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8 Handpicked Wildlife Destination Tours in India

Time for an adventure. Let the best wildlife destinations in India rob you of your sleep.

Don’t you yearn to get away from the bustling crowd, hustle in the city, and the ever-blaring horns?

Well, the bird’s chirp, the lion’s roar, and trees rustle. Did you know that? Ha! No kidding. How about appreciating the wonders of nature while embarking on a journey in India? Get that blood rushing through your veins while a bittersweet fear rules your senses. Do you know these wildlife sanctuaries in India are tenacious? The abundance of natural beauty and the wonderful creatures of God deserve to be admired and appreciated, right? Hop on one of those much-talked-about Indian jungle safari tours, maybe?

Speaking of, we have listed these 8 best wildlife tours in India for you to embark on this journey with us.

It’s going to be a one-big adventure and that’s a promise.

New Delhi-Mandawa-Jaipur-Ranthambore-Agra-New Delhi

a deer standing in the middle of a forest

Maneesh Shahani

A very wild Golden Triangle trip is on the cards for you if you’re planning to get out in the rustic Indian wilderness.

Beginning your journey on your tiger tours in India from Delhi is bound to give it a good head start. We know the anticipation of spotting the wonderful creatures of nature out in the wild. We understand the pump of the blood and the feeling of ecstasy. Your India wildlife holiday will take you first to Mandawa from New Delhi.

Brace yourself to dive right into the timeless beauty of hundreds of vibrant popping migrating birds, painting the sky like it was a canvas for their freedom.

Furthermore, touch the wildlife in its most untouched form while experiencing the famous Mandawa Safaris. Did you know they are one of the most famous and best wildlife safaris in India? Later, camp in the wilderness at night. Also, do carry your cameras. The view will be worth it all. Apart from that, Mandawa is a melting pot of heritage. Therefore, it is imperative for you to drown in the charm of old Mandawa Havelis oozing our culture, art, and beauty. Drool over the frescoes, maybe?

Later, in the circuit is Jaipur for you all. Give yourself a break. Rejuvenate yourself for you’ll be heaving with the adrenaline rush in the next spot on the circuit after Jaipur.

Move around the pink city through its narrow cobbled streets and lanes dotted with pink-hued houses. Further, witness the history and heritage in Hawa Mahal, present-day royalty in the City Palace, and bask in your love for forts and incredible architecture. Jaipur will win over your heart.

Next up, Ranthambore is a 180 km far wildlife hotspot yearned by globetrotters to witness. The Ranthambore National Park will give you the luxury of spotting a tiger with its cute little cubs owing to the abundance of water puddles and holes on your best forest tour in India. Bask in the beauty of the ravines, ambiance and the thick green forests garnished by the unreal beauty of the Aravalli Hills in here. Of course, you need to book a wildlife safari. Also, you have to witness the ruins of one of the loftiest forts of Ranthambore out in the wild. Guess what! The wildlife tour packages in India are incomplete without a visit to Ranthambore National Park.

Furthermore, hop behind the wheels to head to Agra. Revel in the timeless aura of the 7th wonder of the world. The Taj Mahal stands proudly through the ravages of time. This epitome of eternal love showcases one of the best architectural designs in India. As a matter of fact, Agra Fort is just as much of important and unforgettable in the department of History and heritage of India.

Yes, go back to daily already! Your circuit is all done and dusted. Our Golden Triangle wildlife itinerary will make things even clearer for you.


tiger lying on sand

Rob Snijders

Another circuit on your hunt to revel in the wilderness starts with Delhi being your safe haven. On one of the best wildlife adventure tours in India that this one is, let Delhi be your guide to the past through its timeless heritage and history. Visit the Red Fort to marvel at the Indo-Islamic architecture. Move on to Rajghat, Parliament House with its colonial buildings and Victorian aura. Well, Delhi has so much to offer from heritage to food, that you’ll be smothered in your own love for the capital.

Further, head to Agra to witness the living legends of the past.

The Taj Mahal, the quintessential Agra Fort, and the incredible Fatehpur Sikri. The amount of historical information and aesthetics that will hit you will blow your mind.

Moving on, up next in the circuit is Gwalior. With a penchant for wildlife, the Kuno-Palpur Wildlife Sanctuary is just what you need to get that blood pumping. Side by side, get to know about the importance of wildlife through our expert wildlife agents in India.

Out in the wild, explore on India safari Tours to know the darkness and the love of the wilderness. Furthermore, the Gwalior Fort is unmissable. This Grand lofty fort is nestled on top of a hill with a spectacular light show that happens in the evenings. Nope, you can’t miss out on it. Our Madhya Pradesh itinerary will get you deeper in its magic. Let us be your wildlife travel agents in India for this one.

With the Betwa River cutting right through the wilderness in Orchha, the Orchha Wildlife Sanctuary in India is exactly what you need to go about exploring on this wildlife tour. Catch some of the most endangered species within the thickness of its lush greenery. Further ahead, direct yourself to the Western Group of temples at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Khajuraho temples. Steer clear from the touts in the town while you unravel the stories behind the timeless beauty of the erotic sculptures and carvings in the temple.

Bandhavgarh is home to Bandhavgarh National Park which again, is home to the highest density of Royal Bengal Tigers. Can you believe that? Why don’t you meet eye to eye on a wildlife safari with these majestic species and give your wildlife tour the pump it deserves? Also, Bandhavgarh Fort is another attraction that you shouldn’t miss out on your Indian wildlife holiday.

Well, nearby is Jabalpur and so is the famous Kanha National Park. Blend in nature while you spot the beautiful birds of prey amidst the grasslands on the plateau. Tigers, wild pigs, and jackals are a few of the species that you’ll meet eye to eye with.

Grab the camera, maybe?

Next, time for some spiritual sessions. In the city of temples let yourself loose in the love of God at Ujjain.

Visit Mahakaleshwar temple and get blown by its incredibly built roof.

Furthermore, the Bada Ganesh Temple also awaits your visit. You might not be impressed with Ujjain in the first look but we promise, you will not overstay soon.

With Bhopal in the circuit, it is only justified to visit Van Vihar National Park on the upper lakeside of Bhopal. Well, why not visit the lower lake too, just because you can! And just because our best wildlife tour operators in India can too!

Witness a paradox in the two extremes of the city. One is a Muslim-dominated area with bustling streets and crowded bazaars, while the south of the city shines with modernity and skyscrapers.

Finally, in the circuit lie Dhar and Indore in Madhya Pradesh.

After a tour packed in the wild, it’s only right to witness the history and the heritage of the country on this topmost name among the wildlife destinations in India. Swipe right for Dhar and Indore. Once a Mughal city, Dhar brims with caves, forts, and mosques. Wish to pay a visit?

And as for Indore? The 7-story Rajwada Palace is a must-visit while the Lal Baag Palace is too.

Want to pamper your tummy?

Head straight to the night market Sarafa Bazaar to devour the mouth-watering street food before you head back to Delhi and end this wildlife circuit.


two fighting brown deer on green grass

Vincent van Zalinge

Brace yourself for another power-packed wildlife circuit that’ll give you some of the most beautiful sightings and an even better travel experience.

Starting off, let Delhi take your breath away with its historical charm.

From old Delhi to New Delhi the abundance of heritage and present-day enigmas will leave you smitten.

Visit the Red Fort, the Parliament House, the busy streets of Chandni Chowk, the bustling market of Sarojini Nagar, and Qutub Minar to name a few. Our Wildlife Golden triangle & Bandhavgarh itinerary will let you in on super important details.

Moving on, Kanga Tiger Reserve will serve you with sights of swamp deer, Indian wild Dogs, and tigers to light up your eyes and send that blood rushing in your veins.

Nice stop on your wildlife destinations in India route, right?

Ahead of it, Bandhavgarh and Ranthambore National Park is home to the Royal Bengal Tigers. Could you really ask for more?

The cast grassland, the thick trees, and the damp forests cocooning the precious wildlife are just what you need to witness on your wildlife tour in India.

Keoladeo Ghana National Park in Bharatpur also known as Bharatpur Wildlife Sanctuary is a treat for sore eyes.

Wandering in the thick wood one might call them lucky to witness some of the most exotic species of the birds in here.

Bird-watching is fun, isn’t it?

This one is your muse, we promise.

Take a safari on the back of an elephant already!

Well, the circuit ends back in the capital of India – New Delhi

Our Wildlife tour theme page will give you better insights.

Hemis National Park, Ladakh


What better way is there to pump your blood and get that adrenaline rushing than to rush to the Himalayas seeking one precious sight of mountain animals!

Hemis National Park is proud to be home to some 16 species of mammals and 73 birds.

Also, you wouldn’t mind catching a snow leopard, a blue sheep, or a golden eagle through your lenses, right?

Well, who would?

Our Leh Ladakh itinerary will bring you one step closer to this natural wonder!

Sasan-Gir Wildlife Sanctuary, Gujarat

a lion yawns in a field of green grass

Gaurav Sharma

Come along, Globetrotters. There is a whole wild world ready to be explored through unforgettable tourism in wildlife sanctuaries. And guess what! Sasan-Gir wildlife sanctuary in the western Peninsula is the only sanctuary in this world to be home to the roaring Asiatic Lions.

King of the jungle, you see. You don’t? Well, you will.

Pack your bags and book your tickets to this wild wonder through our Gujarat itinerary.

We won’t disappoint you.

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala

brown deer eating grass

Trison Thomas

Let’s go down South to drown in the southern wild charm of the best wildlife sanctuary in India, shall we?

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala is a nature lover’s escape. Nestled in the laps of the Western Ghats, this wild wonder is home to some of the most beautiful tropical species of birds. The grasslands cocoon waterways within the thick forests. Get the hint?

Float in the water on a boat while you bask in the glory of nature and sight tigers to your heart’s content. Camp out in the wild, maybe?

Our Kerala itinerary is just the escape from this bustling world you need to go out in the wild for a pump.

Satpura National Park, Madhya Pradesh

a large bull walking through a dry grass field

Arunmehar Gangaraju Kavikondala

Another wild feather in Madhya Pradesh’s hat, Satpura National Park is home to wild terrains and rugged paths where the wild conquers.

Be its lions, tigers, bears, spotted deer, or even a four-horned antelope for that matter, this National Park in Madhya Pradesh roars with vivacity and pride of being a wild habitat of the wildlings.

Charge your camera batteries, this one is going to suck it all.

Don’t believe us?

Trust us, you. You’ll thank us later.

Bandipur National Park, Karnataka

a leopard is climbing up a tree branch


Roaring and echoing in the laps of the Western Ghats, Bandipur National Park on the Ooty-Mysore highway is one true stop for adventurers. Let your inner wildling out while you play eye-to-eye with tigers, wild dogs, four-horned antelopes, porcupines, panthers, and sloth bears.

Also, do you like bird watching? How beautiful it is to see those free-spirited colors out in the sky soaring high, right?

From the green pigeon to the jungle fowl, you’ll find them all here.

Perks? This wildlife is top in its game of eco-conservation.


Well, our Karnataka itinerary will take you to this one. Let’s be wild and free, shall we?

The Grand Indian Route is ready to give you the wild opportunity to experience the best of wildlife adventure tours in India.

Come to be with us at the most wildling wildlife destinations in India. See you there



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