Introduction To The Wildlife Tours – Nature, Beauty And Adventure!

Connect to your wilder roots at wildlife tours in India. Get acquainted with so many different kinds of flora and fauna while listening to the jungle songs at varying topographies. Enjoying the roars and responding to the chirps can get any traveler nature-high and that’s what this trip aims but in excess.

Wildlife tour in India allows you to live in the wild with the wild. It even clears paths for heritage walks while exploring the wildlife riches of India. How? Well, the wildlife trips here are not confined to the old-school jeep tours only but also, include on-foot, camelback, elephant back, and horseback tours. Isn’t that just amazing? Well, you can have it for yourself anytime, and here is how.


Highlights Of Wildlife In India

India boasts about 500 Wildlife Sanctuaries, 120 National Park, and 18 Bio-reserves. If you do the math right, that’s a pretty good number to get your wildlife expedition started, don’t you think? Also, with these great numbers of sanctuaries, stating that India is rich in wildlife is just an understatement.

Wildlife Safari packages in India offer a tour through wide-ranging topographies. No, we aren’t exaggerating. The wildlife tours in India give you the freedom to choose from a variety of options including on-foothill safari, lush green forest safari, and even desert safari. Intimidating, isn’t it?

Indian safari and jungle tours are exemplary. How? Well, India boasts three biodiversity hot-spots among the 34 biodiversity hot-spots of the world. Whoa! That’s a huge number, isn’t it? These hotspots in India are the Western Ghats, Eastern Himalayas, and Indo-Burma, showcasing the best wildlife tours in India.

Have you ever seen humans living in harmony with wild animals? No? Well then, this is your golden chance. Meet and greet the tribe that lives in the wilderness in Kanha National Park. Connect with them as you connect to your nature-loving roots. Enjoy!

India is a Mega-diverse country along with the 16 other countries. What is it? And, how does it make India special? Well, 60-70% of the world’s diversity exists in the Mega-diverse countries. This makes spotting rare and endemic species on your wildlife tour packages in India seamless and pretty easy.

The roar of a tiger travels 2 kilometers and you can experience that live-in-action at the tiger tours in India. These tours traverse through age-old hunting grounds, lost kingdoms, and spiritual pools as well. Did that star strike you already? There is a lot more in store.

Are you a fan of lions? Very well then, because India is home to them as well. Along with it 172 other threatened species such as Asian Elephant, Asian Lion, Bengal Tiger, Mugger Crocodile, and Rhinoceros etc also reside here. This opens up a lot of options for jungle safari in India making it an absolute bliss for all the nature-fanatics out there.

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