Travel in India decoded!

Travel like nobody is watching.Travel with heart. Travel with soul.Travel with us.

Be it soul searching or search for a kick to your adrenaline. We've got you covered. Welcome to India where we take pride in giving you a perfectly balanced essence of enlightenment, adventure, history, wilderness, countryside and godliness.

Adventure Travel

Walk into risky terrains, fly in the sky or maybe climb up the hills and camp beneath the stars. Get that blood pumping loud enough to hear it passing through your veins. Get going on an adventure of a lifetime.

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Temple & Pilgrimage

If you visit India and you don’t check temples and pilgrimages off of your bucket list, are you even visiting India? Take a tour of holy temples and get to meet the divine spiritually. Let their majestic architecture and fine work entice you into

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Beaches & Coastlines

Are you a beach baby? Water gives you an odd sense of having a second chance at the joy in life? Well, then India lined with a coastline on three sides and beaches garnishing the very presence of water in the country are totally to die for. Don’t believe us? Check it out.

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Ayurveda & Wellness

Touch the roots of well being and health in the pure traditional way that India masters at. Get to see some places that are the hub of Ayurveda and wellness centers. Well, your travel becomes better with improved health, doesn’t it?

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Wildlife and Jungle Safari

Do you think you can very well connect with the wild? Does the aroma of moist soil make you go crazy more than any pricy perfume? Does your heart scream ‘Oh my God!’ every time you watch wildlife episodes on TV?.

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Forts & Palaces

Hop on the time travel machine that we present for you and travel back in time where royalty and wars happened. Marvel at the beauty and boldness of some iconic edifices dating back to an era of reigning. Forts and palaces in this incredible India are beyond beautiful.

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Yoga Retreat In India

India is where yoga is. Yoga is where India is. You see the connection? Welcome to India where a strange connection between yoga and spirituality takes place. Align your chakras and meditate while on the move.

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The Road Less Traveled

Care to join us for an expedition to some offbeat places in none other than your incredible India? From national parks and silent beaches to color changing water and paradoxical cold deserts, there’s so much to entice you and sweep you off of your feet in ecstasy.

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Local Expertise
Luxury Travel


We bring life to your dreams of travelling to the depths of culture and traditions of a place. Our insurmountable team of local travel experts and support at every destination makes sure you get a home away from home experience.

Flexibility, no fixed departures


Well, we all need flexibility in our travel schedule. And TGIR takes your wish as its command. We help you travel at ease with enough time so you may decide upon your departure. Thus, making sure that your trip with us is very peaceful.

Customize your dream travel

LET US knit your dreams just the way you want!

We vow to make your travel an unforgettable one by being obliged to provide you with tailor-made itineraries. Craft your travel dreams into itineraries with us on a budget that speaks to you, it is as simple as that.

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