Travel to Leh Ladakh in India to find a solution to wanderlust. You must have heard endless people claiming to be called by the mountains. Leh in India is just their go-to place. Not convinced yet? You will be soon. Nestled between the Great Himalayas to the south and the Karakoram Range in the north, this perfect beauty continues to take our breath away time and again.

Travel to Leh Ladakh offers you an amalgam of breathtakingly beautiful sights, rich tradition, incredible culture and mouth-watering delicacies. Isn’t that a package enough to lure you into coming to this abode of snow and sun?

With rapid urbanization and fast pacing work lives, we forget to marvel at the grandeur of nature. Therefore, backpackers and travelers are coming into scene increasingly to take a break from all of it and just be.

Come on; tick another incredible destination off your bucket list!



Nubra Valley

Nestled in the northeast side of Ladakh, this valley is bound to be on your bucket list. Ever wondered how a cold desert would look? Well, you’ll find your answers here. Intriguing, eh?
You think you’ll be wrapping up here? Nope.
Wander in the trails amidst the Rocky Mountains and sip in some tea on the banks of musical Shyok river. Let the breeze hug you and give you the best of travel to Leh Ladakh.
Vroom your way to the highest motorable road – Khardungla pass. You can thank us later for introducing you to this absolute wonder of a postcard place. Don’t worry about acclimatization. Nubra Valley will take care of that for you.

Turtuk – Goodbye India!

Ditch your mobile phones during your travel to Leh Ladakh and find yourself blessing life amidst the grand verdure of nature. Turtuk is a cute little farming village in the northwestern Ladakh decked with snow all over the mountains embracing it. Let the sun enamor you in the hot and cold of the vast barley fields cradled in the mountains. Travel to Leh Ladakh boasts of taking you to the last Indian outpost before Pakistan which is none other than Turtuk.
History hackers and culture curious, we’ve paved the way for you in this not-so-clichèd dreamland.


Pangong lake

Travel to Leh Ladakh and you might even get to touch the waters stretching from India to China. Pangong lake or should we call it our Bollywood baby? Well, let’s just say if you come here we bet you will be smitten by the never-ending blue horizon and crystal clear panoramic view. Get enchanted by the ever-changing colors of the water in Pangong Tso.
Don’t believe it? It’s mystical, we promise. Grab your cameras and run to the lake.
You’re welcome, folks.

Tso Moriri

Ever been to a wetland reserve? Now is your chance, peeps.
Situated in the Changthang area of Ladakh this lake is a charming setup of water and exotic birds all over. Are your eyes thirsty for some contrast? We hope a lake surrounded by barren mountains with a backdrop of snow-capped Himalayas will do the thing. Are we right or are we right?
Hop behind the wheels and get going already.



Visiting Ladakh has its perks and diving back in the old times in Alchi is undoubtedly one of them.
Nestled in the lower Ladakh, this place is a literal personification of history and art. You just can’t afford to miss out on one of the oldest and most beautiful monasteries – Alchi Monastery.
Be prepared to witness artistic wonders through age-old paintings and carvings.
The art lover inside you will be beaming with joy and that’s a promise from us to you.
There’s a sense of peace and contentment surrounding the monastery and its stunning architecture housing huge statues of Lord Buddha. And while you absorb this peace right to your soul don’t forget to check out the four famous buildings of the monastery.



If you find yourself in search for peace then Shanti Stupa is the perfect place to hit. Nestled at the top of a steep hill, this beautiful white dome edifice whose name being synonymous with peace clearly sends a message of peace in the world. And if that isn’t clear enough, the color white of the dome amidst absolute calm and beauty of Leh does the job.
Take a walk, meditate and chant the holy mantras of Buddhism while you’re on your travel to Leh Ladakh. Let the spectacular view of Leh take your breath away and make this visit an unforgettable and immortal one in your memory.


Standing proud against the shackles of war, this majestic edifice should be at the top of your bucket list during your travel to Leh Ladakh. 9 stories of architectural superiority reeking of Tibetan culture and traditions is a sure shot way to enchant you.
You know what’s even promising? The panoramic view of the entire valley submerged in surreal beauty. This Palace used to be the home to the royal family and the royalty still emanates from the building.
Care to see for yourself?


The Hemis National Park is synonymous to vast grasslands, mystifying breeze, fluttering prayer flags and free river Indus in the cradle of Himalayas. Not convincing enough? Well, then Snow Leopards will unmistakably catch your attention.
Yes, with an abundance of these gorgeous creatures you’ll be set to take your travel to next level of awesomeness.
Nope, we aren’t finished here. For ages, the borders of this national park have been protecting the Hemis Monastery like its baby.
One of the wealthiest monasteries in the world, Hemis Monastery is counted among the heritage sites of the world. The rich monastery drips with an opulence of Buddhist culture and traditions. The stunning copper statue of Lord Buddha along with the gold and silver stupas and unforgettably stunning murals and paintings on the walls will steal your breath away with all their age-old glory.


Welcome to the highest motorable pass of India nestled in the valley of Jammu and Kashmir. Strategically being a gateway to Nubra valley and Shyok valley this pass is literally an achievement to reach to. With colorful fluttering prayer flags all around this destination is one of the most popular destinations during a travel to Leh Ladakh.
Don’t believe us?

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