Reach for the stars on your India travel and get your hands onto the assorted platter of topography, nature, history, and much more. There is so much beauty sprinkled at every corner of this state that even defining it for you is a toilsome task in itself.

It is that one destination on the map of the world where nothing can go wrong for anyone. How? Well, that’s because the experiences here are limitless. You can literally travel in any direction here and always come out with a unique life-changing experience. Well, that’s about it. Do you want to be on the receiving end of this divinity pool too? Well then get going and leave everything else to us.



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    GWALIOR – The epicenter of grace

    This city breathes in history and rolls in fame. How? Well, it already had its moment of pride in history when the first ever zero was carved in its Vishnu temple. Other than that, adding up to its glory is its beautiful hilltop that takes away the tag of the “pearl among the fortress”. If that is not enough to get you here, then the traditional music will certainly do that for us. So, don’t keep your music loving ears waiting.

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    INDORE – Food, structures and more

    The fastest growing city and the cultural capital of the old and new-age Madhya Pradesh are on-point when it comes to flaunting history. This gastronomic paradise is home to many palaces including one completely made out of mirrors. The influence of Maratha can be clearly spotted in the city’s architecture yet it is its signature cuisine at Sarafa Bazaar that adds stardust to the trip. Are you a foodie too? Well then, we cannot wait to see you dancing in happiness here.

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    BHOPAL – Tales of two cities

    Parted by a lake, Bhopal is two cities within a city. With two contrasting picture plays altogether, this place creates a bewitching aura that makes every traveler its patron. Once ruled by the wives of Nawab, Bhopal today stands as one of the most eye-pleasing tourist destinations in India. The urban hubs and rural soils of Bhopal play an important role in building the demographics here. If you are intrigued by it, then you too can imagine its charm

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    BANDHAVGARH – Haven of the Indian wild catsdeer

    Do you want to visit the roots of all white tigers in the world? Well then, this wildlife sanctuary will press your excitement like crazy. Bandhavgarh National Park is an age-old hunting grounds of Kings which is now home to vivid species of flora and fauna. Looking into the religious archive of Hinduism you will find the name of the Bandhavgarh Fort in golden ink. Its history dates back to 2000 years. As a result, it has many caves and inscriptions sprinkled all over its area.

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    KHAJURAHO – Deciphering structural stories

    Are you up for a cultural melange? Well, if that’s somewhat a yes, then we have the best of Hinduism and Jainism waiting for you in Khajuraho. This emblem of Chalukya Dynasty boasts many handcrafted sculptures out of which, the erotic ones grab all eyes. These intricately crafted sculptures make Khajuraho the most popular tourist spot in Madhya Pradesh. Do you want to bash up to its pleasures too? Well then, you know what to do.

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    ORCHHA - Let's time travel!

    Propertied with treasures of architectural marvel is the city of frozen times. This plush sanctuary which was founded by a royal chef is now the foreground for many artistic wonders that retained the original grandeur of this place. From the one and only fort cum temple to the famed Chhatris of Orchha, everything here screams beauty. There is no question about that. So, fasten your seatbelt and get ready to travel back in time.

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    KANHA NATIONAL PARK – Wildlife paradise in action

    Listen to the wildcat stories at the only tiger reserve where the mascot is a swamp deer. Bring out your inner green panther here and take pleasure in its 920 sq. km area while tracing the pugmarks of this royal beast. Let your heart race like crazy at this best wildlife tourist attraction in Madhya Pradesh. Furthermore, don’t forget to capture the breath-taking sunset views of Kanha from Bamni Dadar too. Happy exploring!



Trigger you inner history buff at the oldest art gallery of all times. Come to Bhimbetka to learn about 30,000-year-old civilization through 500 plus cave paintings. This archeological treasure is the gift of our ancestors and features a unique painting that is only visible at a certain sun position. Intrigues much? Well, who wouldn’t be?

Bhimbetka is certainly a treasure of all time and in no case, you should miss it on a trip to Madhya Pradesh. There are many hidden secrets and tales related to it. So, don’t miss a chance to discover it.


Are you an avid rock climber? Well then, tighten your harnesses because you are going to climb the roughest marble rocks at 1100m altitude in Pachmarhi.  This UNESCO biosphere is ready to bedazzle you with its beauty and its highest waterfall Rajat Prapat seals this deal.

After a great time climbing the rocks here, do look out for the amazing caves that happen to have harbored the protagonist of the Indian epic Mahabharata. This Queen of Satpura range leaves no stone unturned when it comes to surprise its visitors with a complex feeling of calm and chills.


Alirajpur is a real life fantasy that is too good to be true. From its artistic tribes to assorted rare mangoes, everything here is just stunning.

Have you ever been so spell-bonded to a piece of art that it almost feels like a different world? If not, then you surely need to be at this bedazzling tribal hamlet in Madhya Pradesh. This magical land has the capability of turning anyone into an art enthusiast. From silver works to potteries and exclusive Pithora paintings, everything here is just beyond any explanations. Don’t believe us? Well then, see it for yourself.


Dive onto the lap of Mother Nature and lend an ear to the chants of liberating prayers of the shrines nearby. Amarkantak, the king of pilgrimage is yet another landmark of Madhya Pradesh that shines like the yonder star in the sky of cultural travel.

This meditation ground of the mystic poet Sant Kabir and the meeting point of Vindhya, Maikal and Satpura ranges stands sturdy like the moonlight amidst its rich variety of medicinal plants. Walking quaintly by its emerald woods and sinking into the noises of gushing waters of holy Narmada, will indeed turn you into a philosopher. Are you up for that?


Sublime yourself into the spiritual universe and take back some archeological treasures in your frame from Mandsaur. Mandsaur is the union of two villages whose religious relevance in Hinduism speaks volumes about its existence. A trip here will not only liberate your inner spiritual being but will also leave you craving for more.

The evening spent at its Gandhi Sagar dam followed by a session of prayers at the Pashupatinath temple makes the journey of Madhya Pradesh a complete bliss. So, don’t miss it for the world.


Live Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book at the untamed Pench in the company of real Sher Khans. Pan through the unlimited diversity of flora and fauna while trying your luck with these Indian wildcats.

This National park on the southern reach of Satpura range is parted into two by the river Pench. So, get ready for the wildest experience of your life and set your sails for its jungle islands nearby. Who knows, you might end up knowing the real story of Mowgli too. So, thank us later, maybe?



Scenic beauty and booming textile business with its name, Chanderi is all that a cultural fanatic needs in his life.


It is the locus of the Buddhist circuit with relics of Buddha and his follower. Sanchi and its stupa are enough to fulfill your religious appetite.


Land on one of the seven cities of India. Furthermore, get all loaded up with cultural embellishments on the banks of Shipra river.


Famous for its marble mountains that change form by the touch of Narmada, Jabalpur is as scenic as it is serene. Bash up to its pleasure, you guys. It’s worth it.


Float on the ship of stone Jahaz Mahal in Mandu. Revel in this magical kingdom that is the sight of the blooming light in India.


Varying climatic conditions with extremely hot and dry summer and pleasant winters prevail over the state. The mercury shows many variations, and on an average, the state maintains a temperature of 28 degrees Celsius in the daytime. So, carry light cotton clothes, sunglasses, hats and water bottles during your visit. Most of all the summers, the sun can reach up to 47 degrees. A visit to the state’s hill stations becomes the perfect option then. If you plan to travel to the hills or even plan the visit in winters then go easy on your winter wears. Light Pullover and shawls might do well for you.

October stays humble for the state at a moderate temperature for day and night.  The sun is mild and pleasant whereas during the winter months the temperature can drop as low as to 5 degrees. Therefore, the best time to visit is October to February end. Furthermore, this time also becomes ideal for sightseeing and exploration purposes.

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