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Incredible Wildlife tours of Madhya Pradesh

Do you want to take a selfie with the Great Bengal Tiger or spot the famous Swamp deer? Have you ever wanted to spend hours gazing over beautiful birds? Maybe an Indian roller or White-eyed Buzzard? Then come to Madhya Pradesh to spot some incredible wildlife that calls this place their home.

Madhya Pradesh is blessed with a wealth of critters and creatures. Here you will be able to see a plethora of healthy, happy animals – both native and exotic- within some of the most well-maintained sanctuaries in the world!

So, it only makes sense to talk about them in detail. Shall we?

But before we begin, do you know that we can arrange a trip to any of these sanctuaries or all of them at competitive prices, just for you? Request a quote, and see for yourself!

Incredible Wildlife in Madhya Pradesh

1. Where Can I Hang Out With The Great Bengal Tiger In Madhya Pradesh?

Where: Kanha National Park (Mandla Balaghat) And Bandhavgarh National Park (Umarla)

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Our nation’s icon, the Great Bengal Tiger, is plentiful here in Madhya Pradesh. An estimated 526 ( 20 %) of India’s big cats are found here. As a result, getting up close and personal with them in the wild is a common occurrence.

The state boasts six tiger reserves. Which, wildlife lovers swear by the name of Bandhavgarh and Kanha National Park when it comes to spotting tigers in Madhya Pradesh or India.

In fact, if you go to Bandhavgarh National Park in the right season during the right time slot, you may not have to try hard enough to capture these elusive beasts in all their glory.

You will easily find tigers either raiding the jungle or sunbathing in the grassy meadows in the state’s wilderness.

How To Experience:

Early morning or late afternoon jeep safari, locally known as a “game drive”, is the best way to spot tigers in their natural habitat. Glue your eyes to the binoculars, and we can guarantee you will not be left disappointed.

2. Where To Spot A Leopard In Madhya Pradesh?

Where: Panna National Park And Bandhavgarh National Park.

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Tigers might be Madhya Pradesh’s best-known animals, but seeing a leopard is always the most valuable sight for a real wildlife lover.

That’s because Leopards are notoriously shy and quite rare to spot. Luckily, in Madhya Pradesh, you will find leopards more common than not.

Despite its surprisingly large numbers in Panna National Park, you will never find leopards hanging around in groups unless you see a mother with cubs. In that case, we admit, you have hit the jackpot.

They despise other animals’ company to the point that they mark their territories using urine and claw scratches on trees.

Look out for such claw scratches on your next jungle safari in Madhya Pradesh, and we assure you that spotting these stealthy creatures will become a sure shot.

How To Experience:

If you have the nerve of steel and the zeal to experience new things, do take a night safari in Panna National Park. Witness the happy stomping grounds of leopards and come face to face with them in the jungle’s ink blackness. If you are too afraid, you can also take a regular Jeep safari to the rockier section of the region during the day.

3. Where Can I Hear The Enigmatic Barking Deer In Madhya Pradesh?

Where: Bandhavgarh And Kanha National Park

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While one may find barking deer in most parts of India, they are effortless to spot in India’s heart, Madhya Pradesh.

However, despite their number, very little is known about them.

Indian Muntjac or the barking deer is a solitary species that will probably be the most cautious animal you will ever see. It will always be on guard, looking around and will run away hearing even the slightest of sound. So, catching them in their natural habitat will be a treasure hunt of sorts.

Do you know that when alarmed, this shy animal makes a short barking sound like a dog? Well, hence the name.

How To Experience:

You can spot barking deer in Bandhavgarh and Kanha National Park. The best way to spot them is during the morning jeep safari. During this time, they get out in search of food. You will rarely find them roaming around near sundown.

4. Where Can I Meet The Hard Ground Barasingha In Madhya Pradesh?

Where: Kanha National Park And Satpura Tiger Reserve

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You will see these twelve tined stags frequently raiding the meadows by the dam. Or you will find them busy chomping away the tall grass.

It won’t be a task to spot them, as they are three times the size of a regular deer!

Barasingha is very popular among tourists mainly because Madhya Pradesh is the only place where this species is found in such great numbers – all thanks to Kanha National Park’s persistent protection efforts that facilitated suitable grounds for the species to thrive.

A few animals of this species have recently been transferred to Satpura Tiger Reserve, making it another park where you can see them in their natural habitat.

How To Experience It:

As barasinghas are so densely populated, you won’t be able to spot them in Kanha National Park only on a bad day.

5. Where Can I Gaze Over The Beautiful Avifauna In Madhya Pradesh?

Where: The National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary And Satpura National Park

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Are you someone who frequently keeps looking for an exclusive birding destination to satiate your desire for birdwatching? Then these two sanctuaries are the places to be.

These two parks are beautiful places to go bird watching. All thanks to the labyrinth of ravines, scrublands, and water, they attract much avian life throughout the year.

So, practically wherever you go in these two National Parks, there are birds. Not just in dense forest cover, but near rivers and in open grounds as well!

The National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary is a tri-state protected area with 300 species of birds. Here not only can you see the endangered Indian Skimmer hunting with all its might, but you can also even spot a variety of both endemic and exotic birds.

On the other hand, in Satpura Tiger Reserve, you can see the Grey Headed Fish Eagle, herons parrots, and peacocks aplenty.

How To Experience:

The National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary offers a unique bird-watching experience. Here you can boat through the gushing stream while spotting beautiful avifauna species. Whereas in Satpura, you can opt for walking bird-watching sessions.

6. Where Can I Spot Chital In Madhya Pradesh?

Where: Kanha National Park, Bandhavgarh National Park And Madhav National Park

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Chital or “Dotted Deers” may be a common sighting on an Indian safari, but to find them in huge herds carrying out their chital shenanigans is only possible in Kanha National Park.

Easily identifiable by its beautiful golden-brown coat and big white spots, Chital is a lovely creature that will remind you of the animated movie “Bambi”.

Chitals are swift and smart. People even jokingly say that Chitals have an MoU with lemurs, because of which they are regularly informed about possible attacks from its predators.

Do you know that Chitals do not wallow during the rut? Instead, they emit a shrill call and walk proudly, flaunting their antlers.

How To Experience:

Any jungle safari in Madhya Pradesh will promise an encounter with these beautiful creatures. However, try to visit during the morning hours if you want to catch its sight.

7. Where Can You See Gharials Basking And Making Nest On High Sandbanks In Madhya Pradesh?

Where: Chambal Gharial Sanctuary

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When was the last time you saw Gharials sunbathing? Come to Chambal Gharial Sanctuary to take your chance!

Gharials are long-mouthed fish-eating endangered crocodiles that live in clear freshwater river systems.

They are never really suited for land so you will find them above water only when they wish to bask in the sun.

How To Experience:

The Chambal River which is now the abode to the maximum number of Gharials, is the perfect place to spot this reptile. Go on a boat safari, to spot them and many other aquatic animals like otters, tortoises, and over 30 kinds of fish here.

8. Where To Find Malabar/ Indian Giant Squirrels In Madhya Pradesh?

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An endemic and probably the cutest of all the other Wildlife of Madhya Pradesh is the almost 3 feet long Giant Indian Squirrel.

It is a funky, rangy, weirdly beautiful rodent that’s decked in the hues of black, orange, and brown. It prefers solidarity and you’ll easily spot them jumping from one tree to another with their large paws and even larger ears.

A native Indian species, this rodent prefers deciduous and evergreen habitats that are found throughout peninsular India. And, owing to its unique biogeography, Satpura is the only place in Madhya Pradesh where you can spot them.

How To Experience :

To observe this athletic little creature head to Satpura Tiger Reserve and look high up in the trees. You’ll find them jumping here and there very commonly here.

9. Where Can One Find Blackbuck In Madhya Pradesh?

Where: Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary

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Blackbuck is perhaps the only animal on this planet that is equally revered for its speed and grace. Their long, spiraling horns are a sight to behold.

You’ll either find this species walking gracefully through the grassy plains and lightly forested areas or running towards the sunset during dawn.

How To Experience:

A jeep safari in Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary is the best to see this species. Try steering towards the less forestry area to grab its sight.


How many Nationals Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries are there in Madhya Pradesh?

Madhya Pradesh boasts a total of 9 national parks and 25 wildlife sanctuaries. Among them, 6 of them have converted into tiger reserves as well.

What’s the best way to see the wildlife of Madhya Pradesh?

The absolute best way to see the wildlife of Madhya Pradesh is by planning an 8-10 day trip to the state. Start with smaller national parks and then finally see the largest of them Kanha National Park. Add jungle camps to your itinerary and also go for unique experiences like walking safari or night safari to make the most of the experience.

If you need help planning, always know that we are ready to help. Request a quote and we will make sure you know the best of Madhya Pradesh’s wildlife.

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