Paint your inner spiritual haven with the color of Buddhism on your Buddhist tour to India.
Travel through the various terrains and trace the timeline of Buddha’s life. Not everyone gets this opportunity, so, what are you waiting for?

Just to let you know, the below mentioned itinerary and information is a sample, just to encourage your holiday plans!

We can get it tailored in every way possible from the places you wish to go, when to go, number of days you want to spend, hotels you want to stay in, and the activities you want to do.

Everything we do is tailor-made, our experts are eager to start creating your own personalized trip plan to India!


Discover the gems of the capital of India. Relive the past with the perfect urban ambiance. Not everyone gets to live like that every day, right?

Fall in love with the ivory-white wonder of the world. Brace your fate because you will be visiting the ‘Taj’ (crown) of India.

Get your taste palettes all crazy with the authentic flavor of Mughlai cuisine. We can hear your inner foodie scream with excitement.

Trail the zenith of Buddhism at your Buddhist tour to India. Travel to the place where it all started and hear out some amazing miracle tales.

Take a sneak peek into the depths of Hinduism. You will love every bit of it, that’s for sure.,


Detailed Day Wise Itinerary


    Namaste! Mark your first footprints on the plush capital of India. Your personal chauffeur is waiting for you at the airport. Head towards your hotel and be prepared for your amazing time in India.


    Visiting Jama Masjid, Chandni Chowk Market, Red Fort, India Gate, President’s House, and Parliament House.

    Jama Masjid

    The pride of Old Delhi and the pivot of placidity Jama Masjid will dot the beginning of your Buddhist tour to India. This beautiful sandstone and marble mosque built by Shah Jahan will enrich your India experience with its fine architecture. Are you ready for that?

    Chandni Chowk Market

    Look at Delhi by the virtue of colors. Take a rickshaw ride to the streets of Chandni Chowk where the bling and shines of apparels and smell of flavor food will be your companion. There is a cultural mélange dripping on the streets and the deals on Indian ethnic wear will make you jump with happiness. So, make some space in your bags already.

    Red Fort

    Let the architectural shines strike you amidst the populous streets of Old Delhi. This humongous red sandstone structure will be the history-hub you’ve been longing to visit. The walls here narrate valor tales. Therefore, listen to them closely you might just as well end up learning its unique Shahajahani structural history.

    India Gate

    Hush towards the largest war memorial of this world. India gate will be one such monument that will give you thrills of excitement and chills of wars all at the same time.
    Turn into a complete photo fanatic here or just boat by the artificial pool on the premise. Go ahead and get drenched with good vibes.

    President’s Home

    Rashtrapati Bhawan and Parliament house
    Just miles away from India gate you will dot a complex with a number magnanimous edifies. The largest of them is the home to the President of the nation. This area will give you vibes of a royal establishment and why not, the extreme powers of India reside here.
    Strolling through the corridors of these elite edifices will make you feel like a royalty. Furthermore, the sights of the vibrant Mughal gardens will end up your first half of ‘Delhi-darshan’ too.
    Flavor food awaits!

    Humayun’s tomb

    After munching on your scrumptious lunch, it’s time to visit the mortal remains of Humayun at the first grand garden tomb of Mughals. Humayun’s tomb is a delightful amalgamation of Persian, Turkish and Indian architectural styles. This tribute of Begum Hamida to her husband is unquestionably one of the most artistic UNESCO World Heritage Sites. So, take its full-fledged benefits.

    Qutub Minar

    If there is something that needs to be star-marked on your bucket list on your Buddhist tour to India, hands down, it has to be this one. This tallest minaret of its time will acquaint you with some beautiful brick carvings. So, admire the realms of what was supposedly a fort and feel the beauty of its aesthetic.
    Be as it may, but age-old structures are always an asset to any journey isn’t it?

  • Day 3 : DELHI to AGRA

    Wear your perfect glares and fasten your seat-belts because you are going to visit the monumental sun of India. Don’t worry; it is just 233 kilometers away from Delhi. You can handle that keeping in mind the perks of witnessing the epitome of love, right?

    Visiting Taj Mahal and Agra Fort.

    Taj Mahal
    If there is one place that is praised globally for its undefined and unrivaled beauty, it has to be Taj and Taj always. This place is satisfying on various levels, be it in terms of symmetry, aesthetics, craftsmanship or location. Go please your inner history buff finally and admire every inch of what it has to offer. Click a million pictures or even albums because it’s all worth it.

    Agra Fort

    A sandstone paragon appreciated for its finesse worldwide stands astoundingly near the gardens of the Taj Mahal. Nestled among its boundaries are beautiful palaces, mosques and audience halls that will surely take you on a trip to that era. So, set off for the time travel, you guys!

  • Day 4 : AGRA to LUCKNOW

    Follow the aroma of flavor food and hit the road for a 335 km run to Lucknow. Freshen up at your hotel room and then, get all started for the sightseeing fun.

    Visiting Bada Imambada and Chota Imambada.

    Bada Imambada
    Come, get amazed at the maze-structure in Lucknow. This edifice which will look like an ordinary Mughal structure to you actually has 1024 routes to reach the terrace and only one to return.
    This prayer- hall is the last of its kind to not to incorporate European elements. It stands sturdy right in front of eyes, hoping you will make it out without any help. Are you in for the task?

    Chota Imambada

    Festooned with glitzy chandeliers and raized, this terrific edifice built by Muhammad Ali Shah manifests his silver throne and red crown. This complex is yet another praying hall and has two undersized replicas of the Taj Mahal stationing into its gardens.
    It is totally worth the visit. Enjoy the historical tales, you guys!


    Exploring Shravasti and visiting the Jetavana Monastery, Anandabodhi tree
    Hustle up on your Buddhist tour to India for another 178.9 km run to Shravasti. Dot the spot of twin miracles and be all ears to the stories related to it. It involves Buddha flying in the air and emanated fire and water from his body, that too for 16 long days. Whoa! No wonder why it’s called the Buddhist heaven.

    Jetavana Monastery

    Let the second holiest tree of Buddhism on your Buddhist tour to India provide you shade on the spot where Buddha gave the majority of his teaching and discourses. Walk through the monastery and come across Buddha’s actual hut.
    Go, grasps all that you can from the real roots of Buddhism. It certainly calls for a spiritual toast.

    Anandabodhi tree

    Walking through the Jetavana Monastery you’ll come across a tree all decked up with flags.

    Sit under this offshoot of Bodhi tree where Buddha used to meditate and let the peace in the ambiance do the magic.
    Shravasti’s serenity will make your heart plead for more. Spend a night here to align your chakras with its aura. You’ll love it.


    Hit the road again for a 5-hour long journey to Lumbini, the spiritual paradise on the Indo-Nepal border. Have some ‘me-time’ today and don’t worry about the ticking clock because you are going to stay here over for the night.

  • Day 7 : LUMBINI

    Visiting Mayadevi temple and Chinese Buddhist monastery.

    Mayadevi temple

    Today you will get to travel back in time. Not literally, but spiritually, so, grab the chance and pay homage to the spot where Queen Mayadevi gave birth to Buddha.The sacred garden, Ashok pillar,
    and ancient Stupa ruins are also waiting for you in its premise.

    Chinese Buddhist Monastery

    If pagoda style architecture enthralls you than there is no way you wouldn’t love your visit here. The oasis of peace awaits you at this small golden town, you’ll never regret visiting it.


    Get in the car for another 142 km to drop by Kushinagar, the site where Buddha attained final nirvana on your Buddhist tour to India.
    We told you, this one’s the best.

    Exploring Kushinagar.

    What is more blissful than the site where Lord Buddha attained Parinirvana or final Nirvana? None right? That’s why we have got you here. Drop round to see some ancient stupas and modern temples. It will totally be an emotional roller coaster ride. So, stay here for the night

  • Day 9 : Visiting Vaishali

    Channelize your inner spiritual sage and visit a peaceful Buddhist pilgrimage where Lord Buddha preached his last sermon. The quaint ambiance and the Ashoka pillar erected with a brick Stupa (Now relics) to honor the last sermon of Buddha will certainly take your heart away.

  • Day 10 : PATNA to BODHGAYA enroute RAJGIR and NALANDA

    Visiting Nalanda, Griddhakutta Peak, Saptparni caves.
    Pack your bags for another 110 km drive to the birthplace of Buddha, Bodhgaya. There are many surprises on the way to eventually turn this drive into a fervor ride.


    Your Buddhist tour to India will bring you to the realms of the world’s greatest ancient institution which was an important Buddhist institution back in the 5th – Century. You will reach here after 96 km of traveling and trust us it will re-energize you all together.

    Griddhakutta Peak

    Take a 20 km ride to Rajgir to spot the “Vulture Peak” which was once one of the favorite retreats of Buddha in Rajgir. Come here to lend an ear to some of the famous sermons of Buddha.
    Don’t miss it for the world.

    Saptparni Caves

    Welcome to the place where rock-cut temple caves shined in the past. You will feel the presence of Buddha’s charisma the moment you will step foot here. This meditation ground of Buddha has had a great lookout in history including the very first Buddhist council after the death of Buddha.

  • Day 11 : BODHGAYA

    Visiting Mahabodhi temple and Bodhi tree

    Mahabodhi temple

    Dot the place of awakening at the Mahabodhi temple. This was the place where Buddha attained enlightenment. The stone lotuses and different figures of Buddha along with his footprint are the stars of the trip here.
    Isn’t that absolute bliss, you guys?

    Bodhi tree

    Sit and meditate under the Bodhi tree. Yes, it is the same spot where Buddha attained enlightenment. Waves of tranquility taking over you? We bet it is.


    Get set go for another long drive of 251 km to the spiritual capital of India. Get to the depths of the cultural mélange here.

    Take another fun-rickshaw ride for the most beautiful sunset prayers near the river Ganges. The enchantments at the background will certainly trigger your inner theist. So, let placidity play with your mood for this once.

  • Day 13 : VARANASI

    Exploring Varanasi and visiting Sarnath

    Set your morning sails for the boat ride along the Ganges. Stroll through the merry yet tiny streets of this city and have the amazing view of Hindu rituals and ceremonies. Dive into its spiritual pool and get the best of its local culture.
    No exaggeration, just pure touch of glee


    Take a spiritual walk at the place where Buddha gave his first sermon after receiving enlightenment. Your visit here will be ornamented by various stupas, monasteries, and pillars scattered in every corner of the city. So, are you ready for this Buddhist treasure hunt?


    Today’s journey will be in the air. Fly back to Delhi and have an amazing last night in India. Rest at your hotel or keep the exploration spree going. Either way, enjoy your time here to the fullest.



    After the last sumptuous breakfast in India, your chauffeur will transfer you to the Delhi International Airport. We hope your Buddhist tour to India has made some concrete places on your memory lane.
    Moreover, we’d love to welcome you again.


  Accommodation at above proposed hotels or similar in a twin room for 14 nights.

  Ground transfers and tours through an air-conditioned car on private basis

  Entrances to the monuments.

  Boat ride in Varanasi.

  An English speaking local guide during the sightseeing tours as per the itinerary.

  Assistance on arrival and departure points.


  Meals Not Mentioned In the Itinerary

  Anything Not Mentioned In The Inclusions

  Porterage At Hotels And Airports, Tips, Insurance, Laundry, Liquors, Wine, Etc

  All Items Of Personal Nature

  Any Cost Arising Due To Natural Calamities Like Landslides, Roadblocks, Etc

  Any Increase in Taxes or Fuel Leading To an Increase in Surface Transport

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