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Tamilnadu In India

Panning through the Indian tropics one can never miss a chance to visit the winsome Tamil stretch. A spiritual ride topped with an age-old heritage that still lives vivaciously among its people adds to the aura of the state. 

If you are ready to experience the summit of topographical richness then wait no more! Enjoy the wholesomeness of walking by the beaches and trekking through the hills. To add to your euphoria is the breeze of the classical yet refreshing aroma of its culture catching you by surprise whilst your explorations in this Indian Southern Delight.


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Top Destinations to Visit in Tamilnadu

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Chennai, the proud capital of Tamil Nadu is the major gateway to Indian Southern Delight. This living epitome of erudition has a notable mark on the golden pages of Indian history. Its popularity as the travel hot-spot in the state is unrivaled till date.

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The fantasy of living in the ancient time turns live on a visit to Mahabalipuram. 7th-century shrines and temples built up of a single stone are some of the catchy travel spots of the place.

trichy 4


Regardless of the onset of your exploration, it always feels like the odyssey of merriment in Trichy. Ethnic Indian architecture temples and Gothic-style French churches play their charm card well in attracting the shutterbugs.

madurai 4


Visit the free-spirited capital of Indian Southern Delight. Madurai’s colorful skyline showcases 14 gateway towers. Its emanation as a majestic hamlet compliments the simple lifestyle of its people. It is the city’s garden-fresh aroma of jasmine that cues for its remembrance.

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Rameshwaram is the epicenter of fidelity. Here, mythology flows in the breeze, and beauty puts down its roots into the eyes of its beholder. This proximate dot adjoining India and Sri Lanka is full of astounding escapades and awaits your visit.

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The town’s poised setting, subdued weather, and exquisite rose gardens make Ooty the much-appreciated travel hotspot it is today.

kanyakumari 10


Nature has blessed this city with its very best. A visit to Kanyakumari will enthrall you with its breathtaking sunrise and sunset over the ocean. Furthermore, if you are lucky enough you will get to see simultaneous sunset and moon-rise over the horizon.

pondicherry 1024x768 1


Pondicherry is the mini France of India. This union territory is the locus of meditation and a buffet of gastronomic marvels. Every experience in Pondicherry is exemplary. So, we suggest you eat, pray and repeat!


The people of Tamil Nadu put their heart and soul while celebrating their festivals. The dynamics and themes of their carnivals celebrate the gift of life. Mingling with these open-hearted folk according to their hearts at the gala is probably the best thing to experience. Isn’t it?


It is a harvest festival that preaches to the Sun god. People in traditional costumes hit the streets and make offerings to their deities. Most of all, this 4-day festival exchanges loads of gifts, and adding up to its joy a lavish treatment is given to the holy animal cow.


Indian Southern Delight is entitled to a mouth-watering festival that boasts the scrumptious ‘Maanga Pachadi’. This sweet-sour mango dish is complimented with beautiful house decorations and many holy rituals.


Have you ever heard of offering dance as a tribute to the almighty? Join the dancers from all over India as they offer accolade to the Lord Nataraja in a five-day gala-event.


A 3-day festive event that marks the auspicious day of Makar Sankranti. A myriad of colorful kites in diverse shapes and sizes adorn the gorgeous desert sky. Air Force Helicopters release kites in the sky. Isn’t it enough to lure you into being a part of this magical festival? We promise you won’t regret this one. An event not to miss out on!


Tropical weather majorly prevails over the state. The mercury shows very little variation, and on average, the state maintains a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius. Post-November brings about a sigh of relief as it gets cooler. Therefore, the best time to visit is from November until the end of March. Furthermore, this time becomes ideal for sightseeing and exploration. So, carry light cotton clothes, sunglasses, hats, and water bottles during your visit. Most of all from March to June, the sun can reach up to 45 degrees. A visit to the state’s hill stations and western regions becomes the perfect option.
If you plan to travel to the hills go easy on your winter wear. Pullovers, shawls, and mid-weight jackets might do well for you.opters release kites in the sky. Isn’t it enough to lure you into being a part of this magical festival? We promise you won’t regret this one. An event not to miss out on!

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