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Planning A Wildlife Holiday in India!


WILDLIFE HOLIDAYS IN INDIA – A 9-POINT PACKING CHECKLIST. Is there a little wild in you? Have you caged it? It’s time to unleash the little monster and let it be free. Wildlife holidays in India will compel you to cross your boundaries in the wilderness and make memories for a lifetime. How about some sightings of the great Bengal Tiger and other exotic birds out in the wild? Well, it is safe to say that your wildlife tour in India will be a massive success, pumping your blood and throwing you into an adrenaline rush. As a matter of fact, we’re here to make sure that you’re prepared for this adventure. Yes, we can’t let you miss out on any crucial part of it all. Get ready to check off certain things from your wildlife safari packing checklist. Because that’s how we roll!

Passports, Visa, And Plane Tickets? – It’s Good To Begin Sweet!

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“I’m leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again.” Yes, John Denver was pretty excited about the uncertainty. But we reckon you shouldn’t be. It’s a wildlife safari. Wildlife tourism in India is one thing that you should look up to for some kick-ass adventure and the thrill of a lifetime.

Jumping on to a new country is some work. Do carry your passport and visa all the time. You can’t really afford to miss out on them. Keep those babies safe. You never know when you might be required to go back on account of some risk factors. Don’t worry, we aren’t trying to scare you off. We just want you to put your game face on.

Clothes – Hiding Out? Maybe Not!

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Alright, you don’t want to camouflage yourself amidst the somewhat green and somewhat muddy trails. Why would you? In fact, camouflaging is only for the military in India. Be that as it may, avoid packing bright-colored clothes. Blending is always good, isn’t it? keeps you safe. *winks* Moreover, it’ll be hot and humid. Therefore, you’d want to keep light and airy. Don’t worry, we got your back. Carry cotton clothes and you’re good to go! Long-sleeved ones are suggested to avoid bites and rashes in the hot. And beware of the nasty flies. You might want to avoid wearing dark-colored clothes. The nasty little flies love swarming around them. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Be that as it may, hats will become your best friends on this forest tour in India.

Shoes – Oh, We Walk Happily!

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Further, let’s talk about shoes because Indian Jungles are sure as hell demanding. If you plan to hike up a mountain we recommend a pair of strong and sturdy hiking boots.

Now, that isn’t the only terrain to jump onto for a safari, right? What if it is some rocky, rough, and rugged terrain all through your forest tour in India?

Get yourself a strong and reliable pair of shoes and make sure they are properly ventilated. Camping and pitching in your tents, maybe?

As a matter of fact, you need to let your feet breathe too. How about packing some cute flip-flops or crocks?

Yes, they’ll make your wildlife safari in India much better.

Binoculars – Happy View!

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Lions, Bears, and tigers all in your tiger safari in India. Could you really ask for more? Well, we think yes!

How about those flaunt-worthy binoculars? You do want to see these elephants, mighty lions, and baby bears crystal clearly?

Why compete with thick bushes and small birds when you can enjoy the benefits of magnification? Get yourself an 8x or a 10X Binocular to witness wildlife at its best.

Do go through our Wildlife theme to get the best possible knowledge of wildlife tour prospects in India.

We told you that we care for you. Now, didn’t we?

Camera – Eye Through The Lens

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Is any wildlife tour in India complete without hitting the shutter? The Camera is a must and we think you won’t deny that. Now, would you? Moreover, It is anyway not an everyday thing that you capture with your eyes a lion walking freely on the streets or a bear tumbling, tossing, and turning trying to sleep in the middle of a road. So, you have got to capture the moment with your lenses. As a matter of fact, wildlife photography is in all the rage anyway. So, gather your 300mm lenses and get back to business. Mind you, extra batteries, extra charger and the full-fledged camera kit with a cleaner is a must. For all it is worth, a wildlife safari in India is a hit package.

Pharmaceuticals And A First Aid Kit – Better Safe Than Sorry!

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Furthermore, we all know that it is better to be safe than sorry. Isn’t it?

Therefore, it’s best recommended to carry an essential first–aid kit along with your normal medical prescriptions, if any. You never know, out in the wild that you might come across some health issues!

Carry an insect repellent, pills for headache, nausea, diarrhea, body pain, indigestion, stomach – flu, heartburn, and antihistamines.

See, we care for you. We don’t want you to come across any travel health issues that might prove to be cumbersome for the rest of your wildlife safari in India.

After all, it’s imperative to make this one the India tour of a lifetime. Isn’t it?

Waterproof And Dustproof Bags – It Doesn’t Hurt To Be Clean, Does It?

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It’s India and the weather can be really unpredictable at times, folks. So, to be safe the travelers are advised to carry waterproof bags.We value your luggage and wouldn’t want you to lose any. Furthermore, it serves two purposes. Wondering what’s the other one? As a matter of fact, there’s dust and this one protects your luggage from the same. Win-win? If you can’t find one, do carry a zip-lock bag so that, if nothing, your camera and other gadgets are safe.To know more about the kind of Wildlife safari Ranthambore National Park has for you, check our Rajasthan itinerary and you won’t be disappointed

Backpack – Light Is Good

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Furthermore, we suggest you ditch the trolleys and other duffel bags. To keep it light and unproblematic, make sure you carry limited stuff and that too in a backpack or in one of those fancy rucksacks that every # traveler flaunts. You can’t really deny the fact that they look cool, can you?

Jokes aside, you really should be carrying a backpack to make things easier for yourself.

Guidebook – It’s Good To Be Informed

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Alright, there’s no denying the fact that you’ll be led by well-informed and expert guides all throughout your jungle tour in India. Be that as it may, it is not bad to be aware of the cultures and traditions of the place you’re supposed to be traveling as well as the species of wonderful creatures and exotic birds, isn’t it? In fact, India is a magic pot of cultures and rich vibrant traditions and we recommend you overstay your travel. Do carry a guidebook of all the routes and local stories combined in some intriguing, yet very satisfying concoction of a wonderful wildlife safari. Wildlife Holidays in India are nothing short of an adventurous miracle. Care to see for yourself? Check our wildlife trips blog to broaden your options for unforgettable adventure trips to India.

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