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The Blessed Abode Of Nature – Best Of Uttarakhand

Life is too short to not to take chances and especially when the chances involve the road less traveled to Uttarakhand. This enchantress drips finesses at every end and is the dream destination for every traveler. Why? Well, it has everything! From British realms to places that are called the Switzerland of India. There is nothing ‘okay’ about this plush estate because every inch of it screams ‘Wow!’ altogether. The best of Uttarakhand is a long list that can only be sorted if you plan on becoming its true patron. Are you ready for that kind of a commitment?

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Top Destinations To Visit in Uttarakhand

uttarakhand deharadun 300x200


Quaint dainty charms and shining urban hues ornament the capital of Uttarakhand. This city has brilliant topographical vividness that will certainly drive you crazy.
Is it a hill?
Is it still plains?
Well, it’s just pure and raw Dehradun. Talk about the treat to the senses. Well, rather it is a feast for them with its easy-on-the-eye views and aroma of juicy litchis. Yummy! Can any other estate beat that?

uttarakhand 1 300x200


Your inner theist is knocking doors all over again? Then, how about spending a day in an estate that screams spirituality every now and then? If that’s a yes then, come to get drenched in holiness while fixing your route to spiritual salvation at the ‘Gateway of Heaven’- Haridwar. Spot sages, go theist, and adore every inch of it to change your definition of absolute bliss. Are you ready for it?

uttarakhand 2 300x200


Tracing wildlife trails on a trip to India? Well then, a meeting with the striped predator in its humble abode in Ramnagar is definitely a must. Come to see this majestic predator live in action while diving deeper into the divinity pool at the Garjiya temple. It has something for everyone, trust us your exploration spree will never come to a halt here.

uttarakhand 3 300x200


Does your heart beat for British architecture? If that’s a yes then this town nestled among the Himalayas will certainly be the star of your list of best of Uttarakhand. The lake here is in the shape of an eye and the folklore associated with it will certainly boggle your mind. If that’s not enough to please your travel appetite, then a trek to the China peak and Camel’s back will certainly make you full

uttarakhand rishikesh 300x200


A yoga retreat, a spiritual paradise, an Ayurvedic hub and what not? There are a lot of things that separate Rishikesh from every other travel destination in the world. There is something uniquely magical about this place that will drive you away from materialism. Here, the spiritual ecstasy is always decked up with adventure and fun times. Where else can you experience that?

uttarakhand 3 300x200


Valley of flowers is the best of Uttarakhand which is a haven of flora and heaven for every traveler. The views of the snow-capped mountains and endless green carpets of nature possess the power to bewitch you with merely its sight. Hands down! Want to know a secret? Rumor has it that even fairies exit here. You can imagine how placid this place will be.



The trek destinations of Uttarakhand are beyond fetch. From snow treks in Auli to tracing the trajectory of nature in Kausani, the vividness of topography and climatic conditions in each of these treks will leave you wanting for more. There is always a bonus associated with these treks. Yes, that is a hundred percent true. Want to know more about it? Then, pack your bags to have the best trek experiences of your life.
Treks in Uttarakhand are not just about the beautiful trails it showcases rather it is about the humblest people you meet during the journey. Don’t even get us started on the delicious food it offers at that height.


If there are music and quaint aroma of jasmine in the ambiance, then you should deduce you’ve landed on the land of Gods. Haridwar is the gateway of heaven and trusts us when we say it definitely is. You will be its patron once you pay it a visit and that is no tall story. The morning dip in the Ganges and the evening prayers around the placid water here make it concrete that this place is unrivaled.
The shrines here are magisterial and leave no stone unturned when it comes to beauty. Come, be in absolute harmony with oneself and let go of your mortal instinct for once at Uttarakhand.


Minimize tall the other sounds and maximize your excitement spree because you are about to meet the Indian royalty of the Jungle.
Is your inner tree-hugger craving attention? Yes? Then, pamper it by tracing the pug marks of the striped beast of the jungle. Your encounter with this Indian wildcat will not be an easy one but on the journey, you will get to meet many jungle celebs including Indian leopards and sloth bears. Disclaimer! Disclaimer! Do look out for the temple by the Tadoba Lake, there are some interesting tales waiting for you there as well.


Do you want to meet the royalty of the jungle? Are you afraid of the scorching heat and humid slaps that you might come across? If that’s a yes then your concern will fly away on your visit to the best of Uttarakhand. Why? Well, for starters the sun is always humble here and spotting tigers is as smooth as it could be. Isn’t that a dream come true? Tiger tracing in Uttarakhand comes with the perks of adventure tales and spiritual sprints. You can get your hands on anything and everything at the best of Uttarakhand. The question is are you ready for it?


Can you imagine the thrill of camping at the glacier site? Can you feel the chills? If yes then multiply that adversity of adventure by 200 percent on a trip to Pindari glacier. This glacial site is an eye to the eye of every beauty seeker. It is indeed a camper’s paradise where even the trees and breezes sing the song of nature.
You can canoe and very well hike up for some good–time adventure sports here. Head out to the main dam to appreciate the 180-degree view. Can you hear the shutterbug siren ringing?


If you want to walk strongly on the path of wellness, then the city of Rishikesh will end as the top names in your list. The city is famous for its age-old yoga practices with various ashrams illustrating the best of the art of living. Do you want to become its patron? Well then come along to watch the most beautiful sunset experiences amidst the placid Ganga Aarti.
Yoga in Rishikesh has set many benchmarks that incorporate the hippie culture with true cultural immersion. Want to experience it all together? Well, then you know what to do.


Let the native taste of culture dominate your taste buds. Walk through the finest trails to spot the zero point from which you can look across 300 km in the Himalayas. Here you spot the orange sun peeking from the hills. The sunsets and sunrises here will certainly change your way of looking at life. Don’t forget to make your way to the charming town of Almora on your way to this beauty. Travel to Binsar for the best of Uttrakhand. The seamlessly beautiful photographic frame here will definitely ornament your home for decades to come. Wildlife fun, treks, and dripping beauty in its every inch, if that is not something too long for we don’t know what is.



The charms of this place are unrivaled but the skeleton lake here that takes away all the spotlight. This gift of Garwal is certainly the one to visit.


The origin of the lifeline. This place is as serene as it is beautiful. Becoming its admirer is the next best thing to do here.


There are seven lake stories in Uttarakhand. These seven lakes offer the best of kayaking and water sports fun. Are you up for it?


There are beautiful monolithic architectural structures adorning this place. There are 124 temples and over a hundred statues here.


It is the Switzerland of India which is famous for its lush tea gardens. Come here to trek through the hills to spot a waterfall in the end.


British hues on the vistas of alluring scenery is what Lansdowne loves to offer. Come here for the best treks, boat rides and much more.


The queen of hills class you to admire its untouched beauty. Lose yourself in its splendor while bathing in the Kempty falls.



Bid adieu to the much-loved Hindu goddess as she leaves her parent’s home. Learn the rural legends while bashing up to merriment at every nook and corner. Get completely lost in artistry by lapping up to the on-display art of craft articles. This 7-day festivity is more of a fervor for the rural mass and is celebrated to the fullest.
So, dance along the merry tunes of this alluring festival which will drive you into complete astonishment. The performances by the native school kids here will certainly be a site for you to behold.


Variant climatic conditions with pleasantly hot summers and chilling winters prevail over the state.
The mercury shows many variations, and on average, the state maintains a temperature of 22.8 degrees Celsius (73.04 degrees Fahrenheit) in the daytime.
March to June will be perfect for you if you want to get rid of the scorching heat in other parts of the country.
If you are a fan of snow-covered hill stations and winter adventures, then a visit from October to February will be perfect for you. If sightseeing is the purpose of your travel then the time from March till October will be ideal for you.
So, carry light cotton clothes, sunglasses, hats, and water bottles during your visit in the summer.
Most of all the summer, the sun can reach up to 47 degrees.
Planning on visiting the hill stations? Then carry some light pullovers and shawls that will work for summers and good pullovers and shawls for the chilling nights in winters.

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