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Jammu and Kashmir in India

Venture into an amalgamation of three different worlds unfolding the best adventure trip in India. Saunter into the valleys of Jammu and Kashmir. Breathe in the vast expanse of grand canyons and even more breathtakingly gorgeous alpine spread in Kashmir. 

Walk lengths to satisfy your spiritual needs in the holy city of Jammu and sip in an adventure of a lifetime through dirt and roads in the valley of Ladakh. Maybe just maybe meditate with the monks and align your chakras? Your one true rescue from the scorching heat and mundane life, Jammu and Kashmir will be your salvation. From nature lovers and devotees to adrenaline junkies, there’s a good find for everyone in this beautiful Himalayan baby. Grab your bags and head to the northernmost royalty of nature in India. 

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Top Destinations to Visit in J&K

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It’s literally the mini Switzerland of India. Let your inner spirits wake up to the call of the verdure and charm of nature. Vast grasslands and sunny snow-capped hills wrapping you tight within are sure to take you on a ride of your life. Moreover, this paradise in India is quintessential in its own way. Despite the war between two religions and two different nations, this one still relentlessly takes pride in uniting the two. Such a beauty, we tell you.

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The best adventure trip in India unfolds completely when you hit Leh. Hike to the place or better just get on the road on your bike. There’s a fragrance of positivity in the breeze with prayer flags fluttering in multicolored fashion. However, it doesn’t end there. The Gompas amidst the rugged mountains and under the blue sky reflect the roots of the city. Take a walk and find yourself surrounded by little monks and older ones too. Let Leh change your perception of life. You’ll go back a happier human being. We promise you.

Festivals of Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir in India play host to so many culturally and traditionally spectacular festivals. The local dances and the local people make you a part of it and let you have the time of your life. Summer is the best time to visit the place. The variety of dresses and food that these festivals bring you will leave you craving for more in your best adventure trip to India.

Hemis Festival, Ladakh​​

The Hemis festival is one of the biggest festivals to be hosted in this place. It would be a sin to miss it. The courtyard of the biggest Buddhist monastery – Hemis Gompa serves as the stage for the fest. The colorful, full-of-life 2-day fest falls on the tenth day of the Tibetan lunar month. Go and be a witness to jaw-dropping dance forms, beautiful traditional dresses, and local folk music.

Spitok Gutor Zanskar, Ladakh​​

The best adventure trip in India is only done right when you be a part of this 2-day festival in Ladakh in the month of January.
With pomp and fervor victory over evil is celebrated by the people. The creased smiles of local people will reach out to your heart and compel you to dance along with the black hat dancers.
Moreover, if cutting off a scrumptious cake marks the end of the event, could you really ask for more?
Go grab your bites

Tulip Festival, Kashmir ​

Celebrated in the months of March-April this festival marks the blooming season of charming tulips. A vast spread of colorful, lively, and fresh tulips overlooking the magnificent Dal Lake will take your breath away and make you never want to leave.
The Indira Gandhi Memorial tulip garden houses this enchanting present for all the travelers in Srinagar.
You best be a part of it while you’re being smitten by the best adventure trip in India.
This is the real deal, folks

Why Visit Jammu & Kashmir?

For Peace of Mind, Body and Soul!

Home to the great Ranthambore National Park, Sawai Madhopur is the ultimate destination to satiate your love for wildlife. Jeep safaris are a hot craze. If you’re lucky, you’ll have to make yourselves ready to meet and greet with the mighty tigers! Now, isn’t that something to get your adrenaline kicking and rushing?

To Capture the Canopy of Stars

The best adventure trip in India is only done right when you be a part of this 2 day festival in Ladakh in the month of January.

Do you like hitting the shutter? Are you a night owl? Well, this is going to be one heavenly experience for you.
Far from the city lights, noise and urban scatter Jammu and Kashmir in India is an abode for astrophotographers. The crystal clear night sky and breathtaking stillness will make you capture some of your best night sky shots. Off to a great start to the best adventure trip in India, aren’t we? Keep coming back for more.

For Amazing Food!

It’s Jammu and Kashmir! Need we say more? From Kava to Thukpa, you’ll find an extremely contrasting range of regional and traditional food to load your tummies with. Different roots and, yet they do nothing but give you a massive gastronomic experience. Nope, you simply can’t miss out on any of these. Be it Kashmiri cuisine or Tibetan delicacies. Munch, gulp, chew or even stuff your way through for that matter. Happy pampering! Oh and while you’re at it. Saunter into the streets and maybe fill your shopping bags with traditional attire and stunning handicrafts. Never a disappointing trip.

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