The Majestic Golden Triangle India Tour


  • 14 Nights/15 Days

About The Tour


If it’s the Golden triangle India tour, it’s all about heaps and heaps of history.

Moreover, the rich cultures and traditions radiating from every nook and cranny of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur along with Mandawa and Ranthambore will be the answer to all your curiosities.

From the subtle folk musicians to rich and robust forts, you’ll indulge in all on your golden triangle India tour.

Be that as it may, it’s an understatement that this travel will be etched into your minds for a lifetime.

Peeps, the roots of India and the raw and bizarre life of the streets will seep into your skin and mark you for a lifetime.

Wait and watch!


  • Visit the opulent heritage of Delhi and let your taste buds tingle with the famous street food.
  • Furthermore, take the test of love at the world famous Taj Mahal in Agra.
  • Witness the queen of forts in Gwalior on your trip to North and Central India.
  • Surprisingly, break the taboos at the UNESCO World Heritage site of Khajuraho.
  • Be an adventure freak and let loose in the verdure of thick forests of Bandhavgarh.
  • Finally, Shop, shop, shop at Indore. Fill your life with yards of colours.

Detailed Day Wise Itinerary

Day 1 - Arrival in Delhi

Welcome to incredible India on your trip to North and Central India. You’ll be chauffeured to the hotel where you can relax and freshen up after a long tiring journey.

Day 2 - Delhi Sightseeing

Visiting Jama Masjid, India Gate, Humayun’s tomb and Qutub Minar

1. Jama Masjid

Witness the red sandstone and white marble Mughal edifice ruling the skyline of Delhi on your trip to North and Central India. Jama Masjid was built under the instructions of Shah Jahan. Finally, pray in the vast expanse of the holy presence of Allah and let yourself lose to a sense of peace and calm.

2. India Gate

Pay homage to the martyrs of the World War I at the yellow and red sandstone enigma on your trip to North and Central India. India gate will welcome you with its massively positive and patriotic vibes, no doubt. Care too look at the burning flame and ignite the fire in you?

3. Humayun’s tomb

March into the sprawling gardens housing one of the most significant Mughal edifices on your trip to North and Central India.
Strangely enough, Humayun’s tomb is a double domed edifice remembering the late king built by his widow after 10 years of his death in 1565.
To sum up, the lush green gardens, odd rustic charm, and the pathways will astound you with their age-old beauty.

4. QUTUB MINAR – the tallest brick minaret of all time

Brace yourself to get hit by a sudden breeze of victory feels on your trip to North and Central India. Moreover, the tall sandstone minaret covered with intricacies speaking the verses of Quran on its Afghan architecture will make you awe at its 5 wonder stories.
Excited, eh?

Day 3 - Delhi To Agra

Visiting Taj Mahal and Agra Fort
Next, our private chauffeurs will take you comfortably on a 2-hour long road journey to Agra on your trip to North and Central India.
Furthermore, check-in to the hotel and freshen up for you’ll be visiting the 7th wonder of the world and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Excited, are we?

Taj Mahal

Words fall short to describe this unexplainable beauty of an edifice resting peacefully on the banks of river Yamuna.
The Taj Mahal is nothing short of a miracle.
Strangely enough, you must have had this on your bucket list since forever.
Be that as it may, the white marble mausoleum is the ultimate testimony of love. Shah Jahan gave instruction to build this universal architectural masterpiece in memory of his beloved wife.
You’ll want to capture every bit of this beauty, undoubtedly. Trust us.

Agra Fort

Saunter into the courtyards of the magnificent Agra Fort on your trip to North and Central India.
Furthermore, appreciate the beauty of this red sandstone and marble edifice reeking of the superiority of Mughal architecture.
You know what’s the best part? The view. Situated on the banks of river Yamuna and overlooking the majestic Taj Mahal, this robust lofty fort is one of the best in the Indian Heritage, undoubtedly.
Don’t believe us? You will!

Day 4 - Agra – Gwalior

Visiting Gwalior Fort, Sas-Bahu-ka-mandir, Jai Vilas Palace, and Tansen’s tomb
Next, get on the road to Gwalior on your trip to North and Central India. Finally, a long 120 km journey will bring you to the city of forts and palaces.

1. Gwalior Fort

Enter the historic walls of the lofty and the most significant fort in India on your trip to North and Central India. Do huge ramparts excite you? Are you a history person? Would you like a nicely lit fort at night?
Finally, You’re in just the perfect place.
Be that as it may, Gwalior fort is basically the queen of forts in India perched at the top of a hill overlooking the entire city. Surprisingly, It’s an understatement that this fort is the testimony to the magnificent workmanship and architecture.
You’ll see why.

2. Sas-Bahu-Ka-Mandir

Get to see some immensely incredible scriptures on the walls of the holy temple of Sas Bahu dedicated to the Lord Vishnu on your trip to North and Central India.
Strangely enough, the complex of two spectacularly built temples by the king Mahipala is tranquil, yet loud in the holy messages it gives out through the aura of its walls.

3. Jai Vilas Palace Museum

Step into a palace worth a whooping crore on your trip to North and Central India. Furthermore, get mesmerised by the three floors designed in European style. Feel like a royalty walking on the bedazzled carpets and marvel in the beauty of the glitters and glow of the palace. Undoubtedly, the oil painting collection and chandeliers will sweep you off of your feet.

4. Tansen’s Tomb

Do you wish to enhance your voice?
This is the place for you. Strangely enough, the legend has it that chewing the leaves of the tamarind tree here makes your voice melodious. Give it a try, why don’t you?
In addition, get to see the tomb of Akbar’s favourite Tansen in sprawling greenery.
Undoubtedly, a package, eh?

Day 5 - Gwalior – Datia – Orchha

Visiting Bir Singh Palace, Orchha palace, Cenotaphs, and Betwa River.
Later, You’ll be chauffeured to Datia. Get comfortable on your 77 km long journey on your trip to North and Central India.

1. Datia

Enroute to Orchha, you’ll be taking a pit stop at Datia.
Venture right into the Bir Singh palace to get charmed by its 7-storied stone and brick structure. Strangely enough, the robust palace standing proudly through the ravages of time was built by the king Bir Singh in honour of the Mughal emperor Jahangir.
Care to take a look?

2. Orchha

Orchha Palace
Take a long walk absorbing the enormity of elegance and class in the Orchha palace on the banks of river Betwa.
No doubt, the impeccable architecture of this luxurious palace turned hotel is commendably stunning.
Furthermore, pray in the temple of Ram amidst the surreal 12 acres of endless beauty and verdure of nature.
Oh, bliss!

3. Cenotaphs

Lastly, remember the royalty of Bundel through the 14 stunningly picturesque cenotaphs shining on the banks of river Betwa on your trip to North and Central India. Moreover, the rugged and raw beauty of these Cenotaphs is rustic and very much spellbinding.
No doubt, a wonder of sunset awaits you.
Finally, sit by the river and drown in the crimson beauty of the sunset while you appreciate the little things in life.
Sounds like heaven?

Day 6 - Orchha – Khajuraho

After you wake up to an unforgettably spectacular sunrise, fill your tummy and get on the road to Khajuraho for a 180 km long journey on your trip to North and Central India. Oh, well, the name’s enough.
Finally, take the rest of the day to bask in the earthy charm of this historic destination, to freshen up and rejuvenate for further travel.

Day 7 - Khajuraho

Visiting western and eastern group of temples
Go back in time when Chandela dynasty lived and reigned for years.
Thereafter, get mesmerised by the historic temples bashing the taboos of sexuality through the sculptures and messages in the temples.
Strangely enough, these innumerable sculptures representing the sexual poses make up for one of the most sought-after UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Furthermore, visit the only Sun temple of Khajuraho and marvel at its unparalleled beauty.

Day 8 - Khajuraho – Bandhavgarh

Next, take a car to the Bandhavgarh National Park amidst the lush verdure of nature. Relax and gear yourself up for a night time Safari.
Excited ?
Later, in the evening you’ll be unleashing your wild child within you in the national park surrounded by the thick forests and stunning grassland.
Royal Bengal Tigers are awaiting you!
Ah, we caught you, right?
Yes, mount the jeeps and begin with your jungle expedition in search for the famous Royal Bengal Tiger.
Feel the rush, already?

Day 9 - Bandhavgarh

Bandhavgarh National Park
Later, You’ll be in for another adventure ride on your trip to North and Central India, undoubtedly.
Get behind those wheels and head to the forests to witness exotic birds, mammals and what not. Strangely enough, nature’s wonder altogether!
Enjoy the safari and let your inner wildling loose. A little adventure thrill is necessary, isn’t it?

Day 10 - Bandhavgarh – Jabalpur

After another wildlife safari searching for Nilgai, elephants, wild boar and Chinkara pack your bags to get on the road to Jabalpur on your trip to North and Central India.
165 km later, relax in your hotel and relieve yourself from all the tiredness of Safari the other day.

Day 11 - Jabalpur – Bhopal

It’s going to be a long long ride to Bhopal.
Be that as it may, get comfortable in your air-conditioned cars for a 7-hour long road journey to Bhopal on your trip to North and Central India.

Day 12 - Bhopal

Visiting Shiva Temple and Sanchi Stupa

1. Shiva Temple

Begin your day with a whole lot of positivity on your trip to North and Central India. Venture into the Somnath of the east.
Yes, you heard it right.
Walk barefoot in the divine presence of Lord Shiva in one of the magnificent heritage temples dedicated to him. You know what? The building is incomplete. While you’re praying, remind yourself to check out the adjacent Jain temple with the idols of the holy Tirthankaras.

2. Sanchi Stupa

Touch another one of the famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Furthermore, march into the premises of the oldest stone structure in India reflecting the supremacy of Buddhist architecture and Art.
Strangely enough, an odd sense of contentment and peace will wash over you when you visit this Stupa.
Undoubtedly,The Buddhist art and sculptures glow brightly on the edifice which takes pride in standing through the ravages of time.
You’ll love it, no doubt.

Day 13 - Bhopal – Ujjain – Dhar

Visiting the Mahabaleshwara temple
The next stop on your trip to North and Central India will be 4 hours and 30 minutes later at Ujjain. Pretty excited, are we?

1. Mahabaleshwar Temple

Brace yourself for a divine intervention in the arms of Lord Shiva.
In addition, We give you the luxury of witnessing one of the most profound 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. In reality, Inspired by Bhumija, Maratha and Chalukya style of architecture, this temple is adorned with magnificent lingams of gods and goddesses.
Let peace own you.
Let faith in God bring you happiness.
thereafter, you’ll be heading to Dhar where you’ll rest for the night and gear up for the next beautiful day of your trip to North and Central India.

Day 14 - Dhar – Mandu – Dhar

Visiting Hoshang’s Tomb, Ashrafi Mahal, Jahaz Mahal, and the Baz Bahadur palace
Consequently, A journey from Dhar to Mandu and back again will be your part of the day on your trip to North and Central India.

1. Mandu

Hoshang’s Tomb
Witness the finest specimen of Afghan art and architecture. Strangely enough, this 15th century built tomb is historically profound. So much so, that Shah Jahan wanted something similar to it.
You get the gist of it?

2. Ashrafi Mahal

Thereafter, Step up on the stairs of the regal Islamic architectural wonder of a palace. Ashrafi Mahal is a beautiful red sandstone historic edifice bound to make you pray to the god just in its vicinity.
Let those holy positive vibes coming from the mosque in front seep into your skin.

3. Jahaz Mahal

Build during Khilji’s reign, this medieval edifice is quintessential.
Confused by its name?
Strangely enough, this enigmatic palace seems to be floating in water as it is apparently surrounded by a spectacularly beautiful Pond.
Moreover, the blend of Mughal, Hindu, Mesopotamian and Afghan architecture will leave you speechless.
It’s awe-inspiring, undoubtedly.

4. Baz Bahadur Palace

Finally, Treat your eyes with the view of the royalty dipped in a blend of Rajput and Mughal Architecture.
Strangely enough, perched on a hill slope, this palace reeks of art through its intricate walls and frescoes.
Be that as it may, we promise you a huge royal time in the cradle of history that you’re going to be visiting.

Day 15 - Dhar – Maheshwar – Indore

Visiting the Ghats and temples

1. Maheshwar

Take a dip in the holy water of Narmada river by the ghats of Maheshwar. Thereafter, Unravel the beauty of the ghats and the temples surrounding.
Furthermore, Visit the Holkar fort which was the house of Rani Ahilyabai.
Brace yourself to be teleported back in the royal times where even the architecture of the edifices used to be supremely royal.
Finally, bask in the spectacular Maratha architectural style of the Holkar Fort.
The day is going to be full of time travelling. Be prepared.
Eventually, you’ll be back on the road to Indore on your trip to North and Central India.

Day 16 - Indore – Delhi

Visiting the Rajwada Palace and Kanch Mandir

1. Rajwada Palace

Lastly, Get astounded by the amalgamation of Maratha, Mughal and French architecture. Yep, you heard it right.
The Rajwada palace will take your breath away with its regal grandiosity. In addition, the statue of Ahilyabai gives it a boost of charm and a special kind of opulence.
Yep, you sure won’t be disappointed on this history hunt.

2. Kanch Mandir

Let the art fanatic in you jump out on this trip to North and Central India. Strangely enough, Kanch Mandir is made entirely of Glass.
Unbelievably incredible, right?
Moreover, the intricate designs on the glass walls are breathtaking and a profound testimony to the top of the world artistic talent.
Can’t wait to pray in this Jain temple? We either.
Thereafter, you’ll be taken to the Airport to board flight to Delhi. Finally,Your trip to North and Central India nears its end.
Oh, and by the way, do not forget to stuff your bags with the famous cotton Sarees from Madhya Pradesh.
Yards and yards of colours.

Day 17 - Delhi

You’ll be chauffeured to the Delhi International Airport. We hope we made your trip to North and Central India as beautiful as you envisioned it to be.
Moreover, we await your return to incredible India. To sum up, there’s a lot more in store for you, peeps.
Till then, it’s a see you later. Not a goodbye.



Price Includes

  • Accommodation at above proposed hotels or similar in a twin room.
  • Ground transfers and tours through an air-conditioned car on private basis
  • Entrances to the monuments.
  • An English speaking local guide during the sightseeing tours as per the itinerary.
  • Assistance on arrival and departure points.




  • Meals Not Mentioned In the Itinerary
  • Any expenses of personal nature such as tips, telephone bills, laundry etc.
  • Any alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Insurance and medi-claim.
  • Expenses incurred during the emergency situation or evacuation.
  • Any airfares, International or Domestic.
  • Any unspecified, optional and suggested activities.
  • Any Cost Arising Due To Natural Calamities Like Landslides, Roadblocks, Etc
  • Any Increase in Taxes or Fuel Leading To an Increase in Surface Transport
  • Any thing, which is not mentioned in the list of inclusions.

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