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Madurai in Tamilnadu

Madurai in Tamilnadu is the symphony of perfect tones of topography and sharp pitches of monumental antiquity. It bestows its emerald paradise righteously at the geographic center of the state.

It takes a ride down the history lane with many majestic kingdoms to land in the heart of Tamil Nadu. Consequently, a trip through the thicks of its culture will make you completely lose yourself in the zest of this island. So, hush in with all your spirits to this holy land that even splits the high streams of Cauvery!


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Places to Visit in Madurai


Come, catch a glimpse of this Dravidian masterpiece that sinks its visitors into a blaze of amusement.
The foundation of this stunning edifice was laid back in the 1st century. uniquely, the temple managed to reclaim its fallen glory despite being broken into pieces by the invaders. if you think that is all, think again! A thousand pillars, colorful towers, and humongous corridors are just some of its other key pointers that will spell-bind you to this place. so, hone in on to its tales of cosmic matrimony. we bet you will lose yourself completely in it.

KOODAL ALAGAR – A Tribute To The Preserver

A walk through the city will bring you to yet another artistic paragon, koodal alagar. this prodigious pastel establishment is dedicated to lord Vishnu and was built by a celebrated scholar.
It is a much prestigious name in hindu mythology and has been featured numerous times in vivid Indian literary pieces. however, it is its timeless architecture that gets back to its spectators by leaps and bounds.


Visit south india to pan through the flawless scenery that surrounds the majestic marvel of the region. traditionally, this site is famous for its good over evil backstories. forthwith, it was able to make its name as an emblem of righteousness in the ‘puranas’ as well.
It is one of the six abodes of Murugan and showcases a rare sight of hindu mythology.


Blessed with nature’s impeccable treasures stands a complex that is famous for its hidden gems. the temple located on the hilltop here is famous for its perennial hot water springs while the one in the foothills possesses a sacred mystical fountain. the idols of the deities here are crafted to perfection. moreover, many other historic sculptures are also kept on display here.

Unexplored Madurai

VAGAI DAM – The Lifeline Of Madurai

Travel solo to visit south India! take a walk or maybe a ride to this serene getaway to detoxify your mind and soul.


Travel to the city’s very own man-made island! pay homage to lord Vigneshwara at the pond temple of Madurai.


It is a temple complex amid contoured greeny which is a treat for every history buff.

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