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YOUR ONE TRUE STOP FOR ADVENTURE TRAVEL IN INDIA Blood pumping and adrenaline rushing is everyone’s perfect idea for an adventure trip in India. Yet again, India has just the place to satiate the hunger of that hungry little soul of yours. Himachal Pradesh is quintessential on its own. With birds chirping in the sky, clouds looming over lush mountains, and sunlight glowing in a perfect fresh canopy over the Himalayas you really cannot ask for more, we bet. But it still does have more in store for you. Good times are guaranteed for there is so much to do here. Trekking, adventure sports or camping – pick for yourself. We did promise a superb adventure trip, didn’t we?

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Dotted with a long ridge across the two ends of this state capital, Shimla is a delight for every traveler with its forested hillside and breezy roads. You’ll find every reason for it to be the summer capital of British India. Such is its beauty. And while you are on your way to this hilly wonder you just cannot miss out on Chail which is basically 53 km from Shimla. And we promise you a good time there in the ever so famous Chail palace. Go, see it for yourself.

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With the blend of countryside and mountain adventure, this place is an ideal destination for your adventure travel in India. People from all walks of life end up coming here and exploring villages nearby for a hint of crazy in their travel. Be it trekking, rafting, skiing or even climbing for that matter, you’ll experience everything in this magnet of a place. While you are at it, be sure to visit Kullu for an unforgettable journey. Also, you have to visit Kasol for being a part of an unusually different setup of life there. We promise you the best of travel here.

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Home to the Dalai Lama and his followers, this little town in the hills is an absolute beauty in itself. Brace yourself for one incredible spiritual experience if you plan on visiting Dharamshala. 3 km from here is McLeod Ganj where the Dalai Lama actually resides. You have got to put these destinations on your bucket list. And you know what more will you never regret? Hitting Kangra about 18 km from Dharamshala. A fort and a temple here will suffice in giving you a tiny break from heavy Buddhism vibes. But who are we kidding? The contentment and peace in monasteries are incomparable.

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A seemingly endless view of pine-clad valleys is what Dalhousie greets you with. With sheep grazing early in the morning and night skies clear as crystal everything in this town is purely picturesque and breathtakingly beautiful. Your adventure travel to India is incomplete without a visit to this wonder of a place. And It doesn’t even end there. 22 km down the road from this place is the alleged “mini – Switzerland of India”. Intrigued? You will never regret hitting Khajjiar on your travel. The meadows and the feels will grow on you. Feel the beckoning, yet?

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Picture yourself right in the middle of the ground in view of snow-capped mountains and patches of green vegetation here and there. Little monks playing and blots of colors within your sight coming from fluttering prayer flags. Nope, that’s not Ladakh for you. That indeed is Lahaul and Spiti. You won’t regret exploring this Himalayan ground under a cultural shock owing to the spread of Buddhism here. You’ll literally feel alive with passion and peace in none other than Lahaul and Spiti in your adventure travel in India.


Himachal Pradesh is an abode for adventure travel in India and even more so, a hub for celebration and being unapologetically happy in life. The creased smiles of the local people and the opulent culture and traditions in the cradle of the Himalayas serve as the ultimate travel magnet.
It doesn’t even end there. People celebrate festivals with gusto and joy so infectious that it makes you want to be a part of it all.
Let’s see what they’ve got. Shall we?


Held in the month of August at a place called Chowgan in the town of Chamba this fair is a huge celebration stretching for a week. Offerings are done to the god of rain, Varuna. Come, be a part of it.


A colorful celebration with pomp and fervor represents Kullu Dussehra. If you are keen on diving head first into authentic Himachali culture and traditions then this would be the ideal place. People from all over the country come here to celebrate the victory of good over evil. Hey, dance, make merry, and folk music is played all the while. Once here, you’ll never want it to stop.


One of the world’s largest free literary festivals held annually in the month of January, this event is a treat for writers, readers, novelists, and literature enthusiasts. A 5-day event is the best platform to access brilliant authors and minds. It is the greatest literary show. Isn’t that crazy? Well, for once the little bookworm in us can’t really keep calm.


Kibber - World’s Biggest Motorable Village

Located in Spiti Valley, Kibber is one amazing destination for your adventure travel in India. Owing to its altitude, it is freezing cold all year round and enjoys the luxury of being the highest motorable village in the world.
Buddhism being predominant in this village and villages nearby like, Kaza and Hikkim give it the peace and spirituality that make a perfect amalgamation with a clear sky and picturesque mountains for every traveler and photographer.

Kaza Valley - A World Within A World

Mountains capped with snow and the chill of the breeze slapping your face will undo you from all the exhaustion from traveling. Kaza Valley will seep into your blood and bones through its rich history and Buddhist culture. Trek done here will revive all your six senses. Go ahead, give this one a try.

Chitkul - The Last Inhabited Indian Village

Put a game face on for if you happen to travel in Chitkul it’s going to be one hell of an incredible experience. Beyond this village, the Indo-Tibetan border begins. Nestled deep within Kinnaur Valley and existing proudly forever, Chitkul is every traveler’s dream destination.


Himachal Pradesh is a wonderful destination to travel to all year round.
Be it summer or winter the warmth and friendliness of local people mesmerize you just as much as the thrill of the adventure calls out to you in your adventure travel in India.
Every little town and every little village has its story.
Well, there’s a lot of food to fill your tummies with too.
We see your ears perked up now!

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