grand example of luxury travel is a complete joy.

Choose any of the available itineraries that suit you the best and enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

It’s all rainbows and butterflies. No compromise.


Luxury Tours To India: Spa To The Rescue!

cottonbro studio

Get ready to rejuvenate yourself and best align your chakras while you embark on a trip.

A journey which blends spa with the healing magic of Ayurveda and Yoga.

Indian Ayurveda tourism has been gaining momentum for some time and it is only justified for the roots of Ayurveda and yoga originates from India itself.

You know what is the best way to spend your weekend away from home?

Any guesses?

Well, what better way is there than to lie all day long in a hot tub smothered with essential oils out in the open embraced with the luxury that emanates from a resort somewhere far away?

Oh, the bliss.

India is home to a lot of luxury spa resorts which cater to your skin and bones.

While you marvel at the comfort and state of the art amenities in the resort, your mind, body, and soul will go on a journey to discover peace and contentment.

Be that as it may, the herbs and the oils will take care of you while the yoga sessions out in nature will breathe in a new air in your body.

Our Ayurveda and yoga tours will make it easier to put your finger on the destinations that you’d really like to discover your healthiest self in. Get your portion of these travel assortments with a little help luxury tour operators in India. Believe us; it’s worth it!

Cruising The Ship, Befriending Nature.

Abhishek Prasad

Well, for a successful group travel to India, there’s one thing that all the luxury tour operators in India boast of the offering.

Wondering what is it?

It’s floating in the water living the time of your life on a cruise decked with luxury. Got the pun? Well, wasn’t it subtle? Ha!

On a serious note though, Indian luxury tours are best felt cruising on a ship through islands and oceans.

Sail into the sunset and revel in the unparalleled beauty of nature while still honing on to luxury India tours.

Guessing which ones to go for?

Be that as it may, we’ll help you out. MV Mahabaahu cruise will guide you through the never-ending charisma of North East India.

Furthermore, if you happen to crave for some Deccan decadence, luxury cruise liner Vrinda by Oberoi group will be your knight in the shining armor.

Backwaters of Kerala are calling you, do you hear them? Yes? Then, enjoy luxury Kerala holidays service.

Glide through the cascading backwaters while you marvel at the comfort and state of the art amenities in the cruise.

Let nature take a toll on you. Strangely enough, surrender yourself and we promise you’ll be one step closer to finding your true inner guardian angel.

Sounds promising? Well, there is a reason why they are luxury escapes Kerala, isn’t it?

Beach Baby, Let Us Fall In Tropical Love


Brace yourself for a good time diving right in the summer feels! Grab your bikinis, shorts, and Hawaiian shirts to go with your color popped flip-flops while you head to the beach for a long long sunbathing session.

Furthermore, let the tides soothe you and breeze blow you while you bask in the golden sands caressed by the waves.

Luxury holidays to India are best felt at the tropical beach resorts that define opulence, comfort and utmost luxury.

Be it Kerala, Lakshadweep, Pondicherry, Mumbai or Goa, the waters beckon you to pamper yourself and get some of that much-craved suntan.

As a matter of fact, we’re here to help you out and cater to your needs on luxury guided tours to India.

If you’re in a hunt for a luxury stay accompanied by a kickass nightlife and endless partying by the beach, then Goa will be your muse in your India luxury holidays package.

The luxury resorts in Goa will get you indulged in opulent comforts and over the top facilities by the waters.

Furthermore, if peace and calm garnished by opulence are what you’re looking for, it is safe to say that the islands of Andaman and Nicobar will satiate your hunger for some calm luxury.

Check our Andaman and Nicobar islands page to dive right in the comfort of the waters with luxury private tours in India

Unleashing The Wildling Inside With Class

Lakshmi Narasimha

Imagine waking up before dawn only to get out and witness a sunup painting the sky crimson red while the morning dew on the trees and leaves around you come as a breath of fresh air.

That’s what wildlife has to offer to you on a magic platter.

Furthermore, stay amidst the rustic charm of a wildlife luxury within the lush nature and what it takes pride in.

All you wildlife lovers, India has some incredible wildlife luxury tours to India that you just cannot miss out on.

So, grab your cameras and get out in the wilderness to pump up your blood and get an unforgettable adrenaline rush from head to toe.

Moreover, wondering what could be the perks of staying in the rough?

World class food prepared by top chefs!

Ah, isn’t it wonderful to fill your bellies with a smorgasbord of delish and mouth-watering cuisines?

Well, we’d go to the wild even if the only perk of it all is beckoning us.

Won’t you too?

Our wildlife tour theme will make it even better for you so that you can have the time of your life.

Canoodling In Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu


Be it tranquil lakes, lush green hills, mighty valleys, or breathtaking cliffs, Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu is one true luxurious spot that is not in it to disappoint you.

Take a walk along the trails and marvel at the incomparable beauty of nature.

Mountains are calling you and Kodaikanal can’t wait to welcome all of you in its super tight embrace.

Be that as it may, if you’re wondering which resorts to actually stay in for a lustrous luxury stay, we’ll help you out.

The Carlton, Sterling Valley View Resort and Kodai resort are to name a few.

While you’re in the hills of wonder, make sure to visit its ever-famous Kodaikanal Lake.

The magnificent lake will sweep you off your feet adding up to the charm of the luxury hill resort that you’ll go back to spend a night in. Also, it’s one of the best luxury vacations for couples.

Our Tamil Nadu itinerary will let you in on Kodaikanal deep and spectacular secrets of luxury south India tour packages.

Royalty At The Core, Udaipur


Well, if it is the land of Rajas and Maharajas you can very well expect royalty and luxury wrapped together and served on a platter for you.

Udaipur is nothing short of a miracle. It’s a precious asset to the luxury Rajasthan desert tour package and why not? It oozes mesmerism by just a glimpse of i.

Strangely enough, it is the Aravalli hills that stand in the backdrop while Lake Pichola gives it an added royal charm.

Furthermore, indulge in the luxury of the famous luxury resorts in Udaipur. Rajasthan tour package with luxury hotels have some ravishing treasures to offer you.

Craving for an opulent spa session? Well, the Oberoi Udaivilas is your go-to place. Trust us; it will bedazzle your luxury travel of Rajasthan.

Oh, and by the way, Taj Lake Palace overlooking Lake Pichola is no less. Drown in its beauty and state of the art amenities to get the best of Indian Luxury travel.

Also, the Lalit Laxmi Vilas Palace is another one to add to the list of the best hotels of Rajasthan luxury tour packages.

Just so you know, our Rajasthan Itinerary will help you dive right in the royalty that this Venice of the east owns like a boss. Tune in to luxury holidays in Rajasthan you guys!

The High And The Mighty Himalayas

Vishal Tiwari

Imagine sitting by the fire and soaking in the warmth cocooned within the lofty Himalayas.

Oh, even the paradoxical feelings are blissful.

Have someone special to share this experience with? Then this top name in luxury romantic vacations India will make all your romantic fantasies come true.

Furthermore, let us take it up a notch.

How about a full-fledged spa session in a cute vintage cottage?

Sounds intriguing?

Well, the Himalayas cater to your luxury needs with contemporary facilities and out of the world luxury perks.

Say, for example, get to Shimla to rejuvenate yourself in the lap of Himalayas in the critically acclaimed The Wildflower Hall resort in the town.

From Ayurveda to western therapies, you’ll find it all to indulge in accompanied by the best of luxurious amenities.

Lay down in a jacuzzi and feel the warmth seep into your skin and bones. Isn’t it a champion luxury honeymoon packages in India already? We know for a fact that the ambiance will own you.

Our Himachal Pradesh itinerary will give you more insights into the upscale luxury that the Himalayas have in store for you. They have some fair share Kullu Manali luxury tour packages too. So, enjoy!

The Aqua Luxury In Goa

Sumit Sourav

Brace yourself for the time of your life if you happen to check Goa off your bucket list.

Are you planning luxury family holidays? Then this one of the most luxurious destinations in India to visit, this gem in the rough will be a true wonder to you.

Wander through the roads in the daytime visiting the age-old churches and get yourself kissed by the tropical sun.

Also, a few popular Ayurveda spa will rejuvenate your senses and give you an odd sense of contentment. Hmm… sounds like more fire to the already lit Goa luxury honeymoon packages.

Later, till sundown, you can indulge in. Beach volleyball and some other water adventure sports like snorkeling and deep sea diving.

Oh, and by the way, Goa boasts of some Bomb nightlife.

Let loose and sway to the rhythm of the music at the beach all night. This luxury escape travels India will certainly show you how to break a leg.

Wash down Goa’s mouthwatering seafood with a cold one.

And your luxury travel to India will be sorted.

We cater to your needs for luxury with our Goa itinerary.

Travel With Style In Pondicherry

Muhammed Jiyadh

Pondicherry is synonymous to luxury and heritage. So, you can imagine what potential its luxury vacation packages hold.

Speaking of which, this French capital of India brags about tranquil beaches and upscale French architecture dotting the town with luxury and eye-popping colors. Probably the best in luxury small group tours India.

Absorb in the colonial style architecture that stands proudly in front of you.

Moreover, Pondicherry is home to some of the best luxury resorts in India.

While the waves crash the shore and while you get ready to hop on the beach and play with the sand, make sure to experience the top-notch facilities and comfort at the beach resorts there.

To name a few, La Villa, Le Pondy, and Palais de Mahe will help you receive world-class luxury treatment and a promising travel tale.

Go around the town and paint it with your memories to take back home.

Furthermore, make it a point to visit the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Auroville. Pay your tribute to this best luxury vacation spots in India. Believe us, you will love it there.

Our Pondicherry itinerary will give you a hands-on travel experience of this majestic town painted with a plethora of colours and memories of its travellers.

Luxury tour to India takes you by the storm and etches into your hearts for a lifetime.

The variety of destinations that this incredible India has to offer to you is boundless and unparalleled.

Searching for some luxury tour operators or luxury travel agency to plan a perfect guided and top notch trip for you? Well, then trying giving us a chance. We at TGIR make it a point to bring you a little closer to having the time of your life. Luxury is for life, isn’t it?

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