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Your Serenely Beautiful North India Tour

North – India
10 Nights/11 Days

About The Tour

North India tour is a blessing in no disguise. It’s just out there mesmerizing the world with the treasures of its scenic beauty and nature’s bliss.

So, why not take full fledged advantage of it, what say? Sounds like a plan, isn’t it?

Because there is no place else where you will find such an amazing amalgam of religion, culture and of course nature. So, without any further ado, let’s learn what one of the best trips in India has for you.

Tour Plan in Brief

  • Day 1: Arrival At Amritsar
  • Day 2: Exploring Amritsar
  • Day 3: Amritsar To Dharamshala
  • Day 4: Exploring Dharamshala
  • Day 5: A Trekking Day
  • Day 6: Mcleod Ganj To Pragpur
  • Day 7: Pragpur To Shimla
  • Day 8: Shimla
  • Day 9: Shimla
  • Day 10: Shimla To Delhi
  • Day 11: Delhi Departure


  • Open up your heart to the holy book in the Golden Temple of Amritsar. Take a dip in the holy waters, and let the healing waters do its magic.
  • Pay homage to the private abode of Dalai Lama at the mini Tibet in India. Furthermore, trace the path of the colorful flags to land on the monastery that serves vivid stories of monks.
  • Pamper your inner tree-hugger and trek through the mystical forests of Himachal in McLeod Ganj. Trust us; your North India tour is incomplete without it.
  • Take a chill pill in at Pragpur and let the scenic delights and minimalism do its thing. Just live in the present here and enjoy the peace, you guys.
  • Rename leisure times to Shimla travels on your North India tour. There is no match of the ambiance here and the food here is worth everything.


  •  Accommodation on a double-sharing basis.
  • Bed and Breakfast plan as per the plan mentioned.
  •  Private A/C luxury coach for the plan mentioned.
  •  Shimla to Kalka Toy Train Tickets.
  •  Monument fee wherever applicable
  •  English-speaking coach drivers for the entire travel plan.
  • Private English-speaking guide as per the Itinerary.
  •  2 bottles of water per traveler.


  •  Any expenses of a personal nature such as tips, telephone bills, laundry, etc.
  •  Any alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
  •  Insurance and medical claim.
  •  Expenses incurred during the emergency situation or evacuation.
  •  Any airfares, International or Domestic.
  •  Any unspecified, optional, and suggested activities.
  •  Anything, which is not mentioned in the list of inclusions.

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Tour Plan


Arrival At Amritsar

Ola Amigos! Hope you had a great flight. Our representatives are waiting for you at the airport. Meet them and head towards your luxurious crash pad. Don’t forget to turn on the radio from some sick Desi-beats, we are sure you’ll love them. Later in the evening, take your exploration spree to the magnificent Golden Temple. Believe us when we tell you that it is absolute bliss. Be part of the daily holy fiesta which involves closing the holy book for the day. Don’t worry; we have a storyteller cum guide at your service to help you with all the backstories. Enjoy your evening with the tales and call it a day.

Exploring Amritsar

1. Exploring Amritsar Visiting the Golden Temple and India-Pakistan Border Wake up early today for your fair share of tranquility. Bathe into the nectar of immortality and let the enunciation of prayers take you to your happy place. Later in the evening take a 45-minute drive to the India-Pakistan Border for the awe-gasping closing of border ceremony. Can’t get enough of the city? Well then, stay here for another night. You can thank us later. 2. Golden Temple Golden Temple beautiful structure that is very much capable of spellbinding its visitants with its beauty and finesse. This structure is a piece of art. It makes its visitors flip over its grace and charm. Are you up for jollifying your life? Well then, this is the place to be. Furthermore, meet with the best of people and munch upon a finger-licking community free lunch on its premises. 3. The Closing Of Border Ceremony The closing of the border ceremony is a treat to watch. Although it is a ceremony involving the folding of flags with the closure of the border, it is its 30-minute demonstration that takes away the spotlight. We won’t tell you everything, see it for yourself.

Amritsar To Dharamshala

1. Amritsar To Dharamshala Again, hit the road for 201.7 km and head towards the twisty-curvy route to Dharamshala. Disclaimer! It won’t be a super comfortable ride to Dharamshala but the scenic delights on the way will make it much easier for you. Have a thing for hill sunrises and sunsets? Yes? Then we can deprive you of its pleasures so stay here for the night. 2. Dharamshala Spectate the mighty Himalayas in its imperial form. Be a patron of its beauty while walking through the streets of the cutesy town of Dharamshala. The beauty of this town is undefined and totally raw. Expect yourself munching on the perfect serving of varied cultures here. Trust us, you will brace your North India Tour for your visit here.

Exploring Dharamshala

1. Exploring Dharamshala Exploring Dharamshala and traveling to McLeod Ganj to visit Tsuglagkhang Complex. Fasten your seat belts for a brief run of 5.4 kilometers to land on the Little Lhasa of India on your North India tour. The streets here scream Tibet and the sight of silent monks walking by the road is just a usual affair to come by here. Explore this lush green sanctuary today and pay a visit to its famous Tsuglagkhang Complex followed by a brief trip to Tibetan Museum. Drive back to Dharamshala after that and spend your night in absolute serenity and lifelong memories. 2. Tsuglagkhang Complex Nestled among the lush greenery of Himachal Pradesh rests a beautiful Tibetan complex, Tsuglagkhang. This complex is famous for housing the private abode of the Dalai Lama. The people, the views, and the sounds of Tibetan bells, everything is magical about this place. This place is an open book which narrates the chapters of valor and sacrifices of the monks. Come here for the dash of tranquility that stays absent in our daily lives. Furthermore, wish upon the Buddha statue here and spend some time in self-evaluation. The zenith of bliss is here!

A Trekking Day

1. Trekking In Mcleod Ganj Coming to Himachal and not enjoying the perks of trekking, well that’s such a turn-off. So, don’t miss it, take the perfect trek that pleases your natural appetite. Choose wisely because the options here are numerous. We personally suggest you try the 8km Triund trek because it’s the best thing that can happen to anyone on the North India Tour. Not a fan of steep treks? Well, don’t worry then; we have you covered with other famous treks like the Kareri River trek, Guna Devi temple trek, Bhagsu trek, and Indrahar Pass trek. Choose whichever trek you like, we leave the choices to you. Cheers! 2. Triund Trek Trek to land on the lap of the Dhauladhar Mountains while enjoying the birds-eye view of the Kangra valley. The scenic vistas of this trek are impalpable and will push your excitement buttons like crazy. From the meadows of wonders through fine forests, everything about this place will make you believe you’ve landed in heaven. Whoa! Who would miss that? 3. Kareri River Trek Take a 9 km trek to the Kareri River. This crystal clear enchantress is 9629ft from the mean sea level and has the perfect amount of travel stardust to sprinkle on your North India tour. Trek through villages, brides, and many such places to bridge the gap between you and Mother Nature. Pumped up already? Well then get, set and go! 4. Guna Devi Trek This trek is 13 km long but the jackpot of visiting the major religious center of this place is impalpable. This trek will take you to the rural hills. Without a question, their charms will leave you wanting for more. So, trail your way through the thick deodars to land at one of the popular theological centers of Himachal. 5. Bhagsu Trek When there is the waterfall at the end of the trek, who would like to miss it isn’t it? Well, that is the story with the Bhagsu trek too. It takes you through thick and thin forest covers and makes you jump in excitement at the destination. If this isn’t something to fall for, we wonder what is. 6. Indrahar Pass Trek Soothing green hills, crystal clear streams, tranquil lakes, and beautiful deodar forest, well this pretty much describes what you’ve signed up for on this trek. Indrahar Pass trek passes by the borders of Kangra and Chamba districts in Himachal. It calls for a day full of excitement, fervor, and much more importantly adrenaline rush.

Mcleod Ganj To Pragpur

1. Mcleod Ganj To Pragpur Vroom your way for 71.4km to Pragpur. 2. Exploring Pragpur Take the road less traveled to Pragpur, a forgotten chapter in the history of India. Come here for mud-plastered walls, cobbled lanes, slated roof houses, and of course perfect homestays. Spend a day in this heritage village which has the most promising folktales for you at every inch. Are you a fan of architecture? Well, then you’ve hit a bonus here my friend because you will now be able to witness Kangra, Rajput, British, Portuguese, and even Italian architectural styles in its vicinity. What more can one ask for isn’t it?

Pragpur To Shimla

Pragpur To Shimla Get ready for a 197.6 km long ride to Shimla. Keep your cameras on a loop because your shutter will never come to a halt. Exploring Shimla Shimla is a paradise for everyone despite your travel theme. It has everything for everyone including many age-old British structures. The Shimla we know today is a famous tourist spot with beautiful scenic pleasures. Come here and play peek-a-boo with nature. Unwind its loosed strings with the British Raj; trust us there are many unfiltered stories waiting for you. Stay here for the night.


Shimla Taking the wonderful toy train and visiting the Viceregal Lodge The Viceregal Lodge Are you a history buff? Yes? Very well then, we have an amazing flavor of history for you to taste on your North India tour. Come here to visit Colonial India. Revel in the tales of pre-independent India. Trust us, it will give you chills. Toy Train Let nature overload you with its charms. There is no way you cannot fall for the amazing flora and fauna on the route. The train ride through tough and narrow terrains here makes the heart pound with fear and jaw drop with views. In and out of tunnels, this 5-6 hours ride on the emerald paradise of Himachal is an experience of its kind. Moreover, there is no way you can miss that, isn’t it?


Shimla Leisure tales at Shimla with a brief visit to Wildflower Hall Keep up with the exploration spree in Shimla. We know by now you must have fallen head over heels for this place. For today, let’s get you to see some amazing views at the Wildflower Hall. Take a sip of the perfect afternoon tea at its dining hall and add the postcard of peace to your North India tour. Stay here for another night because why not?

Shimla To Delhi

Shimla To Delhi Enjoy the perks of on-roading and Indian rail fun to touch the soils of Delhi via Kalka. Your almost 3 hour run to Kalka from Shimla followed by the train ride to Delhi will take up three-quarters of your day. Don’t worry we will be present at the railway platform for your assistance. Take a ride to your hotel and do what your heart feels like. Moreover, it’s your last day in India, enjoy it to the fullest.

Delhi Departure

Delhi Departure Rise and Shine Sunshines! You have to take an early flight from the Indira Gandhi International Airport today. So, get ready soonish. North India tour was a roller coaster ride and we are sure it would be able to plaster a permanent smile on your face. Visit us again sometime soon. Furthermore, we will love to have you here again.
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