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Do the treasures of traveling enthrall you and make you lose your sanity in oblivion?
If yes, then, Bihar travel will be your one true ticket to happiness. It is a lost page of the cultural archive of India, which although least explored, has so much to offer. Bihar is the epicenter of religious mélange which gave the world Buddhism and Jainism. Everything here screams bliss but there is a price to pay. Trust us; it is nothing in comparison with the experience you’ll gain in return. So, put experiences over comfort this one time. In minutes you’ll realize that Bihar is just the place for you. So, come along.

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Sink into the knowledge of Vedas by visiting the realm of India’s early university. Load yourself with bundles of knowledge of Vedic education while breathing in history.
The museum tour within the boundaries of this plundered city has quite a few must-sees to catch. If your devotion meter is deviating high from its mark, then a meet and greet with the Black Buddha in Temple 14 is waiting for you. Whoa! Who would want to miss upon that?

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The golden spot of the Buddhist circuit is waiting for you under the enchanting Bodhi tree. Do you care enough to grab this opportunity? If yes, then trust us, it will come to you like a soothing wave of placidity.
Bodhgaya is the land of new beginnings with amazing and awe-gasping edifices in every corner. Are you a patron of Buddhist teachings? Well then, welcome to your ultimate paradise. If not, there is so much for you to catch up on. What are you waiting for?

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The Empress of monumental beauty is waiting to become the apple of your beauty-loving eyes. Where? Of course on your Bihar travel my friend. Where else can you see the contrasting picture of history and daily life in the same frame?
Come, spend a day or two here to get blessed with the hospitality and flavor food. Trust us, this is the place you’ll want to be. What are you waiting for? We know your heart is shouting,’ Shut up and take my money!”. So, turn your dreams into reality.

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One among the twin city in Bihar is making way for you on its bewildered boulevards. If you are into learning about culture and heritage then, missing a chance to tour this place will be something to regret. Expel all your pains and sorrows here in the religious paradise of Bihar.
Learn the most twisted yet serene tales of Hindu mythology in this plush estate. Isn’t it enough to fall in love with this plush estate already? Are you still craving more? Well then, take a dip in the holy waters here and bathe in the sunshine of spirituality. It will indeed serve your purpose.

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Are historical charms wrapped up in theological tales the perfect main course for your travel appetite? Well if you are nodding from the other side then Vaishali is the place for you to be. Vaishali is the religious blend that soothes the mind and soul of every culture vulture. Do you know this birthplace of Jain deity Mahavira is also the spot where Buddha narrated his last sermon? No? Then, let us tell you that there is nowhere else you can taste these different flavors of theology all at once. So, wait no more! Pack your bags and follow this aurora of theological amusements on your Bihar travel.



Follow the golden path of Buddhism by visiting the Buddhist Circuit in Bihar. Start from the place where Buddha gained enlightenment and trace his travel trajectory to the point where he gave his last sermon. Following the footprints of Buddha wouldn’t be that easy but every good thing comes with a price isn’t it?
Do you have the nerve to travel through the not-so-comfortable roads of Bihar? If yes, then sign in for a mesmerizing day out on the lap of the divine. See you on the other side!


Let the strokes of colors be your guide to ancient India. Smell the flavor of nature while coloring your geometric shapes. How? Well by putting on some natural plant-sourced colors. It’s no fancy paint game because even brushes are not used in creating these masterpieces. So, pick up your twigs or even matchsticks and start dotting the beauty that is going to be the showstopper of your Bihar travel in your house.
Don’t forget to find out about its relevance in the Hindu epic Ramayana. Enjoy yourself, you guys!


Touch the rural soils of India. Revel in the magic of staying closer to Mother Nature and eat farm-fresh. The rural households of this place will give you a head start on living your life with contentment and if not, you can always fall back on the amazing’ Litti Chokha’.
Come to Vaishali to revive your bond with your level-headed self. Come here for strolls through green meadows and get lost in the infinite starlit sky. If that’s not worth experiencing, we wonder what is?


Let the darkest corners of Bihar travel plaster a sunshine-like a smile on your face. Bash up to the charms of the oldest cave in India at the twin hills Barabar and Nagarjuna. This series of 7 well-maintained and polished caves are the pride of Bihar. Besides being used by the Ajivika section, these caves speak volumes about Buddhism and Jainism as well. So, travel to the Mauryan times and enjoy its perks on your Bihar travel.
Happy exploring!

Mahabodhi Temple

The spot of enlightenment and the home to the direct descendant of the Bodhi tree. Come here and drench yourself in Buddhist motifs.

Rajgir Hills

Escape from the scorching heat and travel to the isolated upland in Bihar. This first capital of Magadha caters breathtaking panoramic views.

Navlakha Palace

A damaged yet worth a visit palace in the vicinity of Madhubani craves for your visit. Furthermore, come here and lap up to the joys of its beauty on your Bihar Travel.


A dome-shaped structure with panoramic views of the city and Ganges. Sounds like a dream isn’t it? Well, trust us its one.



The biggest annual cattle festival of Asia is waiting for you on the banks of holy Ganges. Come here to see castles, different breeds of dogs, and even elephants on display. Touch and feed these decked-up mammals while buying the perfect pieces of artistry.
Sonepur Mela is a theological fiesta that starts and ends with a dip in the holy Ganges. So, come and be the best version of yourself and meet the best of people on your Bihar travel. The stardust of wonder awaits your visit.

Rajgir Hills

A 10-day extravaganza that includes the most insightful motive is what Kalachakra festival on your Bihar trip is all about. Pay homage to the cycle of life by concentrating on the cycles of your own body. Let your mind and soul become your on-go companion for a trip to the spiritual paradise.
Bodhgaya becomes the ground of prayer, rituals, and of course meditation for these 10 days. So, come here and detoxify your mind and soul. Walk swiftly and strongly on the path of spirituality. No doubt, you will thank us later.


The wide boulevards, the summer sunsets and a blend of religion make this state uniquely mesmerizing. It is basically crowded by Buddhist pilgrims all year round. The climate of Uttar Pradesh ranges in extremes, therefore, the best time to visit the state is in the months from October to March.
The mercury shows many variations, and on average, the state maintains a temperature of about 33 degrees Celsius in summer and 9 degrees Celsius in winter daytime. October to March will be perfect for you if you want to get rid of the scorching heat in other parts of the country.
So, carry light cotton clothes, sunglasses, hats, and water bottles during your visit in the summer. Most of all the summer, the sun can reach up to 47 degrees. Planning on visiting in winter? Then carry some heavy and light pullovers. Don’t forget to get yourself some shawls for the chilling nights in winter.

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