madhya pradesh tourism

Madhya Pradesh

Reach for the stars on your India travel and get your hands onto the assorted platter of topography, nature, history, and much more. There is so much beauty sprinkled at every corner of this state that even defining it for you is a toilsome task in itself.
It is that one destination on the map of the world where nothing can go wrong for anyone.


Rajasthan tour


(PadharoMhareDesh) Vast, endless, and consuming stretch of life, that is Rajasthan, will seep into your blood and bones. Let your senses be overloaded by sight, touch, smell, and taste amidst the breezy deserts and the Rocky Mountains. Intrigued, eh? Well, the balmy desert wind and the spicy street food sing songs of beckoning. Hug them right away! Go twirl in Ghaghras!


adventure travel in india

Himachal Pradesh – The Himalayan Eutopia

(In the cradle of Himalayas) Saunter in the valleys and camp under the stars. Hitchhike through the highest passes and let the thrill of adventure consume you whole. Himachal is nothing short of a miracle on your platter. Do you hear mountains calling you? What are you waiting for? Go shout at the top of your lungs in their embrace. Himalayas wait for you, peeps.


Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu

(A little closer to the divine) Step into this southern delight of a state and get enchanted with the daily rhythm of life. Crowded cities and cutting-edge urbanization along with subtle villages and temples dotting the land will sweep you off of your feet. Also, while you’re there, dance to the southern rhythm.Bharatanatyam is the real deal, you guys.Eat, pray and love.


The best adventure trip in India

Jammu & Kashmir – A trip to the paradise on Earth

(a quintessential paradise on Earth) Venture into the land of the mini Switzerland of India and have a taste of life like never before. Slide in the glaciers, float on the water or camp by the lake amidst the meadows for that matter. Jammu and Kashmir is your one true stop for the best of travel and a hearty meal.Go taste the bliss.




(God’s own country) True southern rustic charm will welcome you once you step into the lands of Kerala. Dive right into its roots and colors to satiate your hunger for travel. Spend a night in the houseboats and wake up to the crimson sky and sounds of birds chirping.See? Nature will become your best friend while you water its roots on your travel.


Andaman and Nicobar islands

Andaman Nicobar Islands Tourism

(Bringing out the beach baby) Are you a beach person? This is it for you then. Walk on the golden sands of Andaman and Nicobar islands and fill your tummies with lip-smacking seafood. While you’re at it, go ahead and spend some of the best nights of your life partying and getting to know the India you’ve always dreamt of touching. Go surf you way!


punjab sightseeing packages


(Big hearts, lavish pampering sessions) Known for its enormity in everything it hosts, Punjab will be your very escape from the hustle of life. Walk through the streets and mingle with the local people. They might even offer you their exotic delicacies which are nothing short of a wonder for your taste buds. Well, it’s your time to shine and dance to the beats of Bhangra.


bihar travel

Bihar – The best way to getaway

Do the treasures of traveling enthrall you and make you lose your sanity in oblivion? If yes, then, Bihar travel will be your one true ticket to happiness. It is a lost page of the cultural archive of India, which although least explored, has so much to offer.
Bihar is the epicenter of religious mélange which gave the world Buddhism and Jainism.


Tajmahal in Uttar pradesh

Uttar Pradesh

(Of colors and vibrancy) Incredible India is what it is because of the way it celebrates life. Uttar Pradesh will be your ultimate travel salvation with its infectious happiness and joy for life. Bathe in the Ghats or celebrate local festivals to let those colors seep into your skin. Let those holy vibes transform your inner energy. Book your tickets right away.


delhi tourism

Delhi – One state Many Worlds

(the jewel in the crown) The capital of India welcomes you with a big hug and an even bigger heart. Walk on the streets of a city where every stone speaks stories of its past. Every bite of the food will transfer you to a world of dreams. And every nook and cranny will embrace you in all things Indian. “Dilli Bhraman” awaits you!


The best of Uttarakhand in India.

Uttarakhand – Gods Own Land

(All in one) Welcome to the Land of Gods where the mighty Himalayas envelop you and serene rivers mesmerize you. Uttarakhand is much more than just temples. It is an abode for travelers who are looking out for peace and adventure in one. You see? That’s the paradox of wanderlust Uttarakhand has in store for you. Sounds like it? You’ll see it, folks!


goa tourism

Goa – A trip to the Pearl of the Orient

(Go Goa Gone) If there’s one place that takes you for an unimaginable travel experience packed with good food, pristine beaches, bomb nightlife and chic setup, then it is Goa. Dive into the water and maybe give that adrenaline some pump with kickass adventure sports. Also, we don’t want you telling us you missed out on any of these. It’s a must!


maharashtra tour & travel Packages


(An Alchemist’s find) Welcome to the state that brags about the abundance of cosmopolitan life and UNESCO world heritage sites at the same time. No wonder, Maharashtra is a tiny bomb of endless travel surprises. From Gateway of India to the pomp of the Bollywood, you’ll find it here.Paint your travel canvas with iconic destination covering the expanse of mesmerizing Maharashtra.


Karnataka sightseeing packages


(A Blend of healing touch) March into the streets of this Southern sojourn. A perfect amalgamate of modern and old, Karnataka shines with the glory of what it has offer to you. Glittering ruins, healing touch of Yoga and Ayurveda and wilderness of national Parks will leave you smitten. Channel your inner wildling, tame it for there’s so much to invest in this southern delight.


travel places in gujarat

Gujarat Tourism – the Soul of Incredible India

(An escape from the hassle) You might not want to miss out on Gujarat. With the elegance of superior setup and architecture blended with roots of the countryside Gujarat will give you an odd sense of contentment. Go run in the Rann of Kutchh. Well, that sounded dramatic. Ditch the chaos and step into a world of history and heritage, already.


north east tourism packages

North East India Tour & Travel Packages

(Sisterhood of 8) Northeastern India is a different world with richness in culture and abundance of warmth by the local people. Take a look at life with a peaceful perspective while climbing the lush green hills or roaming about the tea plantations. Welcome to the circuit of 8 states that’ll blow your mind. Come on, a paradox of cultures awaits you.