Sunrise in the backdrop and chirping of birds early in the morning accompanied by the sweet sound of bells ringing. Now that’s India for you.

Temples to visit in India will be your escape from the daily hustle and bustle. Well, what could be better than a touchdown at the holiest of temples in the God’s own country?

Our India is raw, uncanny and bizarre right from the local streets to the upscale skyscrapers. Be that as it may, the temples give all the more reasons to the travelers around the globe to have a taste of the spiritual contentment that comes along with them.

Temples to visit in India are beautiful creations on their own reflecting some of the best architecture in the world. From frescoes to intricacies, from bronze to gold, and from books to idols you’ll dive into everything on your temple trail.

Didn’t we just make it more exciting for you? We’ll stop ourselves from giving you any more of visual ideas because folks, we damn right, want you here.


 India is a cradle of endless legends and magical stories that are beautifully depicted through the temples.
 India is where there is the true home for temples and to awaken your five senses you must be here.
Temples to visit in India come in all kinds of shapes, architectural designs, and stories attached to them. Be a witness to such positive perfection.
 The tradition of ringing the temple bells took birth in India and this is where the sound of it aligns your seven healing centers of the body. Now, if that isn’t a reason enough to come running to India, we don’t know what is.
 India is a spiritual land dotted with temples and pilgrimage centers everywhere. These edifices and the traditions that they house are the purest reflections of Hinduism which is basically the biggest religion in the country.

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uttar pradesh 4

Ever wondered about

the top destinations for the temples to visit in India? Uttar Pradesh is hands down, one of them. Uttar Pradesh is supposedly the birthplace of two of the lord Vishnu avatars and that gives it an incredibly glorious past to brag about.

Brace yourself for a hunt for divine intervention. Uttar Pradesh will satiate your thirst for temple trailing.

Let the aroma of incense sticks and the clinging of the bells make this visit of yours the best for a lifetime.

Also, while you’re making memories don’t forget to get mesmerized by the superior architecture of the temple to visit in India.

central india gallery 1
Step into the land of the jewel of the west. Gujarat stands proudly along the turquoise Arabian Sea and is unapologetically spiritual in every sense. Moreover, home to one of the four pilgrimage centers of the Chardham Yatra, Gujarat takes immense pride in catering to the spiritual and holy needs of people through its temple to visit in India.

Furthermore, why would you want to miss out on unusually spectacular architecture for temples? Remove your shoes and enter the holy premises of the temples to feel a positive energy running through every fiber of your being.

Moreover, every temple is associated with a different legend or myth. Now that’s where things get interesting! Intrigued much?

tamilnadu rameshwaram 300x200 1 South of India is basically a massive treasure trunk of temples and pilgrimage centers. These temples glow with colors and frescoes on their walls.[/caption]

Get ready to be a part of a spiritual crowd in the southern countryside. Let the idols and the Dravidian architecture dating back in time sweep you off of your feet with their magnificence.

And you know what makes it all even better?

The coastline is dotted with palm trees playing the backdrop for these temples giving off positive vibes and making you never want to leave. Let the waves crash while you pray and align your chakras.

Now that we’ve put that idea in your mind, we definitely don’t want you to miss out on the temples to visit in India. The southern charm welcomes you with the best of everything.

Architecture, colors, vibes, faith, and you name it. Tamil Nadu has it all for you.

karnataka 1 300x200Another southern enigma that beckons you to the temples to visit in India is Karnataka. Well, you’d be lying if you told us that you’ve no plans to witness some of the best UNESCO World Heritage Sites on your travel to incredible India. But then, is your travel complete without a spike of some god-loving temples in it?

Just add a little bit of bell ringing, a pinch of aroma, and garnish it with sweet edibles as offerings to the lord. Voila! Your holy visit to the temples in Karnataka just got successful.

Oh, you can thank us later.

Furthermore, brace yourself to witness some of the best Dravidian architecture dating back to the times when Chola kings ruled. The idols are carved in breathtaking fashion.

And you know what you’re eyes will find the best in the lot?

The myriad of colors and a plethora of good vibes. We promised the best, didn’t we?


madhya pradesh 4 300x200Khajuraho temple is one of the best temples to visit in India. Unapologetically depicting sensuality through carvings on the monuments in the temple complex, Khajuraho temples beat the taboo that India experiences on the subject of sexuality and sensuality.

You’ll be missing out on a lot if you don’t check this temple off your travel list.

Get ready to be charmed by the serene and calm aura of the temple built in the Chandela dynasty. Also, what good is it if you don’t witness the Khajuraho festival and be a part of it all?

central india gallery 1

Somnath temple in the golden land of Gujarat is one of the most interesting temples to visit in India. As we already told you, there’s a story behind each rock and each stone in India, so there is one behind this beautiful architectural wonder too!

It is believed that the mood of God was cursed to wane by his father in law and Lord Shiva freed him from the same so he built this majestic temple. Isn’t that interesting?

Be that as it may, such legends and myth makeup for exciting and interesting knowledge. So pack up your bags, fill your water bottles and head to the home of the first of the 12 Jyotirlingas in India. Damn right, that’s Somnath temple for you.

tamil nadu 4Glowing on the list of temples to visit in India, Meenakshi Amman temple is one of the most beautiful and vibrant temples.

Dedicated to Goddess Parvati and her consort Lord Shiva, this temple is architecturally surreal and oozes vibrancy through its carvings and idols.

Moreover, the depiction of gods and demons through its walls is something that you’ll find very fascinating.

What are you even waiting for? Go ahead; let positivity and spirituality engulf you whole.

delhi 1 1024x683
Akshardham means a place of eternal peace and devotion. This temple in Delhi shines like a diamond in the rough and never ceases to enchant people with its god-like aura and mesmerizing spiritual and cultural campus.

Are you looking for a spiritual package?

This is the perfect temple to visit in India if that is what you’re looking for. The beauty of the temple is unparalleled. Furthermore, the spiritual messages and ancient architecture echo with brilliant art and surrealism. Do you think that’s the end of it?

Well, you might be wrong here. The well-maintained gardens and spectacular cultural programs that take place here will leave you in awe of it all.

You just cannot miss out on witnessing the state-of-the-art 200 idols that are every bit breathtaking.

south india 5 1 600x540

Set your foot on the southern land and let yourself be mesmerized by the abundance of temples and radiating positivity.

Brihadeshwara temple will undo all your stress and give you a profound sense of excitement when you enter its premises.

The entire temple is built with granite in the best Dravidian architecture style. Now, Isn’t that something to swoon over?

The temple is honored with the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site and every reason justifies the title. Bask in the beauty of the temple and pray for a happy life.

While you’re at it, why don’t you find a spot for yourself and meditate amidst the Southern charm and holy presence of God?


uttar pradesh 7 300x200 (1)Uttar Pradesh has some of the most significant temples to visit in India. Bathe in the ghats of Varanasi and bow down on the steps of the famous Kashi Vishwanath Temple.

Moreover, there’s even a history of this temple to intrigue you. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is said to relieve you of your sins if you pray there and take a dip in the holy water of the river Ganga.

Of course, we left the most interesting thing about it.

This temple is home to one of the 12 holiest Jyotirlingas. And it doesn’t even end there.

What makes it one of the most popular and talked about temples to visit in India is its 15.5-meter-high gold spire and 3 domes made entirely of gold. We can see you all shocked.

Embark on a soul-stirring pilgrimage through India's sacred temples, immersing yourself in spirituality, culture, and timeless traditions along the way.

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